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Guest sneaking in unpaid extra guests


This is actually too funny not to share. Watch the video from the link. (Video removed by moderators.)

I had already caught this girl bringing extra unpaid people over the night before. I messaged her and reminded her of the House Rules that specify multiple times about no extra guests, no stop by visitors, only disclosed registered guests allowed, and enhanced penalty fees for discovered unreported guests and or cancellation of the reservation immediately. She promised not to violate the rules again, gave a total nonsense excuse, and apologized.

So today I wake up and see the SpiderMan crawling into my apartment with her…


LOL. So, what do you say to her this morning? While it’s funny, this sort of disrespect would mean a cancellation. As soon as I saw this footage I’d be cancelling and going over there to make sure she left ASAP.


I contacted Airbnb & informed them - they contacted her & processed her payment for the enhanced penalty fee. Normally I would cancel the reservation, but she’s leaving tomorrow anyway.


Wow, this is special! :joy:


What is this? A stated penalty fee in your rules? Is it equivalent to a second person fee?

So you didn’t talk to her? I’d just have to confront her and ask WTF, are you in high school?


Just wondering if it’s okay to post that on a public website…


Yes, exactly. My House Rules specify penalties for unreported guests, which are double the amount for registered guests.

No, I didn’t feel the need to discuss the matter with her again today - because I had just caught her doing this the day before and dealt with her directly. She gave me her word it was a one time occurance and she would be honoring the rules going forwards. So when I saw the video today, I immediately just called Airbnb.


There is no expectation of privacy in public. I’m free to film, photograph, record anything I want in plain public view without anyone’s consent, and therefore share the same as I chose. In addition, my listing discloses the use of a camera in three sections of my listing.


If you say so.


For what reason would you assume it isn’t ok to post on a public website?


Amateurs!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:…


I showed my son and he laughed out loud! It’s so bad it almost looks staged!


I didn’t assume. I wondered.


Legally this is exactly correct. Ring posts real videos of scoundrels on facebook all the time. @sobepuppy you should send it to them.

What I don’t know is the wisdom of doing so.


I don’t just say so - the law does.


@sobepuppy - Whether it’s legal or not, I’m going to take it down in a few hours. It was a great laugh and thanks for sharing. But I don’t feel comfortable leaving the video up permanently. You can clearly see the guest’s face, and although she isn’t naked or anything, and she was being deceitful - I don’t think she would want a permanent video on the internet. Any way for you to obscure her face?


While I think @sobepuppy totally has the right to record and share publicly, this forum doesn’t necessarily need to host it. I am not comfortable exposing the owner of the site to any legal action. @cabinhost i do think you should take it down in a few hours.


Well, clearly the moderator or website owner may do what they wish - remove it or keep it - as their right since this is their website. But there is no legal basis for a complaint against the website.


Regardless, for me it is more the point that a video of her would be permanently out there. Who knows…maybe she would have a good laugh too. But I prefer to take it down soon since she hasn’t given permission.


Sure thing, whatever you feel is best for the site. For what’s it’s worthy though: You wouldn’t need her permission since it originates in a public forum & there is no financial benefit from using her image.

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