Guest wants to confess here!

What did he do??
Is this a language barrier<><>
Could it be a marriage proposal is going to happen at Tiny Tiki???
It may have happened here before, we don’t know, although lots of guests have celebrated anniversaries, birthdays etc.

I think I’m missing some context.


I’m happy with it the way it is!


Make sure you communicate on the app.

Maybe offer more towels if they’re staying more than 4 days.


I’m certain of it because I can’t understand what you are saying. :wink:


“because I want confess to a girl in your beautiful place that I need it to be still beautiful.
And I already read your rule also i can follow your rules”

Barns…more towels?? for kneeling??? no refunds???
Confirmed guest is concerned the amenity of the outdoor bed will be unavailable due to rains. Which it is stated all over the verbage and communications it is not available Nov 1st to May 1st. But there are no rains in all of Ca at this time, so we may keep it as is until they come.

They probably used Google translate.


I will add a photo to the listing of the tarped over amenity as soon as I can. Should it be taken on a sunny or rainy day??

yes, he has a foreign name, but is in New York

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I assume that means if the confession doesn’t go as planned.

I assume they’re needed if the confession DOES go as planned.


Me, too. This is a @gypsy mystery!

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You want to be careful with displaying photos of an ‘amenity’ that is not available all the time. Also, are you listing the bed as available in breakdown per room section?
Unless you are already reservations for next June etc, I would take out the photo until later.

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Alex, you are right. I have always had detailed information regarding the dates available on that outdoor bed. On each caption and all over the place. But I think I will have to weed out all mention during the time it’s not available. Technically it’s there and could be made available ( uncovered just bed or everything ) if someone begged for it AND it was nice weather… which it right well may be here near LA

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Confess (his love) = propose.

Duh. :stuck_out_tongue:


Day of arrival-
Well, I was wondering when the guest would reply to my notes, and I was just contacted by Air Cs and the guest wants to cancel due to illness. It was explained to him that he might get a (partial) refund if he has a Dr’s. note. I think he must be heart broke. Oh well, we will see.