Guest wants to make it a regular thing?

So has this ever happened to anyone? I have a guest who was in for 10 days in December and they would either like a regular thing about 10 days a month or to rent the house for the year! I am not interested in the year but longer term does work. 3 to 4 months at a time. They save the 15% hospitality tax.

My realtor said a lease could be done giving them say 120 days usage and they can use them as they like provided not already booked and they would get right of first refusal before accepting a booking. Much of their need falls during winter when guests requests are low and I never use the house.

That kind of guaranteed income and I still have my home to use when I need is very compelling. What would you guys do?

I’ve had too much trouble with long term guests so I wouldn’t do it. When I say trouble, I mean the sort of trouble that costs money.

So let me see if I’ve got this right. They’d have a lease for 120 days and yet you’d still have availability on Airbnb. You wouldn’t be able to use IB so when someone sent an inquiry you’d have to first contact this person and see if it was okay with them?

Uhm no. Let them book the days they want a year in advance. Do not let them run your business for you. If it seems to good to be true tats because it is. I would tell them they are free to book the 10 days a month


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What does this person want do to for 10 days per month? Are you sure they aren’t sub-letting?

What if they decide to use their 120 days to book every weekend and holiday for an entire year, leaving you with the days that nobody wants by themselves? Something this complicated can’t work in your favor, and I would even question if it actually would avoid the hospitality tax if it were challenged.

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They have a young son in a nearby boarding school and either the parents or grandparents want to be nearby regularly. This is why it is mostly winter months.

Being from overseas they have a whole different idea of parenting then my folks did…

We would have a schedule for a month or two in advance, If another guest wanted to book farther out I would confer with them. Have turned off IB regardless as it was allowing people who didn’t meet the criteria set to book anyway.

7 day minimum rental for them…

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