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Guest not feeling comfortable, when asked what I can do to make them feel comfortable, they say nothing. ( ? )


@GutHend and @Arlene_Larsson I am not going to barter for a review. I know the place I have, the guests I get and the market I am in. When I want to I always have guests. I have a full-time job as well and this is actually a joy for me and a way to de stress (except for unfortunate guests). I will not be able to review them as they did not book, so I have learned my lesson. NO MORE 3RD PARTY BOOKINGS. Never again.


So true @Jess1
I do have bills to pay. The guests who claim to have another place they are going to can leave anytime they want although they are still here
Air can refund them out of their own multi billion dollar pocket as they seem so eager for me to do.


Yes!! That’s what I am doing thanks @Carl_P


Thank you @Joan I feel like I’m at a brunch with friends giving me courage and strength. Yes it does seem like Air is trying to convince me that it’s best for me to cancel when there is nothing wrong with my hosting or the space. They have fully taken the guests side.


You are :slight_smile:


I was in the same situation with another OTA but said, sure full refund as long as you can fill up with new guest for the same dates and amount. Then it was more up to them, they said they can not do that. I said that is so sad because then i could refund and everyone would be happy. No more problem after that.


My guest is still here. I am refraining from interacting with them as I got more calls from Air on Sunday and again today with the same song and dance.

If I refrain from reviewing the guest since I really can’t, will they still be able to post a review? I am getting very bad vibes from Air and the very silly things the guests are coming up with to complain about.

They find a new silliness and call Air who call me. I keep asking did they even go look at what’s on the listing?

The newest complaint is that the television is not viewable from the 2nd couch.

My response is that the big black couch is big enough for two people to sit and view the tv.

I feel like I’m in a psychological test or something.


Yes, even guests who cancel the day of arrival and never set foot in your listing can review. But they don’t have to review. Since it’s a third party booking and technically they won’t be reviewing, the daughter will, maybe you will catch a break. Have you been in contact with her? Like “I’m not sure what to do to make your parents happy?” Maybe you two can bond over how hard they are to please? LOL.


Maybe there is a bit of a war of attrition going on. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.
Either party can initiate a review during the 2 week review period. Sometimes hosts leave reviewing until the last minute, a stealth review, so as not to trigger the guest into writing a retaliation review. If you get a notification that they have reviewed you, you may as well write an honest review to warn other hosts.
This was a third party booking. If it were my guest account on the line here I would be concerned. I don’t know whether it would be worth you gently communicating your feelings and concerns to the daughter about the problems with her parents?


I have messaged her in the beginning trying to find out what their comfortable was, she said they would talk to me about it. She was not much help. I don’t even know if it’s the daughter who is speaking to Air. I stopped messaging her when I started speaking to Air to avoid anything I may say to end up as ammunition.

I guess I need to begin to craft a very diplomatic review. Sigh… :pensive:


The review doesn’t have to be diplomatic, just honest. People here will help with drafts.


Thank you!!! I will wait until they post anything.
At this point in a long-Isha stay I have suggestions for them on how to enjoy the neighbourhood or free events going on that they maybe interested in. I feel as if I try to suggest anything they will be weird and ‘uncomfortable”.


You and AirBnB both know they won’t stay at your place again so no difference to you in refunding them. They may however choose not to use AirBnB again which is what Air are really worried about. In which case AirBnB should pay to refund them since it is their loss, and not your fault. I refunded someone recently who cancelled 2 months in advance and I have a strict (50%) refund policy at that time, I did it because they were attending a horse riding school up the road which was cancelled. Most of the attendees sleep in their horse trailers but I occasionally get someone who wants a real bed and their own bathroom. I refunded them because they will be back sometime and I wanted the woman who runs the school to continue to recommend my place. That’s an example of when it makes financial sense to refund someone even if you don’t have to. Air are being disingenuous.


Does Airbnb know that it is a third party booking? That violates the TOS and they really don’t have any right to a refund. It’s all whiny stuff anyway.

I don’t accept third party bookings and Airbnb is really wrong to make the host cancel and refund. They could be asked to leave IMHO. I would escalate to a manger who has a clue and make sure they know it is third party.


Yes, Air is very aware it’s a third party booking. I am hopeful I don’t get a call from them tomorrow, trying again to convince me to refund.


@JamJerrupSunset I would have refunded if they had a legitimate reason, but they just don’t want to stay here and that’s fine, but Air shouldn’t put me in the position of feeling as if I have done something wrong when I haven’t, and it’s just a guest’s preference.


Keep us posted. I’m sorry you have to deal with rotten guests.


Thank you @Sarah_39 I definitely will.


In all their complaining, they never mentioned to Air that they have an entire private apt to themselves in NYC, close to two major subway lines and several types of shopping in a quiet neighbourhood. That I generously provided a bottle of wine (although they said they don’t drink), a variety of snacks, a large fruit bowl filled with fruit, a whole loaf of multigrain bread, a dish of butter and a container of cream cheese, several eggs, good ground coffee (they also don’t drink coffee, so I provided more tea), juice and cereal for them to eat; as well as cooking essentials oil seasonings, vinegar etc.

This is the last time I accept a 3rd party booking for sure. I even accommodated late check-in and check-out. Last time for sure. When you are too nice people try to take advantage.


I would charge for early check in or late check out.

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