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Guest left condo OK but rude-mention in review?



I don’t know yet. They followed the rules. I tend to lean toward saving the thumbs down for when they’ve partied, caused damage, or stolen something. For communication they get a 3* evaluation.

About the comment of offering them a refund…remember this is on the review of the guest so only other hosts will see it. It isn’t giving the guest any new knowledge, they know I offered the refunds.


Especially when Airbnb and multiple blogs are already busy doing it.


I can’t stand guests who want stays for free and the fact, in some ways, Airbnb hints towards it. Special offers, weekly and monthly discounts, etc. fine, but not free stays. It is encouraged to offer a partial refund that is mutually agreed upon for certain situations, special offer pricing when a guest explains the reason for visit and host wants to help, etc. The main reason a majority of hosts are hosting is for revenue. Yes, some do it for the experience and interaction with different cultures and just plain social interaction but that doesn’t speak for most hosts. Hosts need protection from Airbnb, not a csr phone call pretty much pushing them into a corner and losing money they’ve earned by letting people in their own home(s).


Yeah, you got stuck in the middle of a marital dispute that has possibly been going on for decades. I would be tempted to write:

“Martha and George were confusing guests for me to host. George, who made the reservation, was fine with the space and the amenities. Then Martha seemed most unhappy after they arrived, and told me she wanted more space, maid service and something she called New York standards (?). We do our utmost to ensure our guests are happy with their stay, but we simply can’t make the space bigger, and are not set up to provide maid, concierge, etc. services. I hope Martha and George can find space that is suitable for them in the future, and wish them safe travels.”


I just discovered that Ms Unhappy & Spoiled took all my hangers when they left. I guess she thought she deserved them for staying in a small space.


Valid point to include. I need to think about wording that sounds Ike me.


I would not host XX she was unhappy with the size of our condo and would be better suited in a much larger place with daily maid service. She took all of my hangars. Nothing but complaints from her I would not recommend hosting her.

Thumbs down

Edited to add she stole your hangars!




perfect time to open a Resolution Center claim, ask for $20 to replace hangers that were missing upon check-out, wait the 72 hours required before involving Airbnb, then seeing how the agent addresses the issue. As minor as it is, I would make a case not to let guest’s walk on you thinking you’re a damn Hilton whom can go to Walmart and replace items after each ignorant guest steals things. A good agent will reach out to guest, set a 48 hour deadline to respond, then reimburse you X amount after you upload receipt from replacement of hangers.

*Documentation for any host in any situation is key. I should put this in every post as my signature… document document document. As dumb as it sounds, pics before and after every single reservation will save your ass as a host. Small or large expense will kill your bottom dollar…protect it with all you’ve got. :slight_smile:


Sounds very good. As a host, I get the message that these are demanding guests who expect a lot for a little.

Sadly, you’re going to get guests like this. I’ve had guests who own half million dollar homes stay in the same room that working homeless do. You never know who is going to book your Airbnb or what their standards are. Most people want their vacation to be more luxurious than home. What I do to mitigate that is I set clear expectations in the listing description about what this property is. I say that its small, middle class and if you just want something big or new, you should book somewhere else. There’s a lot of people who want to book older homes because of the character but other people just want 6,000 sq feet of carpet and textured ceiling. I don’t get many complaints like that anymore because if I get a booking from a person like that, I try to make it clear what this is and is not.

Thats might lead bad review. As far as I can tell now, there’s no bad blood between the host and guests. If they’re that cheap that they rented a vacation condo thats smaller than their dining room at home they will probably have an issue with asking for $20 for some hangers and leave a worse review than if they weren’t asked for the money.


Definitely mention the stolen hangers as it implies they are not a good fit for the community, which is true. Ugh. High maintenance guests have the worst manners.


Apart from posting as “TheInsider”, you seem to be using Insider Speak. Are you an AirBnB rep?


This is the review I left:

B. & B stayed at my 650 sq ft1BR 1BA condo for 28 nights. They respected my house rules and left the condo clean & in good shape. I appreciate that B made the reservation several months before their stay-dates (moderate cancellation policy). Based upon comments from B, they would have been happier in a larger condo, offering cleaning services, and offering more amenities.

This was the private feedback:
B—This is private feedback. It will not display publicly.

B’s comments about her dining room being bigger than the entire condo, complaints about nothing to do, I should know her friends were able to rent a much larger and nicer place and my condo didn’t compare, and a few other concerns felt out of place and perhaps indicated she was not involved or maybe supportive of the budget rental.

Most hosts either book 6 or 12 months in advance. Now is the time to book for next year if you want the best choice for a larger, nicer rental. I hope you find the one that is perfect for you.



Don’t let guests walk on you hosts for fear of a bad review. What’s right is right and you being reimbursed for hangers shouldn’t cause a bad review. What would the guest say? “I took the hangers from listing so host opened a claim asking me to reimburse $20 for them?” Reviews are important to guests almost as much as hosts. There is a double blinded review system in place so neither party can base their review on what the other said. If there is any mention of Airbnb direct involvement of a case, the review is removed. I’d still recommend getting new hangers and asking for reimbursement. Just my opinion.


Maybe too late as already posted, but would not mention in review that condo is too small. May cause concern for future guests.


Fair statement: The review will display for hosts; not for other guests. Can guests see host reviews of other guests?

I was subtle—I mentioned size of condo & said I thought they would be happier in a larger space.


If this guests already has a large number of reviews the most important sentence (the last) will pass by totally unnoticed for other hosts.
My advice for next time is to put the negative earlier in the review, and maybe a bit more explicit.


Based on reports here my guess would be the guest will say “space is smaller than it looks, the doors creaked and need oiling, and we couldn’t get the corkscrew to work.” They leave a one star review without seeing the review they get because they know it’s going to be bad.


I guess you need to put "No stealing " in house rules.



Cheap dollar tree hangers (12 for $3); yes it was annoying but not worth the trouble & potential backsplash of mentioning. I said what I needed to say.

I’ve invested way too much time & energy in this. I can guarantee the spoiled chick hasn’t wasted a minute of her time.


I hear you. 202020


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