Guests arrive tomorrow. I have no contact with them :(

A reservation is made on this Monday. Tomorrow is an arrival day. I have sent 4 letters to them and left 1 phone message. I work, my husband is working also. I would like to find an arrival time. But no answer from them!
I just can be home till 2 pm and my husband can come to home by 5 pm. I do not wont that guests arrive and nobody is home. They are from Florida, I am in PA.
:frowning: What should I do?

Not sure. Try calling again. If no reply then ask Airbnb. Have it on record that they are not replying. It will only do you good if they turn up when you are not in.

But the moment they book I thank them, reply to any questions and end it with a “what time shall you be checking in?” All in one message. :slight_smile:

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Do you know what phone number I can use to call Airbnb?
Yes, I asked them this question in my letter and left a message. No answer to me.
I have to start my job tomorrow at 3 pm, I leave my house at 2 pm.


They might be traveling without phone service. What are your check in times?

I not only have it as one of my three rules that I need an arrival time, I also ask any guests that don’t tell me when they book. I still have quite a few who don’t tell me and don’t respond when I ask (including tomorrow’s guests). I recently had a couple who didn’t answer my question about what time they would arrive. When they got here they told me that it wasn’t “that type of vacation”. They wanted to wake up whenever and meander as they pleased. I understand, but I think if you don’t want to plan you should choose an Airbnb that has self check in. Before everyone piles on me to tell me that I should have self check in, I need to introduce my guests to my dogs or they will bark until we come home to let everyone know that there are intruders in the house.


It’s hard to do but I recommend that you message the guests one final time and say "I have not heard from you about your arrival time so I have finalised my plans for tomorrow. The available check-in times are therefore: INSERT. There will be nobody to check you in outside those times. Please call me as soon as you can. Thank you and look forward to meeting you soon!"
Then get on and do your stuff. It took me a long time to get to the point where I shrug my shoulders and move on with my day but honestly, it’s the best strategy. Otherwise you resent the guests before they even arrive. If they don’t like it, it’s tough. Tell them off when they arrive. You’d be amazed at how many stroppy people just crumble when you stand up to them and stare in silence at their rudeness.


Paul thank you for the phone number!
My check in time says: Any time after 1 pm.
Someone tried to call 5 min ago, but did not get though.
Elle, yes, we are not hotels, I have a job :slight_smile:

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Magwitch, thank you!
I wrote my letter to them 1 min after they did a reservation. I was at my computer. They cannot drive without no phone signal for all those 3 days :slight_smile: It is 1,000.00 miles from here to Florida and it takes not 3 days.

At the very least, you should leave a note at/near the door/doorbell addressing them by first name and noting the time you left the note. Say that you emailed them [um-teen] times and left several messages to verify their arrival time but you have not heard from them and that “as specified in the ad” the check-in time is ___ pm, and that since you haven’t heard from them, you are off to work and hubby will be home at 5pm to greet them.

Add that they can give you or hubby a call when they arrive.

Of course, it is all presuming you are not absent at the stated check-in time.

I would change your listed official checkin time. Guests really can’t check in "anytime after 1PM " They can check in sometime after 1PM, with prior arrangement and communication to you, and to arrange for you to meet them at an appropriate time. I suggest a tweak to your instructions for the future.


Thank you everyone for answers!
I was thinking, if I do not get any message from my guests by morning, I will call to Airbnb and leave a message for guests abut a certain check in time. I got up at 5:45 am and here is a very short message that my guests land at 3 pm and will be here at 4 pm. I know all airports in our area, there is no way to get to my place driving only one hour. I have PHL, BWI or Harrisburg airports and it will take 1:30 h at list to get to my house. But ok, I got the message. My husband and I will manage check in.
Georgygirlofairbnb, I will change my checking time for sure. My husband put this “anytime” and after driving today to the house in a middle of day, to meet the guests, he will change it for sure.
I will write in my review for these guests that communication was almost"0".


I go through this issue all the time, actually about 50% of the time; some are not too communicative (those I do not worry about, sooner or later they will contact me), some arrive early (“Surprise, we are here, aren’t you happy to see us?”, still see you at 1pm), with some the flight gets delayed, some stop along the way to ‘smell the roses’ when driving so their ‘about’ 4pm turns into 7pm. You name it.

I try to help this reality by making sure we have each other’s personal numbers and can also communicate via AirBnB message system and I always make an informal ‘arrangement’ with them upfront: when you get here, you get here. Meantime I go about my business, but with everything ready. They are paying for the day anyway, not by the hour. As strange as it may sound, in my case this loose, very informal approach has worked perfectly.

Mearns, I would be okay about any arrival time if I am home all day today, but happened that I work today and try to do the best to meet guests.

Its funny. Every single one of my guests has been within 30 mins early or late. Excluding 2 who were 2 hrs late. But everyone gave me a time.

Oh yes, If I couldn’t leave work, then it would be a disaster. Just posted that to show how crazy some of my guest’s arrivals can be.

I am very flexible usually. But today is a difficult day for me. My husband, he is a professional, told me that will help me. Will leave his office and drive home by 4 pm to accommodate guests. And will work the rest of this day from our house.
About 3 times I had a very early guest leaving, I was fine, got up at 4 am, baked Russian blinchiki ( takes an hour to make 12-14 of them) for my guests and was happy to feed guests before they left. Also one time there was a very late arrival 11:30 pm. I was fine, waited, made a late dinner for my guest and later, in her review she wrote that her plane was late, she had a very difficult day and it was her Birthday. And the best of that day was my late dinner!


And some think hosting is easy. Please. :rolling_eyes:


I’d leave a note on the door with your phone number, so you don’t have to worry.

For the future, is there a way to have a lockbox with the key, or a door code? I have a door code, and give it to guests. I’ve hosted over 30 groups so far, and some guests are pretty non-responsive, so I just send them self-check-in instructions. Only one guy didn’t read them, and called me at work, surprised and annoyed I wasn’t home at the random time he arrived. Of course he knocked me in the review, but the other guests have managed to read instructions and see themselves in.

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