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Guests and theft


I’ve never had anything stolen after hosting nearly 70 guests this year. I did however have one guest who used all 15 sugar packets I left out in the coffee bar. He asked for more, so I gave him a 100 packet box and told him to leave the remainder near the coffee maker. He ended up consuming the entire box. The empty packets along with (i kid you not) 20 cola bottles in the trash cans. XD


I had one guest who took three washcloths. She contacted me and said her child had packed them by mistake and she mailed them
back to me. I had not noticed they were missing.


Yeah and you will also get a 1* malicious review which Bnb will not remove. Double edged sword.


might want to leave some diabetes meds for him


Oh dear all your posts sound rather angry recently @Flyboy :slight_smile: :frowning:


I’m actually a happy go lucky guy.
But I’m all for justice and fairness which Airbnb are not or don’t care about.


The diabetes meds was a joke btw


A couple of hacks:

Big fat bottles of shampoo conditioner shower gel etc in the washroom with the address on it.

Towel count before and after. None have been taken, but a guest left his behind!

If you offer a goodie (popcorn, candy, pizza) mete them out one at a time. I calculate cost per unit and buy in bulk.

Valuable stuff needs to be hidden and hidden again. I thought the freezer was cool (sorry!) but there’s a few spots that even I forget… :slight_smile:


Same here. Hardly anything at all ever gets stolen, but I’ve had nice things left behind by guests, both intentionally and unintentionally.

Recently, an American guest unintentionally left behind his US-Europe power adapter, which will be very useful for future American guests. I should have bought one myself, long ago, but this isn’t necessary, now.


Beer and good olive oil for us :beer:

We get a lot of folks flying in and out on hand luggage only who, if they’re here for a few days, will stock the larder and fridge. We already have basic olive oil in the larder but many will buy a litre of good quality stuff (which they obviously can’t take home) and not even open it. No idea why!

Lovely departing guests this morning left me four bottles of Cruzcampo pilsner, not my favourite but thanks guys :grinning:



Yes, just this week, in fact.


I have requested funds from two guests within the past two months, one for taking linens, and one for permanent ruin of linens, and both guests left me five stars.

We hosts shouldn’t, and I won’t be, held hostage for stars. Especially when a guest’s one night stay costs more in damages than what I made in profit.


Another poster (@sobepuppy) on another thread says he averages 4 claims a month (over several properties) and gets his money 99% of the time. However, one must have reciepts, documentation and follow Airbnb protocol. I think what happens in many cases is that people wait until the next guest has checked in or don’t have receipts and invoices or clean it themselves instead of paying someone. They get declined not because they make too many claims but because they don’t follow procedure. I also believe that how much money and clients you bring to Airbnb plays a role.


Does Airbnb have a minimum? Or anything similar to the insurance company’s deductible? I’ve never made a claim so I’ve no idea.


I think you’re right. When Air paid my claim because the guest didn’t, the CS person said exactly what @sobepuppy said, “because you haven’t had any claims lately, I am approving this payment”, or something like that.

What was interesting to me was that the very next day I got a request from Air to review the claims process. They wanted to know if I felt my claim was handled well, if the agent was professional, etc.


OTOH, he posted this screenshot showing you can have “claims lately.” Like @jaquo I’ve never had claims or anything I thought was worth claiming but if I ever do I won’t hesitate to put in for it.


I used to occasionally, about every other month, have a set of guests that would clear out the entire stock of TP. After a two day booking resulted in 12 rolls being taken, I instituted a two roll per booking policy. Now, no matter the length of stay, guests arrive and have one roll in use & one roll in reserves. When they run out, it’s on them to provide. I’ve done this with all my stock items, I leave nothing extra or additional out.


Yea, and I gathered from the feedback that I am actually the exception in how many claims I submit as a host. It seems I’m the exceptioin based on my preference to put the cost of any missing items, damaged, or stained items on the guests. My house rules do list this, as well as standard replacement fees for the most commonly ruined items: coffee cups, glasses, bath towels, beach towels, wash cloths. I’ve never thought twice about submitting claims because I operate from the standard that you leave everything in the same condition it was provided - if not, you’re responsible for the replacement of it, not me. I rarely have push back from guests on this, they’re usually embarrassed when I message them after their check out inquiring why the damages were not reported. I ask each guest in the middle of their stay in my “check up” message to report any issues that need my attention or accidents that may occur - there is no way a guest can claim they didn’t know to report damages to me. Also, I rarely impose a fee when guests do report the damages to me in real time as I appreciate their honesty.


Yes, it’s a Spain thing, isn’t it? “We’re in Spain so we must buy olive oil” I keep the expensive organic stuff for us and decant the ordinary stuff into a pouring bottle that we leave in the flat.

I also never need to buy my own sun protection - we have every factor from 3 - 60 left every year.


Stuff in the apartments is from a 5L bottle from Lidl, in a Mercadona own brand bottle :slight_smile:

We have a friend who goes to Oliva regularly, always brings us back a 2/3L bottle of unfiltered first press organic. No idea how much it costs but it beats anything I’ve found locally. It’s quite addictive actually!


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