Guest sends nasty email via temp Airbnb three weeks after checking out

This is a first. Haven’t done anything yet. These are the folks that left the property in such disarray, etc etc.
I guess I thought once a guest had checked out, their temporary Airbnb email would be disabled. As well as their ability to use the ‘message’ part of the reservation page. I use the temporary Airbnb email to welcome them, and to send them their final directions and other helpful info to assist them in planning their trip.
Obviously I was wrong.
I’ll be calling Airbnb later about it. I don’t appreciate having a disgruntled guest contacting me after the fact with their nasty comments.
Anyone else out there experience this???

Were they mad about your review? What happened that they felt a need to contact you 3 weeks after checkout do you have any idea?


I believe that both the message app and the email intermediary will remain active for as long as you both have the same accounts, UNLESS you block them, or have AirBNB block them.

I’ve had prior guests contact me months or a year later via the those tools, to ask about availability or provide some other type of information.


Actually the review I left on THEIR review page was bland, but did not recommend them. I responded honestly to the review they left on my listing review page. So yes, they didn’t like my public response to their review.
Here’s what they sent me via the temp email.

“We read your response sorry you felt the need to lie about the condition we left your shed in. I did take pictures of your fan/floor & air conditioner when we arrived. I’m a known clean freak spent time cleaning your rental also have photo’s of what it looked like when we left. Sad that in your many pictures it hides the truth of your cabin & the privacy there on your farm. Full disclosure would have been nice but I can see from your response you are not always honest person.
We left your cabin tidy & clean we know that!”

I did call Airbnb and they walked me through the report and blocking procedure. They also said they would reopen my case where I had requested their review be moved down or removed, of course at that time it was denied. She said this subsequent email would allow the case worker to re examine my original complaint. Likely nothing will happen but at least they cannot contact me any more.
I had no idea that this temp email would remain active after check out. Live and learn.

Sorry that they’ve been such a PITA.

It is handy for us that the contact methods stay active after a reservation is done and dusted. We’ve had plenty of reasons to contact guests after the fact—and they’ve had reasons to contact us. I’m glad Airbnb allows that.

We’ve contacted people (or they’ve contacted us) about items left behind, about events coming up in our area that are of interest to the guest, and many other reasons.


Yes, I can see that. It makes sense, I just didn’t know it stayed active. Once I send the welcome message via the temp email, and attach the documents for their use, that format is not what I use a few minutes prior to their arrival and afterwards. Because internet is not available near or at the cabin, I communicate with guests via text, and that has helped when, despite explicit directions, they can get lost . Property is very secluded, in the mountains. Additionally, they can always reach me via text when here with questions, etc. I also was not aware of the blocking/reporting option offered, as I’ve never had any reason to do so.
Thanks for your input!

It makes absolute sense for guests and hosts to be able to communicate after their stay, for example I had to liaise with a guest who left her glasses here which I only found a week after she left. @shadowmnt. You can also send them discounts and special offers.

If you don’t want a guest to contact you, I agree with others just block them on the platform.

I’m not actually clear as to what these guests might have done wrong for example did they leave the place unclean or damage your property . If so, why you leave a bland rather than honest review? What did you say in your response to their review that upset them?

I would just ignore their email. They are just narked.

I am sure you have photos of any problem issues to back up your case for getting their review removed.

Try not to worry about the email. Focus on your up-coming guests. I am sure they will be lovely.


Brilliant, I had never thought about sending special offers to past guests. I am going to go back through messages and put birthdays and anniversaries on the calendar to send out offers. Something like this:

Happy birthday next month, we really want you to make our cabin your birthday tradition! Book now for 10% off and a bottle of wine on me



I am pretty sure she posted about these guests…


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I did…and had put it behind me…

Interesting about the birthday specials…I could maybe do anniversaries (get quite a few of those) but I can’t even remember (or remember where I’ve bookmarked it) family and friend birthdays! Anyone who can has my utmost admiration.

I also collect emails (GDPR complaint before anyone asks !) and create a spreadsheet with past guest information.

I use this to send out a quarterly news bulletin which also includes offers they can share with family, friends and colleagues and e-special occasion cards


I’m not worried about it. I was just taken by surprise that they could contact me after three weeks, as I had frankly forgotten about it. I’ve had 4 couples since then, all very nice…that’s all my post was about. Now that I know the reason the email stay active, I will be aware of that should I be contacted again. However, the majority of guests who keep in contact with me have either texted me or phoned me. (all good by the way)
I just really don’t relish having a disgruntled guest (and we all have had one or two) being able to contact me with their attitudes waay after the fact it has, to my mind, all been hashed out. But I get why Airbnb allows the temp emails to stand for the hosts and the guests future convenience.
As for my ‘bland review’ of them, I merely stated that they were not happy from the get go, complained from the start, had not read the listing, but left the cabin clean, although in an odd state of considerable disarray. And that I would not recommend them. Which was honest. I consider that ‘bland’ in that I didn’t go into detail, or rant at all.

I responded a bit more sharply to their negative review as I was concerned about certain ‘facts’ they misrepresented and how prospective guests may be influenced so wanted to set the record as straight as possible (hard to do, but sometimes it’s impossible to resist). As their email stated, I reviewed how they behaved initially (complaining about things that were in the listing and then telling me they didn’t read the listing), and keep in mind, had they left a review that stated they were unhappy for FACTUAL reasons I would have been either non responsive or apologetic for their unhappiness. But they made totally false statements.

I supplied Airbnb with photos, communication, etc etc when I called them originally. . Of course, despite any host’s success as a super host (me 10 times in a row…whoopee big deal) they rarely side with the host, not seeing flagrant false statements as totally contradictory to 99.9% of the other reviews being enough evidence. THAT isn’t enough for them to have your back.

However, now, with this nasty email from the guest that I reported to them, they are taking another look. It was THEIR idea to do so, I didn’t ask them to. As I had moved on and was merely trying to find out how to stop these people from communicating with me any more. Overall, Airbnb has been very helpful, just not in the area of bad /inaccurate guest reviews.


Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. 20202020

This is the case for me as well. I seem to recall that some time ago the phone number was not available to me post check-out, but now I can access that as well. I wonder if it’s the same for all hosts in these regards?

This is the same for me. I can now access them after. AirBnB only leaves the inbox items for 18 months from date of booking at least in my case anyway. Any inbox communication prior to May 2018 is no longer available unless they booked again at a later date.

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I always find out the direct email address of the guests with confirmed bookings and I keep them in a database. I let them know of course. This way I can automate my communication with then by sending mails and welcome packs and then special offers later on.

I always try to turn good guests into repeat guests or get them to refer their friends for special prices or freebies like welcome breakfast baskets.

Of course this way I can remove guests that I don’t want back.

I’m in Tokyo so all of my guests are tourists coming in from overseas rather than locals.