Guests from China in view of the coronavirus?

Hi All,

I was wondering what people’s thoughts were on guests coming from China in light of the virus issues over there?

We have a couple booked to arrive next week from Guangdong province to stay two weeks in our granny flat which is attached to the house. My wife is a bit nervous of the possibility of contracting the virus.

What would be your approach?


The danger is minuscule in real numbers. You wife is in much greater danger every time she drives the car.


You’re more likely to catch the flu.


Given where they are coming from, I’m sure the Aus government will have any visitors from China going through multiple medical checks, especially now that there is a definitive test for the virus. You might, however, get a request to cancel due to extenuating circumstances, especially if they are not allowed to leave China.


Have you looked at the information on Airbnb’s website about this @StuartAustralia

Airbnb are accepting cancellations under extenuating circumstances from both hosts who have guests staying from China and guests based in China . They are also accepting cancellations from hosts in the affected province.

Have a look at the information on the World Health Organisation site and John Hopkins University this will give you better information than some of the scaremongering media and websites.


Yes, it’s started already with stories about bars and restaurants not allowing Chinese visitors/tourists in.

It reminds me of an afternoon in Schipol during the SARS epidemic. I was transiting (with my OH) on the way home from Istanbul and the passengers for the Edinburgh flight ended up in a fairly small departure lounge with not much seating. We were last in, all seats were taken and they just announced a 90min delay.

“I’ll get us seats” I said to OH. She looked at me and I could see her thinking, “oh shit, what’s he going to do?”.

Out with a small pack of paper tissues. Cough… cough… fake sneeze… cough.

Worked a treat. Within ninety seconds three people next to us in seats got up and moved away. We sat down and the person next to me got up and moved away.

Job done.

Anyway, back on topic. I was walking through my plaza today and the bar owned and run by a young Chinese girl and her mother looked pretty quiet. Other places less so.

I sincerely hope it was simply a lull in a normal busy day, but just in case, as a show of confidence I’m off round there shortly for a wee sherry or two to say Adio! to the UK as I wont be able to do at midnight.



I will NOT be going to the pub next door tonight. They are having a Farage styled Brexit party until midnight and I can’t bear the triumphant smugness of many folk who will be there.

I’m heartbroken, ashamed and scared for the future, both socially and economically.

Thankfully, I have applied for my Irish passport. Mr Joan is subject to a carrot and stick if he wants to earn the right to one…


Ditto. Locked and loaded passport wise.

I only hope I don’t have to change my nationality with the Spanish authorities, that will be an absolute nightmare!



It looks like there will be similar kinds of celebrations here in the US today as well. It may be cold comfort but if one looks at history they will see that truth, justice, progress, right… whatever you want to call it ultimately prevails. Conservative, reactionary ideas always fail because they don’t accomplish anything and too few people benefit. All the great strides forward were liberal (for their time) ideas. So don’t lose hope.

What is done can be undone and certainly will be undone if it’s a mistake.


How did you find this link? It is not being displayed for me in the Airbnb Newsroom site

So much is so totally unclear at the moment. I am SO glad that I managed to sell my house in France several years ago.

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Can you try typing in the url? I added some spaces so you can easily see it. Maybe it’s censored in the former Soviet bloc? LOL.

https: //

The Conservatives here don’t give a toss about people benefiting, as evidenced by our Universal Credit programme that is, literally ,killing vulnerable people with disabilities. I have watched the dismantling of our welfare system and NHS.

I won’t rant further, or I won’t be able to stop.


Yes imho a sad day for democracy and decency and rule of law here in the US of A. The bull in the china shop got its balls stitched back on very tightly, will go madder.
Back to OP
We have a guest coming on Glamping Hub in April from Hong Kong, we will be their 1st stop! Not sure what to say about it, other than we both have the domestic flu and it s%^%$.


It’s rampant in the UK too. I’ve been ill since 27th December, with my temperature soaring if I attempt to do anything much, then the splendour of sinusitis that landed me in hospital for a night. Oh joy.

Meanwhile, Mr J, who has been home with a broken collar bone for seven weeks, has remained free of flu, bastard that he is. Loads of friends have been sick for weeks too.

TG, he returns to work on Tuesday!

As for guests from HK in April, I wouldn’t worry that far ahead. HK is now sealed off from the Mainland, and relatively disease free. My sister is out there now, visiting our brother, and reports that all is relatively normal, apart from the financial markets being hit…


Joan, I hope you are feeling better and Mr J Too very soon. We are weathering it of it’s not too severe. Nice and sunny and warm here near to LA<><>

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@Giorgi Google :slight_smile:

There is also information in their Help Centre too - just search Coronavirus.

:cry: I feel for you. The only consolation I have is that this disaster may bring Scotland closer to independence. This brought a lump to my throat:

And this, the work of the magnificent LedByDonkeys, actually brought a tear:

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Being totally honest, I am now at a point in my life where brexit really has minimal impact.

We’ve reduced our UK LTR properties to a level that the GBP/EUR rate isn’t going to worry us much, our GBP stuff stays in the UK. Our life is now in Spain.

What, to use another Glaswegian expression, really boils my piss is the selfish, ill educated, racist, sectarian, inbred pricks (and that’s just the politicians) who have put both my daughters immediate future at risk. They’re both still in higher education and cannot yet desert the sinking ship.

A classic from the campaign, Boston in Lincolnshire I think it was.

Interviewer: So why do you want the UK to leave the EU?

Yokel: Yeah right like it’s gonna stop all those pakis coming here, stealing our jobs and getting council houses right away.

Yeh gods… how did we end up putting our children, and our children’s childrens, futures in the hands of amoeba like that.?



Given the US Senate’s slide into approving dictatorship, several of my friends with Irish and Spanish ancestry have started investigating retirement in those countries. One just did her application for the holidays during a visit to Spain and the Canaries.

Unfortunately my Scottish ancestry is too far back for me to qualify when the Scots vote for independence so they can rejoin the EU. I can see it coming… Neo-eisimeileachd do dh’Alba!