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Guests and theft


I’ve had things left but nothing stolen. Sometimes usable food is left, towels, washcloths, even a fancy electric toothbrush.


The toilet bowl cleaner… Disgusting!
The potato peeler… Why?


Holy cow!! I see crazy dental bills in his future!


Have never had anyone take anything odd at all. Of course, we have bedrooms in our home on Air BnB so it would be obvious if they tried to haul out something big. But we have had many women’s panties left behind (nice). And one woman (in her 20s) left her adult size pacifier. Other than that, nothing odd here!


How does one ruin a coffee cup?
Do you mean break one? And if so, you really put it to the guest to cover the replacement?!
Wow! That is nervy!

Do you get complaints about the toilet roll restriction? So if they are staying 2 weeks and use those 2 rolls up by the 10th day, you tell them they have to buy more?
I cant imagine! What is the general reaction to those situations?

I’ve had remotes stolen. Never understood that. But have been left ice cream, good expensive olive oil, new sets of sheets, good shampoos, a rug, jeans, boots and a bikini, pickles, cheese, whole chickens, candy and a Jehovah’s Witness coin and pamphlets.


I’ve had people attempt to cook with contents inside a coffee cup, break & leave them, or just take them. - I don’t consider it nervy, I expect guests to leave my apartment in the condition they found it or payf for it. Pretty clear and straight forward in my house rules.

No, never a complaint about the TP restriction. I’ve had people ask for more when they’ve run out & I just direct them to the nearest store.


A remote went missing from my place but I found it inside the Monopoly box. Kids sometimes put things in weird places. One of them took my house manual folder. The parents kindly posted it back to me.


So many little things are taken from mine. Its mostly items people don’t think will be missed, like washcloths, or a tiny little clay flower pot. One guest basically ransacked my bathroom closet helping themselves to bandages, band aids, and whatever other first aid items they needed after running a marathon. No thoughts given apparently that someone paid for all that.

I host multiple parties at a time so unfortunately the bad apples are aware that the host will not be able to tell which of the groups have the bad apple(s) :frowning:

I have two items taken that I sorely miss, a beautifully tall, wood-handled, wine colored umbrella that I thought was exceptionally sharp looking, and my coffee mug from Asheville, NC that was wonderfully round and robust with black bears along the side of it…

I am very grateful and humbled for all the sincere and wonderful gifts that some travelers bring.

Things come and go in life though, and in the end its all just a lot of things.


I must admit to being a culprit of nipping all the food that’s available to us, although not excessively. I have taken 2 packets of instant soup, some packets of coffee home, and fruit that was clearly for us which we brought home for consumption.

As karma, I have had guests take my toilet rolls, and I’ve lost a cute little bottle opener shaped like a soldier, presumably now with the only two families I’ve hosted w kids. I leave nothing out that’s likely to be stolen , unless I’m prepared to lose it.


A bathroom cabinet, plenty of towels and bedding and the item that has been most stolen and replaced many time are small spoons and folks!!!


I ve been left many things too from other guests and out of laziness I don’t file claims or request money for minor things.
But I strongly support those who do. We once rented a cabin and had to sign a list of things provides for us . There was nothing extra at that house. 4 cups, 4 forks, 4 glasses, 4 wine glasses. Two towels for each person for a whole week. We were warned that we would be charged for anything broken.
Also about toilet papers : I once had athletes staying for 2.5 weeks. After 3 days I told them to get their own toilet paper. And laundry detergent. They were training every day twice a day , ate enormous amount of food and washed their clothes every single day . They used one roll of toilet paper each every single day. When it’s 1 roll every 3-4 days for me and my husband .
I gave them big discount on my already very budget accomodation ( stupid me in my early days of Airbnb) and they overused everything so much that I hardly made any money.


So far, only had a corkscrew go missing.
However, I’m currently sporting a Ralph Lauren jacket that I found in the closet. Wasn’t sure which booking had left it, but no-one’s asked me for it back.
(also, I would NEVER buy second hand underwear, but when I found a pair of Calvin Klein shorts, I pooped them in the laundry and added them my undies drawer :rofl:)


Really… :slight_smile:



That was a Freudian slip, if ever I saw one! I’m not even going to edit it


@Brandt: Freudian slip … Haha, was just going to tell you but @jaquo beat me to it.

Craptastic timing … :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

You always crack me up, I’m hesitant to believe you didn’t do that on purpose. Haha!


I had three umbrellas for guests and one group took them all.


No one ever takes my snacks :frowning:


I must be the luckiest girl in the world. Occasionally something small will go missing (a Vogue here, a charging cable there) but when I lived in my space full time and just rented out on the weekends, I’d leave jimmy choo shoes, tom Ford bags, Gucci dresses in my closet and not a single thing was ever taken. I’m very kind with my guests and communicate constantly , so maybe I just don’t seem like someone they’d want to hurt?


O come on, you are not serious…:grinning:
Thieves also don’t want to hurt anyone…they just want to have something that doesn’t belong to them.


I’ve had a bad week, lost the garage remote control, the hairdryer and a throw off the couch. As the housekeeper couldn’t be 100% sure who took the hairdryer and the remote I wrote it off as part of the cost of doing business. The $40 throw we knew who took it so I politely asked them where they had moved it to. 24 hours later I got a reply: did you find it? When I said no, I received a: I don’t want to pay for something I didn’t take message. The owner and I decided to write it off, not worth chasing. When I told the guest that it was all ok she said: thanks for believing that I wouldn’t steal anything. I don’t believe that at all! In fact I suspect she also took the hairdryer and remote. I will phone Air and get the suspicion put on her account so there will be some history if it happens again. The loss of the remote places us in a vulnerable position that someone now has access (the housekeeper is mortified that she missed it). I am hoping someone posts it back.

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