Guests arrive tomorrow. I have no contact with them :(

So what would be the fallout on that with ABB? I have a set check-in period (3-9pm). What if they never show and/or are way late and I sleep VERY soundly.

So they can’t get in due to being so late, do I get punished since they did not communicate and were way past check-in?

I’m pretty sure Airbnb would side with you.

Here is what I do. I make every effort to get the guest checked in right after their flight when they pick up their car., Even if that means an early check in at 2 PM. The reason is if you just tell them to get here whenever they will get sidetracked and end up coming at 7 PM We will stop off and sightsee and have dinner at Cetera I want to get my check out done with !!! And I do want to meet every guest and do a walk-through and explain every single thing so they do not text me at midnight with a question !!! I mean some of these people are real dodos . For example they can’t seem to lock the door properly and always send me a text the door doesn’t lock ! So now on the walk-through I actually make them lock the door in front of me as I Explain to them how to get the sliding door handle to engage the lock ! That’s just one of about 20 different things they need to know . I get a lot of people driving all the way down from San Francisco many times they get tied up in traffic and end up here at midnight. Many times I have to get up at 3 AM to go to work at the hotel I’m not going to wait for them at midnight . So here’s what I do ; I leave the door unlocked give them the gate code so they can drive-in. I have typed walk-through instructions taped to the flatscreen and I tell them they must read it. Everything they I need to know about the place is on those two sheets of paper . Then I try to follow up in the morning to see if everything is OK . I’ve only use the written walk-through sheet maybe three different times but it certainly comes in handy because I’m not getting up at midnight .

Hi @diamond54,

Yes, I do walkthroughs as well. Otherwise they get even simple things wrong, sometimes in crazy ways. And in my limited experience, people tend not to ask questions when they should.

I like to do a walkthrough whenever possible because with most guests, a bond is formed because the guests feel that they are getting a warm welcome and genuine hospitality. This tends to lead to good reviews.

For the same reason, I like to say goodbye to them personally and wish them well on their travels and thank them for staying with us.

Sometimes neither are possible. If guests are arriving after 7.30 pm then they self check in. Sometimes they leave very early in the morning, in which case I don’t get to say goodbye.

I know that it’s easier for me than it is for other hosts because I work from home but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have work deadlines or some times when I just can’t be disturbed. So I arrange my working life around the rental bookings and prep times. If a guest says that they’ll be here at 4 pm then I make sure I don’t have deadlines or do-not-disturb times until my greeting personally limit of 7.30. I have to juggle my ‘real’ work and my rental guests. It’s a mild nuisance but worth it. Both are revenue streams and after all, the guests are paying customers who deserve my willingness to be flexible.

Most of them are used to hotels so see nothing wrong with suddenly deciding to sightsee or have a meal on their way.

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Yes my guests die to check in at 3pm just called to say they’ve decided to sightsee. Unusual but I’ll just get on with my day.

My problem, if it is indeed a problem, is that I like to make guests happy. Tonight my new guests won’t be arriving until very late so will be checking themselves in at about midnight.

My departing guests need to be at the airport to fly home at 5pm. So I’ve told them that they can stay in the rental until the time they have to leave for the airport - about 4.30. That gives me plenty of time to get the apartment ready for the new guests (it should be done by 6.30 or 7 so it won’t spoil my evening).

The departing guests were truly delighted that they wouldn’t be booted out at 11 am and left to wander around with their luggage for hours and it’s no skin off my nose because I’ve arranged my ‘real job’ accordingly. The guests should leave with smiles on their faces which I like. :slight_smile:


You are way nicer than me. I wouldn’t let guests linger that long unless they had been exemplary or had a special reason. I would want to be done cleaning the rental before 5. Also I think it doesn’t necessarily equate great reviews when you do this. I once let a couple from Germany stay until 10pm due to a late flight! And yet they cracked me in a review for something else they didn’t like! And didn’t even mention the favor I did them!

I generally feel that late check out doesn’t benefit the host and certainly doesn’t guarantee a good review.

Call me jaded, but that ruined it for everyone else to follow.

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I’m sure that’s not true, :slight_smile:

When I do special favors for guests I ask them not to mention it in the review. I don’t want other guests to think that favors for nice guests are amenities.

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I understand but what I am saying is that if J does these extras for better reviews, it may backfire on her.


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