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Guest tried to access my bedroom

This morning i had a rude awakening. A male guest tried to access my bedroom! He knocked the door first, I was half a sleep so didnt answer, then the handle went down as he tried to gain access. I’m creeped out, I didnt even respond, as my partners out at work. I’m not sure if he thinks we are both out or wanted in for another reason. Either way it’s creepy and disrespectful! He checks out today.

That’s awful - how INTRUSIVE! Do you think maybe he could have thought it was the bathroom? This is why it is so very important to have locks on our private rooms.

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Maybe it thought it was bathroom
Did you show him where was the bathroom?, easy to make it wrong?

That would totally freak me out too, depending on the situation. If it’s indeed possible he thought it was the bathroom, and given he’s checking out, I’d try to give him the benefit of the doubt. On the other hand, if you know there’s no way he could have thought it was the bathroom, then I might call Airbnb just to give them the heads up about this guest so they can make a note of it.

And as @Cinderelle suggested, put a lock on your bedroom door.


Hosting 101, lock doors you don’t want guests having access to.

Humans are nosy by nature. No matter how many times you tell them or how many private signs you have, they will almost always want to take a peek at what’s on the other side.


well if he knocked on the door first - maybe he was wanting coffee - or had a questions about checking out or something else. I don’t lock or close my door all the way when I am home hosting - in case someone needs something and so I can hear if anything is going on.

He definitely knew were the bathroom was, he had been here two nights before, and the bathroom was his own private bathroom so he wouldnt of needed to knock the door. Just being a creep

Sorry i should of said there is a lock on my bedroom door thats why he couldnt get in.

ps: There is a lock on my door thats why he couldnt get in. I dread to think what would of happened if i didnt have it locked.

A knock is fine, but putting down the handle trying to get into my bedroom is not fine.


Completely disrespectful…I agree! You don’t open a door just because someone doesn’t respond. What if you were sleeping naked on the bed?

Any idea why he would have reason to think both you and your partner were not in the home?

What happened before check out? Did he say anything before he left? So glad your room was locked.

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I think he thought we were at work as other mornings we have left earlier, around the same time. I slept on today. We also left him a note about breakfast etc and were to put the keys if we arent around.
I texted my partner while he was working to come back home, but by the time he came back he’d just missed the guy.

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OK…so clearly he assumed you were not home and he was going to snoop around in your bedroom. Have you decided if you will leave this in a review?

I wonder what his plan B excuse/reason was if the bedroom door was unlocked and he came face to face with you.

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Still thinking what to write in the review, he cant go doing that in other peoples homes and think he can get away with it. I think I will mention it to airbnb to, as its not on. Airbnb is supposed to be all about the trust.

If I were a guest in someone’s home, I would always assume that the host has a nanny cam in areas where I am not to be present. I would never dream of snooping around. Shaking my head…


@sunshine1, wow, that is very creepy - Maybe you should have asked him about it the next time you saw him! Call him out! This way he knows that you know and you won’t tolerate it! That’s awful - I’m a single gal who lives alone and I’ve had a few creepy guys, but nothing terrible ever happened. One was texting creepy, sexual things to me right after I made him breakfast - I nipped it in the bud and said “this is not a brothel, I am your host, if you don’t behave, you are OUT OF HERE.” He apologized and stopped immediately and he was well behaved the remainder of his 10 day stay. Some people are just stupid and don’t get hints and you have to be direct. good luck, I hope your creep is gone!

I would send him an email asking why he wanted to enter in your bedroom

He checked out the same day. Thats why i texted my partner to come home from work, but he just missed him:unamused:
If he was booked for more nights then he would of been asked to leave.
If anyone was texing me sexual things he would of been out on his ear also. That is ridiculous! Hope you put it in his review?

I was thinking that, but i dont want to piss him of in case he decides to make up a bad review.

@sunshine - he wasn’t truly getting into “sexual” terms - just things like “you are really hot” and “how do I earn cuddle time with you?” and “I love your curves” … it was awkward - he was awkward. I think he was just socially inept and unaware he was being inappropriate - once I straightened him out - he was a well behaved guest.

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