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Guest Moving things around and taking things down


So…I had a really strange experience. We Airbnb a bungalow on our property. I went to clean as the guests were leaving and walked in and realized that all of our art, trophies, etc. were gone and other things were moved around. I ran out to their car and they said that they were in drawers and that it just wasn’t their taste and didn’t want to look at our stuff. WTF - If you do not like it put it back. It gave me a really creepy feeling…Thoughts?

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Trophies? That sounds odd to me, sorry. I wouldn’t move your stuff if it wasn’t to my taste, I’d simply not book your place. Please mention this in the review so other hosts with a similar set up will know in advance what to expect.


How odd that they booked your place if they didn’t like the decor!

My first thought was kids - my sister moves vacation rental tchotchkes above reach before the crumb munchers get their dirty mitts on them. :rofl:

Do the decorating details match up with the overall feel? Or is it the design equivalent of a Smiths’ song (surface=pop song, details=girlfriend in a coma).

I can’t say I’d like looking at someone’s trophies. Even if they’re for interesting endeavors, the trophies or plaques themselves are usually terribly tacky. Still, it’s not cool to move your stuff. I can understand why you’d feel creeped out - it’s both invasive and judgmental.


I have guests moving the furniture from time to time. I also have guests quite often hide the alarm clocks I so thoughtfully provided :slight_smile: The problem is, I think, that they tick keeping the guests awake. (I only got them because they are repro MCM so in keeping with the decor).

I’ve also found things in weird places so yes, guests certainly move things around and put them away. For several months I was under the impression that something or other had been stolen (I forget what, a bedspread or something) until I found it in an almost inaccessible very high closet shelf.

I agree that it’s a bit weird to have your trophies in the rental though.

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The “art” wasn’t a collection of near-nude photos of you and your spouse was it? Just kidding, but there was a thread about a listing like that a few months ago.


I could be wrong, but I think it’s best not to personalize a rental place. That being said, they should have placed everything back before departing.

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I can understand that you were annoyed. I don’t agree with others that say you shouldn’t personalise your space. To me, that’s the whole essence of airbnb. If you want an anonymous room/apartment - book a hotel or a dedicated holiday rental.

I just had guests who did the exact same thing in my private room. There is very little decoration but what little things there are, they moved them all. She also tried to rearrange my kitchen but got the hint when I put everything back the way it was. It seems to be a trait of older women, somehow. They’re the only ones that ever do it. It’s supremely disrespectful.


They are championship surfing trophies and the bungalow is on the beach (you can see the ocean from the window). They also removed my signs that said - Please turn off the electric blanket in the morning and please remove your shoes and shoved a pitcher with flowers in the corner. And Magwich it was an older woman!!! I think I just didn’t like them touching my stuff…And they were there for 1 night…


!!! Yet you leave them in the rental? I find that a bit odd.


This is just so rude. It’s understandable if guests leave in a hurry and/or they have moved things to keep them safe from children etc. but to rearrange things for just one night is ridiculous and borderline control-freakery.


yes, i know a mother in law who did this so her son in law couldn’t find anything in the kitchen the next day because the flatware and dishes and everything in the cupboards was moved.


Guests move things, even those who stay one night. The oddest was the 30-something who stuffed absolutely everything - plates, utensils, kettle, books, lantern, vase with flowers in it (unspilled, stems bent) - under the bed. I thought I had been burglarized until I found it all there.
The private comment to his five-star review of me was “You should clean under the bed.”
Why, yes, I should.


One night? Those people are nutjobs.

They could see the decor in your photos and chose to book your place, so wth? Airbnb is increasingly allowing degenerates and loons to use its service. I’m so over the whackjobs. No, this is not “normal” at all.


I literally ran after their car as they were pulling away asking where all my stuff was! There were pictures with of everything and it’s not cluttered. It’ll be very interesting to see if they leave a review. Thanks all for letting me vent.


Cluttered or not if the stuff is pictured and they booked and then said it’s not to their taste then they are the wierd ones.


That’s the best thing about this forum :slight_smile: It’s true, you might not always get to hear what you want but it will be honest and you’ll get a range of opinions.


Stinson, you are vindicated! Airbnb HQ has replicated rental spaces in its office space – note the TROPHIES on top of one of the bookshelves!


LOVE IT!!! Also, made me laugh.


Yeah, it’s weird and rather rude not to put them back. You will get guests with boundary issues.

I’ve had guests move desks around to use like a dining table, planning on having friends over for dinner until I reminded them that visitors are not allowed. I added a line on my posted house rules to not move furniture.

One guest had some OCD cleanliness issues and re-arranged all my books so they were in order by height. She got into my cleaning supplies closet and went over the whole bathroom judging by the paper towels left in the wastebasket. She gave me 4 stars on cleanliness and remarked that it was clean on her review???

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The above photo of the Airbnb headquarters reminded me of this:

I was getting nowhere with my Airbnb issue, after speaking several times on the telephone with Airbnb support staff.

Last October 3, I mailed three separate letters about my problem to the CEO, vice president of IT and vice president of customer relations at the Airbnb corporation headquarters in San Francisco.

I have not received one telephone call, e-mail or mailed letter reply in the past seven months. I find that very rude and insulting; especially as an Airbnb Superhost.

That is why I now also list my rental unit through Booking.com, FlipKey and TripAdvisor reservation companies.

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