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Guest kid is a brat


I have just had a guest check in with a kid (I dont accept kids). I was expecting a male, but seemly he went elsewhere and give our room to his wife and kid as it was closer to the station. The kid is a complete brat, He threw my stuff on floor, I’m surprised they didnt break and he also hit me on the back. The noise is atrocious. I sent an email to airbnb but no response as yet. Time is getting on, and I doubt theyl be able to get a place elsewhere. I’m also worried about a negative review if i do ask them to leave. I was supposed to go out tonight but I’m now forced to stay in because i’m to scared to come back to find the place in a mess.
Furious! Any advice?


They did not honor the contract. They are in violation and need to go.

Did you CALL airbnb? The message usually says that there’s a long wait but it’s usually much shorter than that.

Sorry for this - it sounds horrible.

Does your listing specifically say ‘no kids’? Then they can’t stay.


I would not accept them with a kid. They broke house rule.
Now since you accepted them it’s a good thing to call Airbnb. I wonder what they will say, but in fact you can yourself tell your guest that though you don’t accept kids you gave it a chance since they just showed up at the door but it’s clearly is not working for you. How many more days are they staying?
Even the f they leave bad review, you can always reply and explain. I would rather have bad review than deal with this situation


I’m having trouble contacting airbnb so I sent them an email to.
I actually dont say no kids on my profile but I did not tick the kid friendly box. Usually when a guest books they would let me know or ask him if kids are allowed. I should really update my profile saying no kids allowed, especially after this experience. I didnt expect to be assaulted by a six yr old this evening! They are staying one night. Its quietened down a bit for now as she took kid in room. But I did have words with her and told her she really needs to control her child and that I wasnt made aware in the booking that there would be a child.


Just an update. Airbnb sent me a reply, basically saying that the guest who booked the reservation made a third-party booking. Third-party bookings are not allowed. Transparency builds trust, which is why it’s important for everyone on Airbnb to represent themselves honestly. Hosts want to know that the guest they talked with before a reservation is the same one that will show up at their door. Guests expect that their host has represented their listing fairly, too.
For these reasons, Airbnb require that all reservations be booked by someone who is going to stay at the listing. Similarly, they don’t allow third-party reservations on behalf of someone who doesn’t have an Airbnb account.


Sorry you are going through this…glad to hear they are only staying one night. This is getting more and more common. Guests are purposely not disclosing information and hosts have to ask more and more questions before accepting a booking.

The guests think us private hosts are just pushovers and it doesn’t matter if they use their real profile or not. I always have guest confirm who all members of the party will be and what their relation is to each other. There will be some who still try to lie but it seems we have to more and more clear that the reservation is based on what they are disclosing.

Good for you for letting her know she needs to keep her kid under control. I just can’t believe how many people bring their kids to Airbnbs.


I know its crazy. I hate also when guests dont have a proper photo. This should be a mandatory requirement. Airbnb also messaged the guest who was suppose to stay. He sent me a message apologizing, saying theyre new to Airbnb and wasnt aware they were in the wrong. I dread to think what review they leave, and obviously will knock me down on stars, of no fault of my own. Aw well roll on tomorrow when they leave!


Tired of reading about these guests with all their excuses… these people do know they are in the wrong. Air prompts the guest to let the host know if anyone will be joining them, tell the host about your trip/plans, etc.

Air should really only allow kids for full apts/homes. Unless there are some hosts out their who enjoy hosting children. I know this forum is used for venting, but I never hear anyone on here say “my guest had such a lovely, well- behaved child.” - Oh my gosh…now that I think about it - there was one guest I had and she never mentioned a child. She said it would be her co-worker, old friend (and her two kids) and herself. I looked on camera and saw there were three little kids. So I called and asked here how many were there and she explained that her daughter came at the last minute. They bought a last minute plane ticket for her. And then she said “Oh I prob. should call my next Airbnb and let them know I have my daughter with me.” - And she was going to be staying in a private home with the next one. And I saw those kids on camera - they were sooo wild!


