Guests can change check in time?

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Just had a disturbing call with Superhost support. Local guest sent me a last minute booking for check in tomorrow :triangular_flag_on_post:. The message I request from all guests telling me a little bit more about their stay when booking my place was lagging. So, I was scrutinizing the request. Spotted that the check in time on the booking details had been changed to 1-3pm. My check in has always been 4pm. Called support - after much holding they confirmed that guests can now CHANGE THE CHECK IN TIME. If you don’t catch it (there’s no host warning), and hit “Accept”; you’ve agreed to early check in. If you catch it and decline, and you do that too many times, the Airbnb overlords will punish you. Super duper.**

I saw this on a FB post Thoughts???


There has been a place for guests to enter a check- in time for quite awhile. It says something like “Let your host know what time you’d like to check in.” (Those here who travel as guests would be better able to say how it reads) . But supposedly it also says that the host is supposed to approve it.

OMG! What a great catch!

I will be sure to look out for this now. Thank you!!

I suppose if this happened to me my first stab at a response might be:

"We’re delighted that you show such interest in our property. Thank you. It would be our pleasure to host you. Note, however, that our check-in time is 4 pm, not earlier – we need the time for cleaning and maintenance.

Please modify your reservation to a 4 pm check-in time so we can accept it. If not, please withdraw your request so you can book elsewhere, which will certainly be our loss. Best to you.


Nice response but way too long.


Yes it’s been that way for a while. I have it in my IB message that guests are agreeing on the basis of 3-11 pm check in

Yep, at least 3 years.


This isn’t new. When it happens to me I accommodate the request if I can but my reply is usually along the lines of “Check in time is xx. I’ll let you know if the room is ready earlier.” Also when I send the door code I’d note that it’s active from check in time to check out time.

My thought is that any host who is calling Airbnb support for a minor issue like this is why hold times are so long. LOL.


Note, OP’s last sentence says it’s from a FB post.

Nothing EVER dies on FB.


Same message here. it makes life easier - except with the guest from heck.


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Actually the FB post was from yesterday. Apparently many hosts weren’t aware of this detail including me.


I was today years old when I learned this…


I automatically send this 5 days before but also have it in the house rules. It has made it a non issue for me:
Check in is at 4 pm
The keypad is at the front door. It is very simple and only needs the 4 digit passcode. The code is timed so you will not be allowed access before check-in or after checkout.


I accept, then in the message thread I say " I see that you requested a early check in, if the cabin is prepared before 3PM I will let you know"

I treat it as a request, if they do not like it they can cancel.



This is just one more guest before host UX that I hate.
I know you can see it in the guest request email.
In this case, the guest is asking for a late check in.
Usually there is a blank after check in (no changes made by guest)
I’ve never seen how this looks on the guest side.