Guest called a locksmith and changed the lock...REALLY?!

I just have to tell you the story of 2 bad guests in a row who stayed in one of my apartments:

The first guest arrived 2 days ahead of his check-in date. By chance, he met the previous guest who was just checking out and told him “I’m the next guest, just give me the keys”… So he just entered the (uncleaned) apartment and stayed there. (It was not booked for these 2 days.) He was discovered by the cleaning service when the apartment was to be prepared for his check-in 2 days later. He just told them “yeah, I just arrived 2 days too early, I thought it would be ok to just stay here, that’s the situation now” After all, he paid for the 2 extra days after we told him that we’re happy to call the police and have him evicted.

The next guest (one day later) did not respond to any communication and was not reachable. He did not read the instructions for self check-in, did therefore not find the key, and so he called a locksmith who opened the door and changed the lock. In the apartment, he threw away the envelope with the house manual and the access cards (he “thought it is trash”), called us and complained: “I cannot access the pool, there is no Wifi” etc. (Pool access cards were in the envelope, Wifi code as well).
For sure, also he had to pay for an additional lock change and new access cards.



I just have no idea what to say. What a strange couple of guests


Just WOW - shaking head in stunned amazement - was this their first time?


Please tell me both are getting a thumbs down and 1 star review :star:


Yes, both first time users. But…even when I stayed somewhere for the first time, I would have never done something like this.

And, yes, for sure, both of them got 1 star negative reviews.

I hope both of them will never be able to rent again somewhere…


How very, very odd.

I’m going to guess this is an apartment / condo / coop bought specifically for STR with no indication that a specific person lives there, correct? Because they treated it like a hotel room, if not worse.

It would be interesting to see all the messages beforehand because I’m going to bet that the attitude both of these guests brought to the property were somewhat revealed in their communications.

Yes, it’s one of my apartments set up for short-term rental.

Guest 2 (locksmith guy) did not communicate at all. His instant booking message was: “Vacation”. No replies after that, nothing.

Guest 1 (who sneaked in 2 days early) booked with the message: “Hi - we are coming for a short trip to see the sights and your studio looks perfect for us. We have read through your rules and will respect them completely.

what the actual F…!!! i mean i do have so many guests that dont bother to click on the pdf link i send them after booking that shows step by step how to access my home, key, wifi, water heater… and i would still get calls in the middle of the night asking me where the key is, or worse:“We can’t find your place”. isnt google maps a nobrainer in this day and age? but your story is definitely a winner. The two jerks do not need a 1 star review but to be reported AND banned.


What reputable locksmith would break into a house and change the locks without authorization from an owner? Around here, locksmiths must be licensed and insured. There is an state agency where you can report these type of shenanigans. [found a place to use that word!]


Normally, they check at least the title deed or tenancy contract and ID over here, and they take a copy of it. But obviously that guest found somebody who ignored all these simple rules.


Extraordinary. These two stories must go on our Christmas reel.


I’d like to know how Guest 2 was self - sufficient enough to be able to contact a locksmith and have the locks changed - yet he was too stupid to reach out to you??


Right?! And he decided that paying a locksmith to change SOMEONE ELSE’S lock was easier/less expensive than just contacting the host? Unbelievable.
And please, please get the name of that locksmith and report him!


Tom, they belong… you know where!!! I’ll send you a reminder link!

Otherwise known as the Christmas reel! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Wow. You win the Stupid Guest Tricks segment for sure. Or maybe the Guest Shaming hall of fame award, although I doubt they’d cooperate with hanging a sign around their neck and having their pic taken.


Guest 2: Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Huge red flag. Decline these types of requests with the “uncomfortable with this guest” option.

Interesting! Almost TOO agreeable. TOO ass-kissing.

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Funny, some of my favorites are the no nonsense, minimal messaging ones. These are the ones who self check in at 10 pm and leave at 7 am. They don’t need my help with anything which is nice.



Frankly, I’m flummoxed that it took you or your cleaning service two days after the guest checked out to inspect the place.

Even when the cleaning cannot be done on the day a guest leaves, my house cleaner always stops by to pick up the towels and linen and checks to make sure the appliances are off and nothing needs immediate attention.

Anything could have happened to your place in two days.


P.S. I have my hands on my hips as I type this


I briefly giggled…but I don’t know why because I don’t really understand what your visual is supposed to indicate. Please explain.