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Guest Coffee- What do you look for? What to get? Do guests even care?


Interesting to note here: When used I provide inexpensive Dollar store K cups they used them like crazy. I now provide a compostable pod with a better quality coffee and it doesn’t go nearly as fast. With the rare exception of those that seem to have a need to use every freebie provided. :roll_eyes:


I have a French press (cafetiere) and an electric coffee maker. I put Costco ground columbian coffee in one canister and Costco whole beans another one. They are labeled.

There is a small grinder, for those who want freshly ground coffee.

In the fridge is a pint of sealed milk and Mini-Moos (half and Half.) The half and half tubs are shelf stable, but I put them in the fridge in case people don’t know that.

I also provide a small teapot and loose leaf green tea. We have piles of green tea that we receive as gifts on trips to China, so I’m happy to get rid of it.

Also black tea bags and a few herbal tea bags.

So far, it’s mostly the ground coffee which is used.

I just can’t with the Coffee-Mate (non dairy coffee creamer powder.)


I provide for making coffee:

  1. A Kuerig
  2. A French press (cafetiere)
  3. A pour over carafe
  4. A stovetop espresso maker
  5. A coffee bean grinder

I also provide:

  1. An assortment of K cups with light, medium and dark roast coffees, hot cocoa, and apple cider
  2. An assortment of coffee beans
  3. An assortment of ground coffees
  4. An assortment of teas (black and herbal)

I also have sugar, stevia and honey for sweetners, and whole milk and half and half (half milk/half cream for those not familiar).

I was floored when one of my guests contacted me to ask if I had a Mr. Coffee or some an automatic drip coffeemaker. LOL. I did have one at my house, as it happened, and I took it right over to her. She was an older woman and I think was baffled by all the new coffee technology and choices!

My experiences…none of my guests have been piggish and used all the k cups or even most of them; probably 75% use the Kuerig to make their coffee; maybe 15% use the French press; maybe 15% use the bean grinder; no one has used the pour over carafe or stovetop espresso maker; and finally, only two guests have used the regular automatic drip coffeemaker—which I left in the house after the one guest requested it.


We use a bean grinder and a pour over each weekend morning at our own house, but Mr Coffee dripper when on vacation. I think your offerings are nice!


At home my husband uses the French press or the stovetop espresso maker. That’s what he prefers, but he will drink whatever is available; he has to have a cup to kickstart his day, Now me, I’m not a coffee drinker much. I’ll usually have tea in the morning.

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