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Guest who book and pay and then dont show up

I have had two peole who have booked my place and paid then didnt show up. I dont have to refund them right?

Those are the best guests. :relaxed:


I agree except what do I do when I am asked to give them a review?
I dont feel I should give them a refund either.
I did however give one person a refund due to an ice storm

Nothing to review, they never showed, right?

With one guest I did give them some future days, since they are two years from now, they probably will not show up then either. :grinning:

right. One guest booked and paid for it the same day and when she was suppose to arrive she said she thought we were closer to the city. Really look at the listing.

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It appears that reading is a very challenging exercise for some.


Have you ever had anyone request a refund after they dont show?

I have had it happen a couple times and they have not requested a refund.

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Ok then I am not going to feel guilty for not refunding them.

Review: “I have nothing negative to say about these guests ~ it’s as if they weren’t here!”.


Nope. No review should be submitted for a stay that was not completed

Free time and money! Well except for the time you took to prepare for their arrival but still…keep the compensation and enjoy the quiet. :slight_smile:

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Was just wondering if it has happened to others. Feel a little guilty as I know plans change.

They may have forgotten. They paid way back when they booked, so it’s not like the money is now coming out of their accounts. If they contact you, give them whatever your cancelation policy states (I’d say only up to 50% though as there was no cancellation or communication until after the fact).

(yep, I know 'dat…I was just making a funny.)

They may have booked another place nearby and just didn’t cancel yours. Keep an eye on their profile over the next couple weeks and you might see a review from a nearby host.

Good idea. Im ok with giving a refund if they at least let me know. I ended up sending them a message asking if they were lost or running late.

I love those kind of guests…

No-shows are not the same as cancelations. You do not have to refund anything for a no-show.

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Thanks for all the positive feedback.

If you use the search feature you will see that this topic has been discussed before, with the same conclusion - you keep the cash for no-shows. I know it’s not entirely comfortable. It happened to me and I never found out what happened to the people.

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