Guest Coffee- What do you look for? What to get? Do guests even care?

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What do other hosts look for in coffee to supply for guests? Eg specialty coffee, organic, direct trade, cheap, fancy, good deal? Or is Instant acceptable? Living in Victoria the range is crazy! Does it matter?

I have a big jar of Cafe Bustelo Cuban style espresso. It’s my family’s favorite. I have a keurig too but I don’t provide k cups and I prefer not to let guests use it because it was a gift from my grandma. A lot of my guests don’t use the coffee and tea I provide.

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I provide coffee beans, grinder and a drip coffee maker. I also have a Keurig & coffee pods. Guests have actually used both. I’m assuming they use the drip coffee maker in the mornings and the Keurig through out the day when they just want one cup of coffee. I also provide an assortment of tea and a kettle.


So fancy! I miss grinding my own coffee. I need to get one of those reusable k cup pods.


I know the pods you are talking about! We sell those at my other job and they are so great. Except ours are a Crema Joe brand. I got one for my boyfriends mum but she had the wrong kind of pod machine and it didn’t fit, haha.

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I supply both regular and decaf coffees and teas. I get the Kirkland (Costco) brand large cans and provide the guests with a smaller container. It’s good but not great coffee – a step ahead of Folgers or any of those brands, but not gourmet. For Teas I supply Twinings English Breakfast, Earl Grey, and one or two herbal blends. Teabags are in a countertop container.


I had a local sheet metal shop fab up a wall mounted Keurig cup holder to hold about 500 of the little cups. Then i headed over to Amazon and bought a couple ‘sampler packs’ of coffees and teas. Arranged them all in colorful patterns in the rack and my guests almost always rave about the ‘Great Wall O’ Coffee’. I buy whatever cups Amazon has cheapest, so they’re not expensive, the selection is broad, and it’s a neat hook to get people into the place.!



Maxwell house prefilled packets – no grounds in the sink, no grounds on the floor, no grounds in the filter. No complaints.


No grounds for complaint. LOL


This is my setup. We chose to go with the Keurig to eliminate the possibility of somebody leaving a coffee maker on all day. I know a lot of them turn off automatically but I just don’t trust them. There are also no coffee grounds getting dumped down the sink or left in the coffee maker for days to mold. I got the new green compostable Coffee pods from Costco. Any that are in the original plastic k cups are left behind by our guests, so we leave them for future guests. I also have plain black Lipton tea bags container, and then individual herbal tea assortments available. Mini flavored creamers, powdered creamer, sugar, raw sugar, honey, Splenda and monk fruit sweetener. There is also liquid creamer in the refrigerator for folks that prefer it cold.


What a setup! Thanks for sharing!

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Coffee stations, no full kitchens: buy whatever semi-decent ground coffee is on sale and get ~a six month supply. Lately it’s been Peet’s medium roast. Drip machine, assortment of teas, no kettle-microwave, stevia and creamer. Tried putting almond milk in the mini fridge bc that’s what I use, but guests drank the entire carton every time. lol

Same. I’ve put fancier, organic ground coffee and notice that it made no difference and only a small percentage of my guests use anything but the mini fridge and glasses anyway.

That’s why you’re called Ritz! :wink: I feel unworthy… :grin: Though I have put organic, ethically sourced, specially ground fancy coffee in the room, and had a guest leave their instant folgers (giant plastic tub) behind. lol

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Love this! :heart_eyes:


Letssharethoughts, The only reason I started providing the coffee beans was because a previous guest left it. LOL I remembered seeing a grinder and had a coupon for it! lol So I went out a bought the grinder. The next guest was so thrilled with the beans and grinder that she left a glowing review and mentioned them. So I have added them to the amenities.

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I love that wall o’ coffee! I might try something like that, on a much smaller scale of course. What I like about it is that you can quickly identify what needs to be replaced (regular versus decaf, etc.). At the moment, I have my K cups in a basket on the counter, it’s a bit harder to determine that. I provide storebrand decaf, and whatever “nicer” coffee is least expensive from BJ’s (our local version of Costco).

I have a Keurig with Donut shop leaded & unleaded. Also some hot cocoa and French vanilla flavored cups. I dislike the waste, but with the guest space having no kitchen sink I didn’t want them getting creative with disposing grounds.

I also have a French Press with an appropriate amount of locally roasted fair-trade coffee.

This still didn’t stop one group from complaining that they’d prefer a regular coffee maker. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: There’s no pleasing some people!

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This is my setting. I shop coffee on Amazon most time. Mixed with different flavors. Some times I found local Walmart and Big lots has good price on mixed flavor boxes.

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I just offer instant packets because that’s what fits my room and price point. If my rental had a different vibe I’d offer something different. If I had an upscale rental in a cool coffee climate like Seattle or Burlington, VT I’d have fair trade, organic, local roasters. I don’t like pod machines and wouldn’t offer one but clearly many people do love them.

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That is so cool. How much did it cost to built the wall? If you don’t mind I ask.