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Guest brought their adorable furry puppy!

Whew! I’m new to this forum. (Been a host since 2012, though.) Had to chime in and say that after reading this entire thread I’m ready for an “emotional support beverage”.
Thanks for giving me an opportunity to make that joke. :grin:


Oh, you’ll get along fine here. Emotional Support Beverages Are Us. I’m not sure how tee-totalling hosts manage to keep on hosting.



Gosh, I think I got this from someone on here and I don’t remember who, forgive me.


I suspect that they DID read. They just refused to believe that a host would turn them down with this sweet little animal. From their POV, no one would puppy sit an incontinent little crapper without additional expense.

Good for you!

We have a new inquiry by someone with a large service dog. He is politely begging to come. Can I charge an extra cleaning fee???
I am trying to get them to realize all the reasons not to come. We saw a baby rattler the other night. The dogs alerted us and both stayed away. I’m afraid our dogs would both try to scale the rocks to get to a guests dog, or at least be a bad nuisance if there were a guest dog.

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Just tell them that it’s likely your dogs would want to fight/shag/eat their dog, and that due to the snakes/scorpions/bears/hyenas/mountain lions, if your dogs didn’t get it, they would.


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Both of these are essentially true. Bella and Loki are capable of scaling the rocks or fence if they decide to.
I told him its remotely possible he could show up exactly when Loki is recovering from neuter. Also that a rattler was seen the other evening. (Both dogs alerted, barked in a funny voice and we killed the poor widdle baby snakie)

Curiously, someone found a snake in the street just over from us.

What amused us was that it was odd finding a snake so for from the town hall, where most reside…

OK, I’ll get my coat :smile:



aw what a cute story JohnF!! By the head shape I would think it might be dangerous, but the zoo must be correct!

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