"Guest Favorite" new highlight badge on your listing, did you get one?

how odd, Oi vey. It worked last night…I think the link works now!

It shows “guest favorite” and it also shows the superhost bagde on your profile.


There was a missing 8 at the end of the string of numbers on the link you first posted. Shows you as guest favorite and with your Superhost badge.

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Thanks, friends, for looking!!

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I just checked my listing incognito and I am a Guest Favorite. Will report back if that disappears at some point.

However, when I input available dates I have, my listing did not come up- it was listed under “Available for similar dates” . That’s distressing. One of their unintended glitches from their update? Trying to drive bookings to other listings which aren’t getting booked? I am fully booked until late January, except for 3 nights in January, and oddly, over Xmas/New years, from Dec. 19- Jan.4. If the site is telling guests my listing isn’t available for those dates, no wonder I haven’t gotten any bookings for then, which would normally be highly sought after dates in my tourist beach town.


So I messaged support about my listing not showing as available when it is, and they said they corrected it, but when I checked incognito, now it doesn’t show at all, not even as “Available for similar dates”. It only shows when I don’t input dates.

If anyone would be so kind as to do a search for any dates between Dec. 20 and Jan. 2 (at least 3 nights, as that is my minimum), Location: Sayulita, Nayarit, with the filters Room, up to $60CAN, 1 guest, 1 bed, 1 bathroom, private bathroom, Guest Favorite, and let me know if it comes up, I’d really appreciate it.
Title: Unique Tropical for Solo Traveler

My listing is https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/14535841 so you can see what the cover photo looks like, but don’t input my URL to see if it comes up as Airbnb claims it does, just search as if you were looking for a room in Sayulita. Thanks in advance.

Can’t see it from Australia……

Those dates seem to be open with 3 night minimum.

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I put in even fewer filters on an incognito search and you came up 3rd. Remember everyone is going to get different results when they search in a realistic fashion.

Also the Superhost text box was back and the guest favorite was gone on my search.

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I just searched your area with the filters “Room” “1 bedroom” “1 bathroom” “1 bed” and no dates.

You come up third on the search with the “Guest Favorite” tag displayed.

When I add dates of Dec 23 - 28, you are the first listing. When I add the “Guest Favorite”, you still come up first.

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This year is a little odd for bookings. I keep track of my neighbors’ availability and pricing, and a fairly high percentage of them have free nights in the middle of December, which I’ve never seen before. It isn’t due to too much supply (there are no new properties nearby). It is due to really high airfare. Maybe that’s what’s happening for you? Flights got expensive so solo travelers stopped travelling over the holidays?

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Thank you all. I knew listings are displayed differently depending on who is searching, it just wasn’t coming up at all when I searched incognito with dates.
Happy to hear it’s working as it should.

Of course it’s totally possible that those dates won’t get booked, even if visible, it just didn’t seem likely, considering how this town fills up over the holidays, and that there weren’t many other places that came up with those filters. (And that I’m booked solid from now until mid-Jan.) In fact, of the ones that did come up, most weren’t even in Sayulita, they were in Puerto Vallarta or neighboring towns.

And the first time I searched, the Superhost filter appeared, then it was gone the next time, replaced by Guest Favorite. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I got it and it looks oddly like a funeral wreath or gravestone decoration – black leaf garland. I’m guessing, in addition to recognizing my astonishing hostly accomplishments, Airbnb is trying to drive booking traffic to Northern Virginia from DC to maximize bookings.

It does look like a funeral wreath! :rofl: Or something on a sports trophy.

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It’s a laurel wreath. It may be a nod to an admiration of classic Greco-Roman culture, or an intern graphic artist named Lauren, using google to search for a symbol that isn’t trademarked, picked it.

In Ancient Greece, the winner in Olympic games would be crowned with a laurel wreath and the word laurel is still used to connote awards of all kinds. The word laureate is also a derivative.


Hosting as a sport. It is, sorta, the way Airbnb does things. Hosts all jostling for high search ranking, trying to figure out how to be a Guest Favorite, constantly “working out” by tweaking things to try to outwit some non-transparent algorithm, developing fancy moves to deal with problematic guest situations.

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I searched Airbnbn > Sayuita, 3 nights between Christmas and New Years, (no other filters) you are third in line, 1st page and no “guest favorite banner” showing.

We had a great time in Sayulita years back, we stayed at Playa Escondida. It was fabulous between Dec 1 and Christmas, which is always a nice time to visit Mexico, still quiet, no body around.

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Must have been many years back. It is never quiet anymore- hoards of tourists now year round. Christmas and Semana Santa are insane. I avoid going into downtown at all costs. Takes 15 minutes sometimes to get through 3 blocks of traffic. However, it’s tranquilo out at Playa Escondida, and out my way.


… and a way to award a “prestigious” quality badge to newbies, who often complain they have to wait a year for their SuperHost badge. Personally – I think this is what it’s all about.

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Also, until I think the 1960s, racing drivers. I wish they’d bring the use of laurel wreaths back. I thought they were classy. :slight_smile: