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Guests don't understand full size beds

I just had a dude who was like 6 feet tall and of medium build who bitched about the full size bed even though the bed is accurately described in the listing. Is it just me or do guests not understand what a full size bed is? I’d replace it with a queen size bed 1 I can’t afford it and two the room is too cozy for a queen size bed. So annoying but such is life I guess

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Which country are you in? I’m British and I wouldn’t know what a full size bed is.


I also have a small room so went with a full size bed though I could have upgraded with either a Tuft and Needly mattress or a Nest mattress. I’ve had over 140 guests including some very tall ones over 6 feet. Zero complaints about the bed. Several compliments on my big shower that’s great for tall people so maybe that made up for it. 97% 5 star reviews for overall experience. You are just having a bad run with guests lately. Your handle on the forum is so ironic.

Yep it sure is ironic. I was a happy little hostess prior to joining The Forum but then I joined the Forum because I have started having issues with guests. And that’s why my posts of late are somewhat negative. This particular dude with the whole full size bed bed had stayed with me 4 about three nights prior to this and mentioned nothing about it. I even asked him about it because I had noticed he was tall and whatnot and he was like oh no it’s cool. So I was a little bit surprised and perturbed by this recent feedback.

A full size bed is one that is between a twin size and a queen size.

Maybe try calling it a double bed and give the measurements.


Ha ha! Ok, I’m guessing that’s what we’d call double, King and super king. :sunglasses:

I looked it up. Full size mattresses are actually 6" shorter than queen or king size.


If you get guests from other countries, this might be useful.

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Different countries, different names, and sometimes different sizes. I would have guessed a “full size bed” was the same as what we Americans call a “double bed”. But then I would have asked too, as I’m not exactly short.

@KKC, maybe you can explain about these Tuft & Needle and/or Nest mattresses? It sounds like many here on the forum are getting them for free or something, but that can’t be right? Are these companies that discount their products for Airbnb hosts?

Thanks for the diagrams showing the dimensions. I wouldn’t have known what a full size bed is! I only understand king, queen and double.


I think the Tuft and Needle promo is over. I am not sure about Nest Bedding. If you are in the US, you can contact Joe at Nest to see if they will outfit you. They will review your listing and read your reviews and see if they are a fit for you. If you aren’t in the US you’re out of luck.

The Nest promotion is still going! I just received notice that I’ll be receiving our bed in the next seven days–and I just asked on Friday! :blush:


I just set up mine and am thrilled with How high end it looks. I would recommend getting a slated platform for these mattresses if at all possible, i got a king on Amazon for $74 delivered. If you try to put it on a traditional frame it will probably work but you’ll need the box springs. Or some kind of supportive plank.

And super king…

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Also, I’m pretty sure Tuft & Needle is still going, but they only give out a certain number each month, and I’m still on the July waiting list. Soooo…I’ll report back if/when I hear from them again.

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From what I’ve heard, the Nest Bedding is a better mattress. So I’m glad I didn’t qualify for the T&N and got the Nest!

As others have already said I think each promo might be in effect but each is limited and each has conditions and they aren’t telling us what they are. LOL. The Nest Bedding is a better mattress and comes with pillows. They are foam that are compressed into a box, not innerspring mattresses. People got them for free because there were threads posted saying how you could get them. It really pays to read/scan all the threads here. Kona got hers from Joe, I was in contact with Josh at Nest Bedding.

Right. The TN came with no conditions. It was almost as though they were under some mandate to unload as many as possible to Air hosts. As for the NB, Jo or Joe is the owner. Josh is the director of marketing. So both of them can give out mattresses. karma is right though, get 'em while they last! Write to Joe or Josh @ nest bedding.

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