Guest wants to cancel after arriving

Help please!!! Just received this from guest. I have a moderate cancellation policy. I will lose over £400. They booked 5 days. What should I do? If I say no she could trash the house or leave me negative feedback?

“We have checked into the flat safely. While the place is lovely it is not quite what we had in mind for this trip. We are happy to leave first thing in the morning. Again, there are no negative reviews on the place and care, just not what was desired for this holiday.Thank you for your understanding!”

Tell her she’s free to leave but no refund unless you can rebook the place.


And call it in to Airbnb NOW.


Yeah, what KKC says.

I’d send something like this and then direct the guest to Airbnb CS if they have any issues.

“Dear guest,
I’m sorry to hear the flat doesn’t suit your needs. Since there isn’t a travel issue, you’ll be refunded according to my moderate cancellation policy. All you need to do is click “cancel reservation” from your trip itinerary. Airbnb will refund the amount due. If I’m able to re-book any of the dates you reserved, I may be able to refund an additional amount.”


Yep – YOU do not refund anything – that is handled by Airbnb – part of what we pay them to do in addition to collecting money and advertising our listings.

Is the guest due anything after check in with a moderate policy? I would not even mention anything about a refund. I would respond that I am sorry it did not work out for them and happy travels. Let them either cancel with air or not. Not your concern. I would not accept an alteration request asking to cancel with any refund.


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Edited: I’m sorry to hear the flat doesn’t suit your needs. Since there isn’t a travel issue, you need to click “cancel reservation” from your trip itinerary.

Don’t mention refunds. Let Air deal with that.

I totally agree about not mentioning refunds. Just tell the guest that they have to cancel the reservation with Airbnb. I expect they’ll come back and say that the refund Airbnb is offering is too small, and that’s when you tell them that Airbnb still has 100% of their money. Nothing has been released to you.

It’s unfortunate for the guest, because the best case (with flexible cancellation policy) if the guest cancels online after check-in is for Airbnb’s is to charge the guest for the first 2 nights, the cleaning fee, and the service fees for the entire reservation. Calling customer service may or may not yield better results for the guest.

This is response…

Thank you for your note and I understand this is a portion of your income. Unfortunately, the stay will not work for us. We find that is not safely set up for children. While the terrace is nicely fenced off and secluded there is large drop off. We also didn’t see anywhere mentioned that it was directly on a main road. We would really like to try and work to make an agreeable solution. We have submitted the request to change the booking already and just need your acceptance. As an Airbnb host myself, the last thing I would want is for someone to stay who will not enjoy their experience. I hope this is understandable. Again, the place is really lovely it is just not going to work for our stay.

My thoughts haven’t changed. Reply along the lines of “I’m sure that as an Airbnb host you understand the importance of reading a listing carefully and that ________ cancellation policy is in effect. Best wishes for a pleasant vacation.”


“We also didn’t see anywhere mentioned that it was directly on a main road.”

Is that an expectation? I always google a place as soon as I get the address. I check location and cruise around using street view. If the main road was a problem, I’d expect it to be mentioned in reviews, which I always read as well. Interesting guests.

So, what was the proposal in the alteration request?