Guest needs to change credit card for second half of split payment

An upcoming guest just sent me a message and said that her credit card was compromised after the first payment. Her bank has issued her a new card and she wants to change it in the Airbnb system so that it will work correctly when Airbnb charges the 2nd half of the payment. She said the system won’t let her change the payment method because she has “an Airbnb in process” (whatever that means).

I’ve read literally dozens of stories of this happening to guests that end up with cancelled reservations (although probably because they ignored the messages that Airbnb sent after the charge failed). What’s the correct way to deal with it? I told her to call Airbnb customer service and see if they can change it over the phone.

Yes, the guest has to contact Airbnb to help her do this. Ther’s nothing you can do about it from the host end.

So what did Airbnb say when the guest spoke to them @Brian_R170? There is no ‘correct way’ to deal with it other than speaking to Airbnb once a booking is already underway.

Anway one for the guest to resolve with Airbnb.

I posted this just a few seconds after telling the guest to call Airbnb. I’ll let you know when she responds.

Never had an issue with Airbnb split payments, but then again I wouldn’t know, would I :smile:

The twice we’ve had problems with BDC split payments the guests contacted us and we turned both into direct bookings, after mutually slagging off BDC!


As requested, here is the response from the guest.


I’ve had this happen with guests a handful of times and have told them to resolve with Airbnb and it hasn’t been a problem. (Thank goodness, since we can’t touch the money until they bestow it upon us). Glad this worked out for you! :+1:

Thanks, at least I know how to deal with it now.

Given that my average advance booking time is 51 days, I’m surprised this is the first time this has happened (that I’m aware of) in about 50 bookings.

Hard to imagine Airbnb customer service is so good at making sure guests can give Airbnb their money but so bad at most everything else. LOL!

You always find the more interesting stats. I don’t think I have looked that one up.

Hum … Money is pretty much their main concern so … :joy: I appreciate Airbnb but some things make me shake my head in disbelief. Whew

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What is BDC?

BDC is an acronym for “booking dot com”

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We got a cancellation this morning, at 1.45am. Airbnb tried to charge guest for second payment, couldn’t collect therefore simply cancelled the booking.

Usual scenario, guest thought we’d cancelled and we thought guest had cancelled. When she contacted Airbnb they were no help, simply told here to update her credit card, which she did twice with no effect. Booking still cancelled.

We could rebook the dates, easily. Its next Saturday for the last eight days of the Flamenco Festival and we could probably have bumped the prices a bit also.

However, guest still wants to come after a bit of to’ing and fro’ing, we got in touch by telephone.

Net result is an eight day direct booking, deposit taken and balance in cash on arrival.

Well done Airbnb.

Fortunately, my OH was still up at that time so could block the dates, as she told me this morning!

I was oblivious. First day of the festival for me was a very sociable and wine oriented day :wine_glass:

One day down, thirteen more to go :slight_smile: