Guests arrive tomorrow. I have no contact with them :(

So did they finally arrive?

Good morning dear Airbnb forum!
Yes, he arrived around 7 pm that day. Last night was his second night here.
He put 2 people in his request, but arrived alone and a local girl visits him at nights.
Communication is 0 still. I sent to him questions about when to serve his breakfast and get not answer.

It sounds to me like he wants to be left alone. I have traveled before and been like that. You would think he would tell you that he isn’t interested in breakfast. Maybe he isn’t getting your messages?

I can leave alone, no problem, for me it is easier life. But I came home from my work at 2 am and got up at 6 am to bake for him Russian blinchiki. And got no answer from him about my breakfast. I just got a headache, did not sleep enough. Really would be happy to leave him alone.

Glad to have this thread to follow. I have a group coming in 4 days from overseas and have heard nothing from them. I don’t live at the site so I generally email self-check-in info and make myself available by phone. I’ve messaged them twice inquiring about check-in and checkout times, parking, etc., but have heard not a peep. Would it be inappropriate in my house ‘rules’ to state guests must contact me by email for check-in/out instructions?

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It’s wonderful when we can really make a difference in someone’s vacation / day / birthday! Just by doing what comes naturally to us!

A few weeks ago I tried by message or cell to get info on arrival. Said I needed info to meet at the property. Never heard back until they were at the property and sending a message saying, “we are here.” smh. They turned out to be low maintenance and good guests.

In a review from another host it said hey were so good at communicating their plans.


I have guests coming for New Years from overseas who booked 4 months ago. I have send 3 messages asking them, amongst other things, to confirm arrival and check out times so I could schedule my cleaners at this busy time. (My property is at a ski resort), I’ve heard nothing back! What to do?

I think you should consider contacting AirBNB to see if they can contact these guests. Seems odd that you have no arrival time, so having something in their system that indicates your concern in advance might be a good CYA approach to hosting.


Happens to me all the time.
No contact to questions or even arrival time.
Then they arrive on the day at whatever time, saying “hey I’m in the taxi trying to find your place - here speak to the taxi driver”!
Or at some randome time in the day or night - “hey we’ve been trying to find your place for the last 2 hours or reach you for 2 hours”!
I just try to keep calm - hosting can drive you crazy!

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Have you tried calling them? Sometimes direct approach is best.

But do get airbnb involved. They have been helpful to me at such times in the past.

Good luck

Thank you, Nancy, I did just that and managed to track them down! Most appreciative :smiley:

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Rather than start a new topic I thought this would fit here…
I haven’t heard from my guests staying tonight. Check in is 4-7pm, it’s now 7.35. As it happens we’re not going out tonight but I can’t relax not knowing when/if they might show up. Plus, where do you draw the line? 7pm is clearly our line. What would you guys do? How long would you wait? I sent them two messages this morning asking what time they were arriving, 1 through Airbnb and 1 by text. It’s in my house rules that guests must let me know their arrival time the day before. Half don’t bother but I tend to let this go.

So they arrived 2 hours late. ‘sorry we meant to contact you but forgot’. Whatever. They seem nice. We had a nice chat.

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I have a lockbox for the key outside so they can arrive at anytime after the checkin time. The lockbox has a code that they get shortly before arrival with all the other info.

My last-but-one guests said that they would arrive by 8 pm. I don’t meet guests in person after 7.30 pm so I let them have a self-check in. Thank goodness I did because it was after midnight when they arrived due to flight delays from Europe. This has happened to me a lot, especially with guests coming from overseas.

Self-check in doesn’t always mean a lockbox or similar. If you’re in a quiet location you can find hiding places for keys. They always have my number in case of any problems and I leave the phone switched on but no-one has ever had a problem.

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Some people just don’t get it - my I say that respectfully - they just honestly don’t.

After I posted in this topic about all the ways I ensure I don’t have this problem, I’ve had two bookings who’ve not responded to my welcome email. :unamused:

Don’t get it at all. My house rules say ‘check in is not possible after 8pm’ and if I was being a real dick I could have enforced that. I do feel it’s worth mentioning in the review, that they totally ignored my check in time and didn’t bother to respond to my messages. Not sure how to word it though


These guests were nice but did not communicate check in time and arrived much later than the allowed time. If you rent to them make sure they understand your check in rules.


great job, @konacoconutz!

I like it! Same story with tonight’s guests… they told me they’d be here at 4. 6.30 rolls around and they message ‘we decided to do this day trip so we’ll be there in an hour’. Never mind I’ve already wasted 2.5 hours waiting in for them. I told them they need to be here by 8 but I bet they’re late. Would love to just lock them out. ‘Oh sorry, you missed check in time’

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