Guest who doesn't even return my greetings

Hello there! I’m in the middle of a long-term reservation (2.5 months) from a guy from Ireland. I offered my guest to pick him up from the Airport, we talked on the way and it was very polite and nice.

The problem was that after the reservation started there’s been little to no communication from him at all. I know that some guests are like this, but it’s bothering me that he didn’t even say “hello” whenever I salute him.

I’m wondering if he doesn’t like something of the room or the service, but he doesn’t say anything at all! I think that if you don’t like something you at least say something to the host, right? So I’m afraid that this guest checks out and give a bad review.

What can I do? I’ve send him messages through AirBNB with no answer, I’ve tried to talk with him but I barely see him, so I don’t know.


I feel for you - having someone in your home that does want to communicate is awkward.You have tried to find out if he is unhappy through the Airbnb system and the fact that he has not bothered to respond is rude.
If he does leave you a bad review you will always be able to respond and lessen the impact. Search for bad reviews on the site as there have been some great threads on how and when to answer.

You can call him and ask how’s everything and if he needs anything.

I think if someone is rude enough to not say hi, he will have no problem to tell you something is bad.

I had a guy who barely communicate with me and he stayed for 2 weeks. He came back 3 more times afterwards. Every time he was there it was the same - almost no communication. Some people are so.

And… don’t be afraid of a bad review. So what? Let’s say you didn’t make him happy… so? What about all the others you do? :slight_smile:

Don’t trip.

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Asking guest if they are happy or if there is anything you can do is a bit fraught. Sometimes you are met with silence or “yeah its okay”. You know it isn’t but you won’t find out til the review.

I rather ask. Most times guests mentioning to me they appreciate me asking and some even mention it in the review. I know I’d want someone asking me how’s everything.

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I also ask, every time I see them. But I am not sure they always tell me. At least if they complain I can say: “well I did ask” :japanese_goblin:

Don’t overthink. If you host long enough, you will meet many guests who reply very slow (a couple of hours or next day for a reply), and even in some extreme case who don’t reply at all.

If a bad review appears at the end, and it is an honest review, you just reply to it and thank him for the feedback and say you will improve on the issues pointed out. If it was not an honest review, you just reply and explain professionally.

I’m a super host and 95% of guests are good and happy guests but there will always be 5% of guests who aren’t happy about the price or the location (which they know before they made the booking). Don’t stress yourself over something that hasn’t happened. Your guest is just not replying to you and it is not that uncommon.