Guest reviews of previous hosts now showing on their profile!

Anyone else seeing this? It’s a very interesting and welcome development.

Going to go check! Thanks for the heads up!

Yes, as I said on the other thread. I’m glad I can see what others have talked about for months.

I’m not seeing it. 20 characters.

This is cool! But hopefully it doesn’t work the other way :joy:

Are you sure it’s not just the extension for chrome that you are seeing???

Me no see

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Aahhh… I remember reading about that extension but didn’t think I had actually installed it. Just checked and yep, I did.
Can you just delete this whole thread? :flushed:

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I can but let’s use it for a chance to tell everyone about the chrome extension.
For those who don’t know, this handy extension allows you see all the reviews your guests have left for other hosts!!!

Sure, no problem! When I read about the extension I assumed it would need to be activated somehow (a pop-up or something) because it was developed outside Airbnb. I’m surprised that they’ve worked it into the actual system. I can’t imagine that Air is too happy about it. Or am I being tech-stupid??

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“They” have worked it into the browser, not the AirBNB system.

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Buy how, then, does it appear right there in their profile ? Surely if someone can do that, it’s possible to do all kinds of nefarious stuff?

Of course it is! That is why you should be careful about which extensions you install!

I’m no tech person but I assume the way it works is to just pull and gather the aggregate reviews under the guest profile and display them. Super nifty!

It is all about key fields, pulling data that is present in the API. You will notice in Chrome, that the host review renders quickly while there is a millisecond delay for the guest review of the host. Basically, the extension if doing a search across the database to present the corresponding review.


Can someone post a screenshot por favor.

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OK, but how do they insert it into the guest profile so it appears in the actual Airbnb…dunno the word…thread…software…? That concerns me. Doesn’t it mean that anyone can write a malicious extension that can insert any old crap and make it appear legit? I can’t believe Air is ok about this.

You don’t need a screenshot, mate. Just believe us that the review the guest gave to the host appears right underneath the review they left, including any reply they gave. Add the extension and you’ll see for yourself.

If there is an API involved, it’ll have to be with Airbnb’s permission. So the chrome extension will possibly have access to your browser session and thus be able to legitimately query the Airbnb servers using the appropriate API commands and your user credentials to fetch the info - if this makes sense.

(Roughly: Think of API as a browser for a piece of software instead of for a human.)

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This might explain further: