Guest dries her clothes every day in the bedroom

My guest washes her clothes and dries them in the bedroom, what should I do? I have warned her many times but she doesn’t listen. At the first day she lived there I told her we had a room for washingmashine, she just need to pay to use the dryer and washmashine. She said “OK”. But 10 days went by I found she hang her wet clothes in the bedroom every day. The reason may be that she wanted to save money. But I have wood floor, under the floor there is heating. She just closed the room door every day and dried her clothes there and the room becomes very smelly. I have told her if she wants to dry her clothes she could go to the terrase it is free. She said " I just don’t want to bother you!" What will you do ?

Honestly, where do you get these types of guests! But you already know the answer on how to handle this problem guest, right? It’s your house and you make the rules…so make them, and if you cannot get your guest to comply…

call your husband.

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It’s she who is baaaaacccckk


First, I post about it on airhost forum. Second, I let people use the washer and dryer for free, especially if they were paying me over $100 a night.

I let people use the washer and dryer for free with no restrictions. I get a lot of Europeans who don’t want to use the dryer, because they are afraid that their clothes will shrink. I ask them to hang their clothes on the rail in the bathroom, but they still spread them all over the guest room over the wood floors. I’m considering buying a portable drying rack to save my floors.

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Do you have a place outside where you could install a retractable clothesline? I think that would be excellent for the environment and your electric bill.

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I don’t like to dry clothes outside. Our dryer is gas, not electric.

They aren’t your clothes.

I don’t understand what you’re saying.

Aren’t thinking of buying a drying rack for your guest’s clothes? Or do you want the rack to dry your clothes as well? Or do you not like the way clothes look hanging outside?

A drying rack takes floor space and if the clothes drip or fall off the rack your floor is still at risk.

I’ve said before. I charge £21 per night. They can use the washing machine for free. I don’t have a dryer but I have clothes horses and racks on a lot of the radiators. I have wood floorboards in the bedrooms, what exactly is the problem with air drying indoors?

Frist,where and what did you post .Second, I don’t charge 100 dollar per night. Do you think if I charge 100 dollar per night and still need to clean the curry in the toillet by myself???If i really charge 100 dollar per night for one person, using the washmashine and dryer 1 time per week no problem. But the problem is that i charge just 40 dollar per night and she washes clothes every day and dried in the bedroom every day. She is a long stay guest and the company paid the room but she is very poor and has no money to buy meat. She asked me every day for something like mouse for computer, medisin when she was sick. When she was sick i cooked for her for free because she wanted to save money and didn’t want to buy food and medicin.

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If you are addressing me, the answer is none whatsoever. The same thing that is wrong with drying clothes outdoors on a clothes line. There is nothing wrong with either one. It all has to do with one’s personal preference, floor space, climate, etc.

No I was asking @KIKI mate. :slight_smile: but I agree theres nothing wrong. Unless I’m missing something.

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I think the issue is that the guest feels she has a choice. Do not allow guests to choose how they will dry items.

Tell them that they can either pay the cost of the dryer or they have to hang clothes “HERE” - it is not allowed to dry in their room - under no circumstances.

If you feel that guests will still sneak anyway, then charge for the use of the dryer and do not give them the option. It may depend on which country guests are from. Some may hate to waste electricity and others are spoiled by the dryer, but don’t want to part with the money.

Basically, do not allow guests to negotiate with you. Keep in charge in a nice manner

I just checked your listing again. The rate is $137/night for August. If you are giving the “Chinese guest” a discount, you have only yourself to blame.

Maybe you should focus on tourists who stay for shorter amounts of time.

I don’t think it’s appropriate we are stalking her listing like this …just my opinion

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I have many accounts…the price you seen is just for marketing research. You can not just follow the price like that…I am very sure to tell you if a guest has that much money, they prefer to go to a hotel.

Say goodbye.

If she can’t live by the rules of the house, she has to leave.

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I plan to buy an inexpensive folding drying rack for the guests who won’t use the dryer and asking them to use it outside.

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