Guest made a copy of my house keys without permission!

Hi everyone!
I’m baffled with this one. Whole house booking for 3 guests 2 nights. I provided 2 sets of keys. Each has a fob for main building door and a normal key for the apartment door. Guest never replied to airbnb messages after initial booking and always trying to call instead. So he calls after checkin saying they need another set of keys because they’re all going separate ways (bit hard to believe). Anyways I say you already have two sets of keys and he goes “no we only have one”. I thought I was going crazy as I was 100% I left a second pair on the kitchen table but he re assured me there was nothing there. Anyways I said sorry I cant bring you one right now but I will leave one in the mailbox for you tomorrow morning (for their second day). I texted him that the 3rd pair of keys is there. No reply.

Checkout day:
3rd pair of keys was never picked up from mailbox. 1st pair of keys on the kitchen counter along with a copy that they made without my permission!!!

I started searching the house for the “missing” key set and found it inbetween their wet towels (wtf) which means they had it the whole time and lied. Then hid it? (Double wtf).

Do I report them to airbnb?
House was left a bit messy but no permanent damage just beer cans around.

You can report, but what do you think will happen? There is no proof you can give to AirBnB.

But lessons learned: When you are doing STR, either have keys that cannot be copied that easy, or have a keyless entry/smarlock system.

This time they left you the keys, but who knows what kind of guests you will get in the future.


I personally would make a report to AirBnB so that they have it on file for that guest. Should it happen to another host, it won’t be the first incident. I would also mention the incident in the review. I am a host who lives in the AirBnB I host so it is frightening that sets of keys are out there.


Change your locks NOW!

Report Guest to Airbnb

You could try charging him – through the Air system – for the cost of having the locks changed "Because you made ‘at least’ one copy of my house keys without permission

1 star across the board

Review: Cannot recommend Guest. Never answered platform messages, always tried to call off-platform. Made a copy of the house keys without permission.


Change the lock ASAP for sure.
Airbnb reporting won’t do a thing as there’s no proof. Just headache.

For all hosts who are ‘saving money’ using keys rather than keyless locks - while this host found a third set, many of you have had keys copied without your knowledge - and are ‘out there’ possibly in the hands of someone who is monitoring your airbnb calendar.

Cheaper towels is one way to save money - but putting your security at risk to ‘save money’ seems foolish.


That’s such an awful situation. Though, maybe it is a good idea to switch to a smart lock now. You can for example look at EveryDoor. In short, it connects to your intercom system/smart lock and makes it easy to give your guests access automatically. Their system works with several smart locks and the codes are automatically cycled for each guest. Good luck!

Yikes! I would also change locks immediately and charge the guest the full cost to have them changed. And I would definitely go with a smart lock instead of keys!


Search the forum for smart lock discussions and host expertise, there are many options. You have to find the one that best for you and how you host. Good luck and change you locks in the meantime.

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Does any body know of a keyless programmable padlock?? That’s what I need.

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Hmm this is a big problem for me too. While I have not discovered anyone copying my keys, but changing locks will require mgmt corporation permission.

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Thanks everyone for your advise. I have reported it to airbnb via message. Though, after some research and thinking I don’t believe those guests were criminals and they genuinely just needed another key. Just very annoying that they didnt ask for permission. My reasons to be more chilled about it now:

  1. they had booked 2 months in advance
  2. they said they were from Ireland and its true because I found their plane tickets
  3. they wouldnt fly from Ireland again just to rob my 5 yr old sofa lol
  4. they could just keep the extra key and I wouldnt even know about it so they returned it thinking everything’s ok.

I had been thinking about keyless entry but my biggest fear is that it will stop working when Im somewhere on holidays and then I’ll have angry guests that cant get back into the apartment at 2am.

@mj2000uk I think you were meant to reply to me. I dont want something that guests need to download extra apps as its a headache. I just want something with no chances of failing.

@iGMS I searched for EveryDoor and some weird songs come up so couldnt find it.

@KenH and @crycepaul I will definitely mention it in the review.

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@Gem20 Try searching for EveryDoor key exchange instead. That will take you to their website instead of those weird songs.

When you go away on holiday you really need someone local – a neighbor, a friend, to keep an eye on things for you. Don’t just go away and expect everything to be alright. That’s who would have a physical key if the keyless bit goes wonky.


Gem20 this is how I solved the problem:
*Purchase a Schlage Camelot Trim Keypad Deadbolt, ( approx $100.00 ) programmable up to 18 codes, easy installation, 9 volt battery (these units are bullet proof I have 4 units and they have never let me down, in fact I have not even changed the battery in 3 years, now that I think of it, it’s overdue)
*Purchase a Keysafe box ( approx $40.) this is for the key to the deadbolt for back up. I have mine screwed to a discreet place; the back of a post on the front deck, but not so difficult that the guest has to rummage about to find it, or bend down on a dark stormy night to get into it.
The handle of the my exterior door does not lock, only the dead bolt. I tried other units this dead bolt system has worked the best, I tried automatic units that move the bolt and they where problematic & expensive, with this Schlange unit one must still manually turn the deadbolt knob.
This is part of my access info:
Your suite is self catering, the front entrance of the house is solely for your use, the code for the keyless entry will be XXXX, the last four digits of your phone number so it’s easy to remember! Punch in the code, MANUALLY turn the deadbolt to the right and you’re in! It’s the same principle lock it up when you leave, punch in the code, except you turn the deadbolt to the left.
If for any reason something screws up, you have the key lock box with the deadbolt key, I keep this combination simple too, the last 4 digits of my phone number or your house # backward what ever you choose. So far the only guests that are challenged by this system are the academics! lol
This has made accessing the suite a breeze when I am not able to greet them, if I have travelers that will be exploring in separate directions there is no need to have keys for the lot, be sure to add you own personal code that you won’t forget. ( I had a situation when I reversed the numbers when coding, they called me and I was able to give them my code.)
I traveled to Europe with my 2 teenage lads, stays with only one set of keys or even two, where nothing but a headache for us, I like to explore a city early in the morning the boys like the evenings.
No worries about lost keys, they would just put the code on their phone ( they NEVER lose their phones!)
I hope this helps.


Thank you!! Because its US product its 215$ on Still not a bad price. If you dont mind me asking one question:
how do you change the combination? Wouldnt the guests be able to change it if they have the current code?

I’ve seen similar ones without the actually key hole but I’d feel better if I know they’s a key!

Hi Petrelli, condo management wants serious cake to change keys. Especially if they are high security. Needless to say that will be the guest’s expense. Putting up with management is quite another.

Ok, I’m surprise at that price, I’m in Canada and I checked the approx price when I posted, I paid around 150.00 4 years ago.
To Program:
Enter the factory issued 6 digit code, (you can change this if you choose)
then press the mode button,
next: in my case #1 the key pad goes blue,
then you punch in the guests 4 digit code twice and it’s done. Mine also opens with a key.
The instruction with this Schlange unit are very thorough & easy to understand.

Schlage Camelot Electronic Entry Door Deadbolt with Keypad - 40179, Satin Nickel

Part of the Camelot Collection by Schlage

★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.4 out of 5 stars. Read reviews.





If you have internet, I would highly recommend a wifi version of a keypad. Being able to change the codes on your phone is a huge time saver. Also can monitor when the doors are locked and unlocked.

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@gem20 my product does not require a phone to use it. You (the owner) have an app on your phone and you use this to create PIN codes for the guest to use to access the property during their stay.

if the guest has a smart phone and wants to use it to gain access, this can also be done but again, this is configured using your app and you send them a Bluetooth key to use.

Hope that makes sense!!!