Guest wants to cancel last night. She just requested reservation change. Refund for tonight?

My guest wants to cancel her last night and leave early. She made reservation over a month ago. Do I refund her money for tonight?

Your choice, its not something I would do, especially if they just sent a request with out discussing it with me first.

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Don’t accept the reservation change. Tell the guest to cancel the remainder of the reservation. Then you get paid what you are entitled.


Agree with @Brian_R170. She tied up that date for over a month and nobody could book it. You could tell her that you will refund if you get a last-minute booking?
It might be an idea to explain this to her in full - many people just don’t understand business.


I only would if there was some sort of emergency, otherwise I would just say sorry, but no.

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Nope, sorry, nada. Next!


Thanks. She messaged me about 11:30 this morning.

I can’t see any reason at all why she should get a refund. Especially from the host. She paid her money to Airbnb so she can fight it out with them if she wants to.

If Airbnb ask you if you want to refund her just say no. There’s no earthly reason to do so.


The thing is with some guests, like I said before, they just don’t get it. They simply don’t understand the concept that tying up your dates and then cancelling costs you money. I have family and friends who have the same mindset - “can we come and stay on xyz weekend? Only if you’re not booked of course!” It simply doesn’t occur to them that the only way that weekend won’t be booked is if I block it off and lose £££.

That’s why the offer to refund if re-booked is fair - and educational.

Btw, my favourite guest ever was someone who booked for a week in high season and then, a week before arrival, said he couldn’t make it. He didn’t cancel so I messaged him urgently to say please cancel so I can re-book the dates. He replied “It’s ok. I have lots of money but very little time. Maybe I can come some other time”. Sweet!! I got paid for nothing and with his blessing!
And another guest recently booked for a week and disappeared for half the time touring around. He didn’t ask for any refund. So… there are good guests out there who understand. But so many more just don’t.


This just happened to me over the weekend. Guest wanted to cancel the last night or a 3 night booking. I agreed because I did not want an unhappy guest that may write a negative review. My place is also a shared space and I did not want to create an awkward situation with a guest that may act up. If they want to leave early, I did not want them around!