Exactly! I forgot Airbnb send emails to prompt guests!
I know I dont think its right kids staying in someone’s home, unless, as you say a whole apt for the family to themselves.
I actually had to remove all my breakables in my bedroom as the brat was lifting them and throwing them on the floor. Terrible out of control child. Mother couldnt even handle him.


Yep…Air prompts the guest on the screen where they enter their credit card info for a reservation request. That’s where they tell the traveler to say who is joining, etc.

I wonder if any hosts receive well-behaved kids. I think deceitful people are most likely to have out of control children. Years ago I had a crack head co-worker who had the worst out of control child I had ever seen. And she would be the type to do exactly what has been so common now. And she would be the type to open the window and smoke in her room, and then deny the damages…sigh!


lol crazy!
I will be putting in Caps on my profile now NO KIDS ALLOWED!


On this account Sunshine, you can call Airbnb and make sure that because they broke your house rules, booked through third party, and brought a destructive child you had no idea would be turning up, that they are not able to leave a review for you. Airbnb will step in for certain circumstances where the guest is clearly in the wrong and protect the host from any further assaults such as a bad review. They know guests use the review system to try to get hosts to accept horrifying situations and behavior they otherwise wouldn’t for fear of having terrible things written about them. I’m hopeful you can get this stopped due to their breaking their contract. All the best! This sucks for you to be in this situation unwillingly.


I am wondering why you, and airbnb, are not requiring these unknown folks to depart.


Hi Goodbye Sandy, Good idea, I should contact Airbnb to try and get their review stopped. Will I still be able to write one for them though. I feel other hosts should know what theyre getting themselves in to.


Hi georgygirlofairbnb
Airbnb give me the option not continue with the reservation, but by the time they got in touch, it was 10pm and guests had quietened down, and even though I was furious, I didnt want to throw a kid and mother out on to the street at so late at night. I figured Id grin and bare it since they were leaving today. Now if they were staying longer I would of definitely told them to leave. They left early this morning, without breakfast or showers, so i guess the guy who had booked, had informed them of my complaint to Airbnb.


Yes, you will still be able to review. Just call up and make a case that you feel it very unfair that the person that didn’t even stay in your home is going to be writing a review, and that you’d like this prevented or removed if it happens. They should clearly agree to it.


Thanks GoodbyeSandy:)


i think it’s crazy for people to bring kids to a room share situation – who would do this without asking?

I’ve had guests in the private apt bring their 2 year olds & based on the noise level and condition of apt when they left, they were really well-behaved. I didn’t hear these kids cry nor did I walk into a complete mess of an apt. But I still wouldn’t want to SHARE a space with those kids! Once when a 7 yo stayed in the apt, there was what looked like the remnants of a smashed strawberry on a couch cushion but thankfully, it wiped right off. It was my kid who was the brat, throwing tantrums upstairs above them while I cringed about the noise he was making… I can’t take him anywhere.

Even when we’ve rented private apts in large high-rise bldgs and townhouse type units, I could tell the noise of my son was bothering the neighbors, and we felt really bad. After that, I’m trying to now only rent stand-alone units without shared walls when we go on vacation. But we’re lucky to have the money to be able to consider these options – though if we didn’t, we would stay home & not subject others.


Just for the record, I bring my three kids (fully disclosed, of course) and my host absolutely love my kids, and my guests love them, too ; ) lol!! I’ve had two children as guests and absolutely loved them. I am connected on facebook and am watching the little girl from Poland with the most amazing amazing blue eyes grow-up - what a pleasure.

Thanks, sunshine, for sharing this post as I’m sure many of us have learned something. Glad they are gone and no real harm done but for the 24 hours of stress, and, lessons learned all around.



Goodbye Sandy. Here is Airbnb’s response.
‘Thank you for your continued patience. I understand that you want to let other host’s know about your experience, however, with *** reservation was for a third-party there will not be a review. Basically, *** will not be able to leave a review and you will not be able to leave one either. This is because we want the review to be an honest representation of your interaction with ***, not of his friends.
I do apologize for the inconvenience’.

So there we have it. I’ve sent another to Airbnb to ask will the guest be penalised for breaking the contract. Wouldnt be surprised if he got away with it.

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