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Guest left condo OK but rude-mention in review?



I stand corrected RRR. Had a similar situation yesterday with a guest. It appears that guests not only don’t read, but they don’t look at pictures either. Running out of rules he didn’t break. :full_moon_with_face:


My cleaning practice was throughly commented on and opinions passed in another thread.

To keep my condo affordable, my condo is self service cleaning” meaning no daily maid service and guest must do exit cleaning ( thus saving $100-$175 cleaning fee). I live 4 hours away. Also means they need to handle their own recycling (or put all in trash).

The services quickly clean as many condos as possible between 10-4 so tend to not be thorough.

My Checkout is 1 pm to allow cleaning time. Guests leave the condo much cleaner.

I have over 85 reviews on this condo with 4.9 * overall.

For some reason this works. In 4 years of hosting I’ve had one serious complaint about a prior guest. (In the 2 BR unit I’ve had two mishaps-one was serious, the other minor but needed attention)

To go full circle, my condo is a budget friendly rental 1 mile from the beach. Self service cleaning has worked for me, and my rentals are busily booked.


Brush it off and pay no attention to the criticisms. I once had a guest who complained that the timeshare sales staff wouldn’t leave them alone and that there was too much noise from children running up and down outside their bedroom window. It is clearly stated that my unit is in a timeshare resort and in a VERY high demand tourist area. (cannot get more touristy than in Orlando!) Things that you cannot control you shake off and ignore. One of those things are peoples expectations. If not flexible enough to ‘go with the flow’ then they shouldn’t be Airbnb clients and Airbnb hosts shouldn’t have to deal with them.


I laughed at loud at that one. I can’t imagine any rental in Orlando without children acting like children (running, yelling, excited). The noise had to be in the morning. At night they would be too tired from their big day.

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