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Guest Unable to remove door key

Looking for some advice on dealing with a BDC guest who says that the front door key is jammed/possibly damaged. Basically theynare unable to remove the key from the lock cylinder

In 3 years of owning the property, i have never had a problem with the door or lock mechanism

And before leaving the key with the guest i asked them to demonstrate that the key successfully opens and closes the door.

I am wondering on what would be appropriate action to take, if i have to travel down to
the property to sort this out.

Or worse case scenario, i may have to call a locksmith

Yes you need to either show up with a can of lubricant and pair of pliers, spray jiggle and pull until it comes out. Be prepared with a new knob/lock to replace it or have a locksmith out asap

This is not ok for the guest not to be able to lock up, it needs to be handled asap



Of course you’ll need to get a locksmith and as soon as possible. It’s possible that if you or the guest try to do it the key will break in the lock and then you’ll definitely need that locksmith.

It’s important to maintain your property in tip top condition for the comfort and security of your guests.


I don’t understand the question. Do you think the guest is either incompetent or that the guest broke the lock, or are you asking how you should go about dealing with the repair? Is your main concern the repair cost, a bad review, etc.?

I personally would go there, check the lock, and fix it myself, but I am comfortable with knowing that I could fix it myself. Maybe you’re thinking that you should go there, make sure it’s a real problem, then call a locksmith if you determine that it’s something you can’t fix?


I’m guessing that if it’s stuck, then it’s going to happen again even if the host can fix it without using a locksmith.

If the lock isn’t replaced now, and it happens again, that’s another poor guest experience. So if a locksmith will be required sooner or later, I’d do it now.

If it happens again, and a guest was over-ethusiastic trying to get it out, the key could break in the lock so the place couldn’t be secured at all. That would need an emergency locksmith which could be costly.

Depending on the weather at your Airbnb location, protracted freezing temps can cause locks to misbehave. If that’s the case, a locksmith is likely necessary. And I wouldn’t wait. If you are very nearby and can do the work yourself, fine. But if you’re hours away, a locksmith today is essential.

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And don’t lube locks with WD-40!

For most locations, the correct lubricant for locks is Tri-Flo. It contains Teflon particles which are even better at lubing locks than graphite.

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