Guest just slipped and fell

I just got a call from guest saying she just slipped and fell on steps from the 2nd to the 1st floor. The long-term tenant in the ground floor unit has gotten her into the unit she’s staying on the 3rd floor. The long-term tenant said that there was something slippery on the steps and he’s gone ahead and cleaned that up. (I’m not in town.) I just spoke with the guest and she said she’s pretty banged up. I suggested that we call 911. She’s hesitant because she said she needs to check her coverage and isn’t looking forward to sitting in an emergency room. I said if you’re hurt you need to be seen by a doctor. She said she knows that I’m right but wants to do some checking and get back with me. She’s traveling on business. In the meantime I’ve reached out to Airbnb and they are sending me info on their host protection package momentarily. I also have insurance with CBIZ but of course they’re closed on today (Sunday). Any one have any other suggestions or tips?

I would send her a message through the platform recapping the conversation in which she refused medical treatment. If she tries to sue you, her refusal to seek medical attention will benefit you but you need to have it in writing.


Hopefully, if she’s traveling on business, she’ll have insurance through her employer and that insurance will deal directly with CBIZ and/or Airbnb.

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