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Guest leaving note on table after leaving

You’ve heard similar stories, and much worse ones, before of course. Still it’s so daunting when you’ve done your best and guests complains after they’ve left, not saying anything while it 's still possible to approach them with explaining and possibly help out. I’ve had around 15 other guests before them without complaints, and the apartment is clean, but they for example didnt like second hand furniture.

Shall I just keep quiet and not give them a review at all…and hope they don’t give me one (to hopefully prevent me getting a really daunting one)? They were not very communicative before
their stay and on arrival I understood they hadn’t read all the info that was provided.
Long time hosts, what do you do?

This story feels incomplete. May I assume that when you went to the AirBNB space that your guests had left a note which included complaints that they had not voiced during their stay? What were the complaints specifically? If the complaint was about the condition of the furniture, what is the condition of the furniture? How would they know that it is “second hand” after all.

To answer your question, I have never received such a note. I get other kinds of notes, which I am collecting and will put into an album to keep in the room.

I leave a review for every guest, but the forum wisdom will not make that suggestion.


I have received a “Thank you” note with 20 USD tip once.

My wife (she’s also renting out an apartment on her Airbnb account) once received a long letter from a guest saying “you are so beautiful, I adore you, I want to book again just to meet you once”. The cleaning service found it and was very amused. (By the way, she has never met the guest, it’s self check-in and self check-out.)


They wrote they felt some second hand furniture gave an “unfresh impression” and the other complaints was that there were not blinds on all windows (there are curtains) and that there were not cuchions for all of the garden furniture (there is a front and a back porch and cuchions only for one set of garden furniture)

Those things I would consider well meant advice (although a bit nitpicky of them), I wouldn’t be expecting a bad review.

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@TantLudd. I would not dismiss this note entirely. Take an objective view of your furniture. Could it use a new coat of stain or paint? Are the cushions too worn? As to the patio furniture, well, cushions are pretty nice to have. Maybe you can get a great deal on some in September when stores are doing close-outs of summer stuff? Not sure about blinds vs curtains. I am not a curtain person at all and have none in my house. They get dusty and fade in the sunshine. But, see if this is the case for yours.

It is not surprising that people haven’t complained actually. AirBNB feels quite personal and if your introductory rates are low, people are willing to overlook.

On the other hand, these guests may simply be, as @GutHend suggests, nit-picky and their concerns are specific only to them.

This is a great idea, thanks.

I get a lot of notes, lovely ones. I’ve never had a note of complaints. But I do wonder what motivated them. Most people when staying at an Airbnb are on holiday or busy working so I’m a bit surprised that they found the time.

Did they keep out of your way or ignore your messages? Do you feel that they didn’t want to approach you in person? A note seems to be very timid.

I hate to think that our carefully-selected mid-century modern furniture could be seen as ‘second-hand’!

well, sometimes second hand furniture might have stains or scratches or other signs of distress. I wouldn’t use such furniture. Even mid-century furniture could look great, but i think you might need the services of a decorator and/or buy better used furniture.

i wouldn’t like a house that screams “granny”

I would wait a while to leave a review, just in case.

As far as the furniture goes, consider your unit and what you charge. I have a budget unit with second hand furniture. I cannot afford to upgrade all at once. But I’m providing a budget unit, not a luxury experience. If someone complained about the furniture I would have to brush it off. The pictures are clear, and representative of our unit. If you’re looking for a 5 star hotel experience, go elsewhere. That is not what we are selling or representing here.

But if you’re showing off a luxury unit and the furniture isn’t fresh or clean or nice, maybe you need to consider an upgrade.

@smtucker has some valid points. It is an opportunity to look at the furnishings with a fresh perspective & see if there is something that NEEDS (Vs. would be nice to change when there is money) changing or refreshing.

Food for thought, if it is upholstery that needs refreshing, but the chair or couch is sound, a surfit cover is wonderful. A cheap one will work but if you spend a little more money, you get a better fit.

I once had a guest tell me that I needed to have matching furniture. I prefer furniture to complement not match. When I purchased a bedroom suit, the first thing I did was add a piece that didn’t match.

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