Guest Writing a Bad Review on someone else Behalf! Is this allowed?

Hi Everyone whether I should contact AirBNB to pull out this review. This lady has given us a bad review on behalf of someone else. Isn’t it about her own experience. Why are guests so mean? This is what she wrote "Overall we enjoyed our time on Kauai and Matt and his wife were pleasant to me and my husband; however, that is not the experience other guests at their house had. Realize that this is a SHARED house. The hosts and several other guests will be sharing space with you: bathroom, living area, kitchen, dining, parking. They rent out up to 5 rooms at a time, which could mean up to 12 people in the house at a time. Lights out / quiet time at 10 pm may be strictly enforced. The host ACTUALLY SHUT OFF THE LIGHT on two couples chatting quietly at 10:00 in the dining room. If you expect to be able to cook a meal or several meals per day, you should consider staying elsewhere. The hosts did not state all of their kitchen usage rules on their listing. They posted new rules while we were staying, including only being able to cook in the kitchen ONCE per day, and then having to let them know it advance when you plan to cook, and also paying an additional $20 to them each time you will cook. Absurd. They also appeared to be incredibly picky about where you put dishes away and doing so immediately after usage - no letting them sit out on the rack to dry! There are also not enough plates/bowls if you intend to cook for more than 2. I hope this is helpful for future guests. Thanks for reading.
The guest who she is talking about gave us 5 star review so weird? Why phrase it like that. Us as hosts go out of our way to clean each day and this person can lie like that for someone else?

This can get removed. Reviews have to be your own experience. Call them and complain.


I am so sorry this happened to you. I can see the review is a mix of your guests experiences and what they heard from other guests.

But can I check a couple of things are comments relating to rules being posted that weren’t in the listing house rules regarding cooking once a day and charges for kitchen use correct?

We haven’t charged anyone for kitchen use, We had one guest that was Asian that cooked 2 daily for hours and would stink up the kitchen leave the gas grill dirty and leave a mess for us to clean up each day after every meal. We had put up the rules that we would charge additional $20 for cleaning the kitchen each day. We live in Hawaii and gas, and other stuff is more expensive here because everything is shipped from the mainland. But the guests just seem to care on how we are so unjust with someone else which is bizarre. How can you speak about someone else experience when you weren’t even present. So weird.
They would also use some of our spices and ingredients without asking. They irony is that they left us an amazing review.
We have restricted the kitchen for once a day so everyone can use it, we don’t have a cleaning stuff and its just me and my husband. They would cook and use each dish. So we have to put our foot down somewhere where we can’t just let the guests do whatever they want so we put up the paper that we will be charging $20 but we removed it after they left.

Oh dear I am sorry to hear that.

It’s a difficult balance when you have so many people with access to one kitchen.

In the case of your guest who didn’t look after the kitchen (nationality is irrelevant), rather than cleaning up after them, a better approach would have been to remind them of your house rules in your listing and that they needed to clean up immediately after eating and that as it was a shared space they needed to limit their use. Then if they ignore you, you could have asked them to leave.

It wouldn’t be fair to penalise all guests because of the behaviour of one couple.

If you are restricting kitchen use to once a day do make sure this is in your house rules on your listing and reinforce this when showing guests around. Alternatively why not just have the kitchen available for making hot drinks if you are in a location with nearby cafes, shops and restaurants.

Thanks for your reply and advise. I have removed Kitchen amenities from my listing. It is only room. It is a shame that people like this leave a sour taste in host listing and other people suffer the consequences of not having the kitchen. All we cared about was keep our space clean. Now the community will suffer.

Do remember this will only apply to new guests and you will have to make the kitchen available to guests who booked with it showing as an amenity.

Don’t worry so much about what one person said.
Seriously , if the rest of your reviews are great this one person is going to make exactly zero influence on anyone’s decision to book the rooms or not.

I rent out 3 rooms in my house . And I allow very very little
Kitchen use. For the reasons you described.
And regarding review: no one should use heavily somebody’s else’s kitchen. Listed rule or not . I actually put in my rules: you will
Not be able to use kitchen to full
Extent as in your own home. Only simple max 20 minutes preparation time dishes .
And it worked very well. And with especially 5 rooms it’s impossible to be linisnt with cooking.

Also guest’s have no business occupying dining room especially after 10 pm and especially with so many people in the house . They rented a room and they should stick to it and give everyone privacy but not place themselves in a dining room for hours.


I’m confused. Did the person writing the review stay with you? If they didn’t, you can call Airbnb and get it removed. Or are you saying they did stay with you but wrote about another guest’s experience who was there at the same time?

Aloha Mike,

They were staying with us but dint use the kitchen. But were complaining on behalf of someone else guest staying at the same time. The irony is the the other guest she is complaining for wrote us an amazing review.

@mummy Did Airbnb remove the 3rd party review?

I spoke to AirBnb and asked them to remove still waiting on the case manager. I told her she is writing a review for a guest that stayed here in another room and it seemed they got talking. She influenced her to write a bad review for us and this lady took it her responsibility to do that.

Did you actually do that?

They aren’t actually writing a review on somebody elses behalf though. This is their own review, albeit moaning about what happened in the rest of the house. They state that these are the things they saw happen, and happened to other people. It’s not as if they signed it “the other people upstairs”


No, they this is story that was made up. This person who wrote the review was not even there that day they had checked in 2 -3 days later and started lying to the guests. Quite time in our home is 10:00 pm and they were chatting everyday until 12:00 am to 1 :00 am each day we had just asked them to turn the lights off when they re done. We don’t have an upstairs.

thats the thing they werent there. They checked in 2 days later and heard stories from the guest that was disappointed and decided to write from her say so that this happened. Is that allowed?

Tricky this. Lets call the review writers Guests B. If they signed it ‘guest B’, but spoke about other guests, I think that’s ok.
If they’d signed it ‘guest A’, that would be bad.
If they wrote it for guest A, who subsequently published it as their own, that might be bad.
The fact that they gossip about other experiences is in your favour, people may take it with a pinch of bullshit.


I’m kinda lost! :joy:


This Sucks Air Bnb response

This is Joy again. I trust you are doing splendidly as you receive this.

I apologize for the very late response, I was extensively working on your case. I asked assistance from our support and few of my co-case managers, I apologize but the decision is mutual.

I cannot remove the review as I don’t see any violation of our terms of service and content guidelines.

Hope this finds you well.

My Response

Aloha Joy,
I disagree as i feel it violates the policies and as I’m mentioned earlier to you that some of it is lies. How can you allow someone telling lies in review it is not fair to us hosts.
Your Policy " Reviews that do not represent the author’s personal experience or that of their travel companions". CLEARLY states that. Not what other guests made up. We have never charged even 1 person for using the kitchen. We allow strangers into our home trusting AirBnb and AirBnb’s policies.
What Carissa wrote " however, that is not the experience other guests at their house had". This statement clearly mentions this was not her experience.
“The host ACTUALLY SHUT OFF THE LIGHT on two couples chatting quietly at 10:00 in the dining room”. This is false. They dint even use the kitchen amenities. How do they have a right to comment. This is messed up. I would suggest another manager to be appointed or reconsider again.

Should I fight go on Twitter or Facebook or this is the end. We just take a punch in the face for silly guest? Please Advise?

This is something you should just let go. One poor review isn’t going to hurt you much if you have lots of other good ones. If you were a new host and this was one of your first 5 reviews it would be different. Keep in mind people booking from other countries won’t even see that review at the top. That is, if that review was written by an American I will see it at the top because I’m American. But if I’m Japanese I will see all the reviews from Japanese guests first.

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