Guest snuck in a cat!

Guest checked in a day late but didn’t notify me he would be late. On the second night he was here I got permission to enter the apartment since it was a one-week stay just to gather towels and do some of their laundry so that it would not pile up and spray and do a little disinfecting due to Covid. He agreed that was fine. They left I went downstairs and there was a smell of a cat box. Upon checking the situation we found hidden in a closet a cat box with poop in it, and open cans of cat food, a cat food bowl with dry food in it and a bag full of poop and P from the litter box. The apartment was totally trashed with Hersheys syrup or some type of blood on the sheets that had soaked through to the mattress cover pad, dishes all over the place water bottles and candy wrappers on the floor, a mattress cover pad totally taken off of one bed and taken to another bedroom.
I have never had guests make such a mess of our basement apartment. We contacted Airbnb and they did see there is a no pet policy. They contacted the renter and he came back and we evicted him that night along with his girlfriend.
He told us the cat was a stray they found the night before at 11:30 but it seems funny how they had everything they needed for this cat hidden in a closet. I did not leave a good review for him. I was totally furious for the disrespect shown to someone else’s property. Is he able to give us a bad review even though he was the one at fault? I’m looking to have carpet cleaning paid by him due to the fact that cat could have had fleas and due to the fact other guests an allergies? I am also having a cleaning agency come in to totally clean Due to the fact there was an animal in there that I didn’t know where it came from and not sure with how dirty they were that I myself may pick something up! Is it fair to make them pay for the new sheets they ruined and the mattress cover pad that I had to throw away? They still had six nights available but they canceled the reservation the night they were evicted. Shouldn’t we still be able to keep the pay? We have a five star rating from every guest that has stayed here just worried he will give us a bad rating and I don’t think that would be fair for Airbnb to post it. How would everyone else handle the situation


I certainly hope you get to keep the funds from the six night stay. As far as I know Airbnb will require evidence so you need to submit photos of the damages and receipts for the sheets and mattress cover. You should also submit an estimate for the deep cleaning required. I hope Airbnb has your back. Keep us posted.


If you could review him, he can review you. He knows there will be a bad review for him - expect the same return.
Cancelled reservation results in the remainder of the stay to be refunded to the guest.
You need to make a claim now from Airbnb, before another guest checks in.
You are unlikely to get extra cleaning costs without an invoice.
Good luck!

Refreshing to read when a host gets pro-active and evicts a horrible guest instead of tiptoeing around them in fear of the dreaded bad review.
And thank you, thank you, for leaving an honest review.
If he leaves a bad review, you might be successful in getting Airbnb to remove it, considering they already have the backstory. If they won’t, just leave a brief, professional response to it. Any guest who can’t see through a retaliatory review, in comparison to your other reviews, is a guest you can probably do without.


called Airbnb Immediately before following through with the eviction. We sent them tons of photos of the proof with the cat food bowls the litter box and the damaged sheets. We now have the rest of the week blocked off until we can get the cleaners in there. I guess I will deal with his bad review when it happens, but Airbnb should not allow that especially after proving what had happened with the photos etc.


I disagree he should be refunded the rest of this stay. Due to his negligence we cannot rent the apartment until the cleaning has been done.
This has caused his loss of money when it could be rented to someone else.


Not disagreeing with you at all! When the host cancels - the guest gets a refund.

There is absolutely no tiptoeing around when it comes to our property. We live upstairs and this is a basement apartment. When I feel our property is being destroyed and neglected I definitely would evict a guest ASAP. We did it the proper way by contacting Airbnb to make sure we handled it the right way and everything has been documented through them
I did feel waiting 45 minutes to speak with someone from Airbnb was a bit ridiculous when dealing with a serious issue. Their customer service has a lot to be desired.

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Guest has party in a no party listing, Guest trashes house, host throws out guest/s with assistance of police while Airbnb is on the phone, host cancels reservation, Guest gets refund of unused nights…

They certainly got supplied for hosting the “stray” cat in a hurry.

And guest gets to leave a bad review and 1* ratings across the board.


One of many reasons that we do in-person check-ins!

You live at your building don’t you, like we do? We aren’t doing any guest greeting right now. Peepng from the windows works just as well :wink:

Besides, our dog would surely let us know if there was a cat in the building.

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I suspended my Airbnb units (2 in one house) back in March due to COVID-19. I miss the funds but I sure don’t miss dealing with this kind of crap. Especially the lying guests.


Correct, but we would do the same if the stay were “nearby”. First for the personal touch so that we are welcoming each guest and seeing if they have any questions or needs that aren’t clear from the booking.

Second, yep - to have the right of refusal if they show up with a party, pets, etc.

My house rules state that because it’s a shared listing and has a number of old-house hazards that are not safe for infants or children, if they show up with infants, children, guests not on the booking, or animals I will not be able to accommodate them and there will be no refund. They can do self entry but they only get door code when the room is ready, and I try to greet as much as possible.

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Actually the guest cancelled right after AIRBNB called to let them know they needed to leave;)) guest cancel…we keep the $$


I’ve learned over the years to read all I can about their stay. I do not allow children (Clearly stated throughout my listing) and had a guest send a message that said something like…would like to extend my stay through ( a few days); how much would that be. That was all they said about their visit. I replied with a decline as the additional time was already reserved; I don’t know how much 3 days would cost; and explained politely that I did not feel comfortable that they had not stated anything about their visit and who the guests were. I also stated that I allow over 21 only. They replied back that they were 42 and 39 and their son was 12 so everyone was over 21. I feel like I dodged that bullet! They were new to AirBnB also. The first thing on my listing is PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION BEFORE BOOKING.
I’ve also had folks that gave me a bad review because “the house is literally shared.” Duh! Says so many times throughout my listing! AirBnB has always done right by me though. Hope they will with you as well!

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Best of Luck to You. You are basically screwed.

We had one guest like that a while back who had a really good review previously. She snuck in a dog even though we don’t allow pets. She was totally drugged out and didn’t check out on time, so we msged her but didn’t get any reply so I went over to check if she had already left. I knocked several times, no answer, and the door was unlocked so I opened it to look. I saw a dog on the couch and quickly shut the door. The smell that came out of there eat horrible. We msged again but she didn’t answer until a couple of hours after check out time. She said she needed a little time to clean up. Well an hour later some dodgy guys drove up and went to the Casita. I could hear a lot of sounds of cabinets etc… 2hrs later, they all left. We went to look at the Casita and it was horrible beyond belief. The dog pooped and peed indoors coz she was drugged out (syringe left in the drawer) (stolen ID and credit cards left behind too). Dog chewed the kids’ dishware that was used as feeding bowl, chewed the door trim, etc. I was furious! Airbnb didn’t do a thing to make sure we were compensated. I spend 2 whole days airing out the Casita, washed the rugs so a few times to get the smells off, painted the damaged wall, replaced the kids’ dishware, cleaned the couch with so much chemicals. It made me wonder if there is an inside job at airbnb that allows fake ID and registration and reviews. This is why i dont use auto booking anymore. I don’t trust airbnb 's computer system anymore.

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