Guest Cancels but stays in unit!

I just received a cancellation and the people are still in the unit ASLEEP. It is almost 10pm here in Hawaii and I just received the cancellation email, went down to the unit to speak with the guest to better understand why they are cancelling and they are asleep. All the lights are off, the place is quiet, and their car is in the spot. I am beyond pissed. What do you do? Wake them up and throw them out? This is their first presumable booking and they’ve already flubbed it up. When they arrived they kept asking me about tourist attractions 1.5-2 hours away…not my fault they didn’t do their homework. But, why not talk to the host about altering the booking instead of hitting the cancel button and going to bed? ARGH seriously, last time I let someone without reviews book.

Call AirBNB and ask them what to do.


If someone stays in your place when they have cancelled or beyond your check out time, BNB makes them pay double I think or something like that for time they stay over and beyond what has been agreed.

In your situation I would call BNB straight away, ask about the notification of cancellation - whether the guests indicated why they were cancelling and inform BNB that contrary to the email they are still in the accommodation.

They should contact the guest to help resolve and you should be paid for the additional time they have stayed.


Yes, call air, and also, send a message to the guest through they system telling them you are confused about the cancellation since they are sleeping in the room at that moment.

Hopefully they will respond with 'well, you’re farther from the attractions we want to see than we expected" and you’ll have evidence as to why they are really cancelling.

Oh,and perhaps take a photo of their car parked at the unit.


Let us know what happened!!

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That is absolutely terrible! I would be pounding on the door! Are you on the Big Island? No matter where you are here, you are far from “some” attraction. Sheesh. I hope you are on strict so you will get 100% of the booking. Do call Air right away. You are entitled to double your rate when they overstay.

PS! Don’t be too hard on people without reviews, they often turn out to be my best kind of guest!

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So, it’s 6am in Hawaii…yes Big Island Hilo side. Anyhow, called Airbnb last night and they said I was within my rights to throw them out but they didn’t answer the door. I wrote them a message that outlined the policy and voiced my dissatisfaction with how they went about things. Will keep you posted!

When is your check out time? That’s when they need to be out. The cancelled day(s) begin 24 hours after check in.

I don’t understand how it is even possible for a guest to cancel last night (on the same night). Are you saying your guests (around 10 p.m. last night) were able to cancel for yesterday…and Air is going to refund them for yesterday?

But you are saying that the Air rep. is telling you to tell them to get out. I just don’t see how a guest can get a refund for the current day…many hours past check out. Anyway…keep us posted. Here is the over stay policy in the terms and conditions:

Overstaying without the Host’s Consent

Guests agree that a confirmed Booking is merely a license granted by the Host to the Guest to enter and use the Listing for the limited duration of the confirmed Booking and in accordance with the Guest’s agreement with the Host. Guests further agree to leave the Accommodation no later than the checkout time that the Host specifies in the Listing or such other time as mutually agreed upon between the Host and Guest. If a Guest stays past the agreed upon checkout time without the Host’s consent, they no longer have a license to stay in the Listing and the Host is entitled to make the Guest leave. In addition, Guests agree that the Host can charge the Guest, for each 24 hour period that the Guest stays over the agreed period without the Host’s consent, an additional nightly fee of two times the average nightly Accommodation Fee originally paid by the Guest to cover the inconvenience suffered by the Host, plus all applicable Service Fees, Taxes, and any legal expenses incurred by the Host to make the Guest leave (collectively, “Additional Sums“). Airbnb Payments will collect Additional Sums from Guests pursuant to the Payments Terms.

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They can’t. If they show up, cross the threshold, they cannot get a refund for that day.

The guest booked for 6 nights, stayed 2 nights, then cancelled at 10pm and stayed for a 3rd night. I guess we could have really made a scene and kicked them out at 10pm but we wanted to go to bed. The Airbnb customer service rep said it is a common misconception that you have 24 hours after cancelling to vacate but really once the reservation is cancelled they are no longer guests. I’m thinking of calling Airbnb again and seeing what we can work out about payment of an extra night.

Well, prevent them from leaving until they paid.
If they are gone, you will not get your money, airBnB does not care as long as they have happy guests.

Have them pay in cash on the spot, if not, call the police.

I see. That makes sense. But I can see how the guest in this case wouldn’t assume they’d have to leave at 10pm and would also realize they would have to pay for the 3rd night. Have you talked to the guest about payment? You can do it through their reservation. I’ve done it before. You send them a request. I’m sure they would be amenable. If they slept there 3 nights, how could they not expect to pay for 3 nights?

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Did the Air rep. tell you why the guest canceled? I know you said they were not happy about the location. Unless the guest was refunded due to the property being misrespresented, I am confused as to how a guest can cancel at 10 p.m. and you not be paid for that night.

For example - let’s say the guests didn’t stay last night, but instead they left immediately after canceling. How is it that you now have to refund for the day when the guest left almost 12 hours after your check out time?

OK…so is it just that the guest was supposed to submit an “alteration request” and instead they cancelled?

If so…then I don’t see why you would still not be paid out according to your cancellation policy.

I think the host would submit the alteration. This is what I’ve done in the past when I needed to add an extra guest.

So did the OP get paid only for 2 nights? She needs to check. She may have been paid for 3.

It almost sounds like to me that the OP should even be paid through tonight too. If the guest canceled last night, then the nights not spent after 10 p.m. tonight would be the nights refunded. Am I reading this correctly?

Flexible: If the guest arrives and decides to leave early, the accommodation fees for the nights not spent 24 hours after the official cancellation are fully refunded.

Moderate: If the guest arrives and decides to leave early, 50% of the accommodation fees for the nights not spent 24 hours after the cancellation occurs are refunded.

It’s confusing to me. But it does seem that the host will be paid to include the 24 hour period after the cancellation which was 10pm. How do we define “nights not spent”? Doesn’t it coincide with check out time?

…back again. There is no issue here. They cancelled at 10pm. They must be out the next day by check out time. The remaining days are either refunded completely or 50%.

Now they say they regret cancelling and want to stay. No Bueno. They want me to fix it and I’m over it already. Check out is 11am. I should raise the price and let them rebook, if that is even possible.

I would think if the guests would have cancelled before yesterday’s’ check out time, then they would not have to pay for tonight also. But since they cancelled at 10 p.m., then I would think they have to pay for tonight, even if they are out by check out time today.