Guest brought their adorable furry puppy!

We have a no pets rule for good reasons such as large hungry raptors winging around. I meet my guests off site and guide them up here. Although they have the address it won’t do them any good, as there is a locked gate and gps use insures that you will be lost.

Today I was meeting a youngish couple and there they had their cute furry little (destructive as s$%%^%, untrained) puppy on their laps inside their car! They didn’t even try to hide it! I almost melted! But, I told them they couldn’t come. They had paid a high price for 2 nights. I might refund them some but only if they cancel. I referred them to, there are several local doggie hosts available and they could even probably go there and visit her if they missed their puppy a lot. They live about 25 minutes away.

I feel deflated. I guess I really do enjoy making guests happy:) Any mind-hive advice welcomed! Yes it is on the Air online messages and also on the Air help online thread. Photo is Loki, my new noble consort, no doubt he would have reacted badly to this miss! it was about as big as Loki’s headloki jess flowers


Good for you. Cute furry or not, you did the right thing. Their problem if they can’t read or think they are above someone’s rules. DO NOT REFUND one cent! Sometimes money is the only thing people understand.


Air should have pull-downs for # of cats, dogs, etc. Would help prevent these mistakes, since guests can’t be bothered to read …


Update: OMG OMG Now the guest has called Air and says that this little Baby Fluff Ball is A SERVICE DOG??? Why didn’t they tell me in advance about this??? edit…

I feel for them, maybe they just got it or something! hahaha
We now have 2 large dogs and nowhere to go and 100 to spend SH money… any takers RRR???

I am going to do more research meet and greet/ on Rover so I can get my dogs housed asap if necessary!

Our latest review, someone I bent the rules for and she brought her totally great 8 years old son!:
“I can say Wow and Wow! Julia, your place is unique, amazing and very special! There was so much beauty everywhere we looked at, sat on or slept on. Such a gem, one of a kind! Thank you for your warm welcome and introduction to your place made with Love! Bennett and I had a fantastic time, which we will not forget! It is one of the places, we will come back to! Thank you! :-


A service dog? I hope Airbnb asked them what tasks the dog is trained to do for them, and whether it is housebroken.
These kinds of people make me so angry- not just that they are so entitled and disrespectful to the hosts, but that they are so unempathetic to those who actually require service dogs.
I almost wish they’d go blind or something so they can get a taste of what life is like for people who truly need service dogs .


Did you have your phone with you? I would have taken a picture of the pup, and already have sent the guests a message with pic of the pup, citing your House Rules, and called Air to report them.

I call them poopies, because that’s what they do. Everywhere.


Is it a puppy? A puppy can’t be a service dog. I think they have to be 18 months.

If you let them stay, then just remember they have to keep it with them at all times, it has to be under control and housebroken per Airbnb terms.


I didn’t let them even come up the hill or even see Tiny Tiki. Thanks for all the god advice!


My favorite typo of the day.

god is dog backwards. A coincidence? I think not. :wink:


omg I didn’t even notice:) I’m awaiting further notice from Air about the conclusion of this debacle of a booking//// We have another couple coming tomorrow, its a surprise, might be fun, they have asked to go on a walk with us and our dogs “socially distanced of course” Whaaaa??? and they promised me they are not bringing a dog.

Tuesday a pro wedding/ couples photographer is coming to do an “elopement” shoot with real beautiful young models! Unlike the recent shoot viewable on that was my Gf Photographer and some older local models…


I absolutely love it that it’s an older couple- there’s far too much “young and beautiful” that abounds everywhere. Romance isn’t only for the young :slight_smile:


btw that’s me and MK… yes elopers can come in many different types and ages!


I will NEVER allow a guest bring their “emotional support/service animal” if they did not ask before hand. There are many places that will allow dogs. Yes, they might smell or might not be the ideal place. It’s not fair to those with allergies who might need a place that has a no animal policy.


Legally, if it’s a legitimate service animal or legitimate emotional support animal, they don’t have to ask and you can’t refuse if it’s an entire place listing. At least in the US.

  1. Puppies can NOT be service animals.
  2. Sorry Air but we are allergic. Your T&Cs do not get to endanger our personal health.
  3. If the dog were an actual service animal they would have told you immediately when you turned them away.

What lying POS guests!


a Service Dog is like a guide dog. And a puppy is NEVER a guide/service dog. Puppies are service dogs IN TRAINING.
We’ve seen them around. They typically have a special harness with a sign saying to leave them alone (I’m Working) and have temporary owners who work with them and train them.
Your renters did not say that they were training a guide dog. And I’m not sure a puppy in training to become a service dog would qualify as a service dog under the law.

If they had said it was an Emotional Support animal that MIGHT be different. But again, I’m sure the rules about it being a puppy (and not a “working” dog) would still apply to it. A puppy is a pain in the neck (we’ve had three over the years) and a lot of work and it’s hard to imagine any puppy as an emotional support animal. We love our dogs, and we also melt when we saw them as puppies… and we realize the amount of work and stress they can be as puppies!

Regardless, your guest said it was a Service Dog… and it’s a frickin’ puppy! You might want to do some research about what your local laws consider a service animal to be.

And the fact that they’re telling this to Air AFTER they met with you is BS. Whether Service or Emotional Support dog, I believe that they are required to disclose this before renting.

on your listing, do you mention that there is another dog (perhaps not as welcoming as you are) on the property. That would go a long way to keeping other dog owners away!

best of luck and let us know how it goes!

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I’m a little hard of hearing and they were talking through masks with the music on and the a/c on. I probably would have laughed out loud if they said anything about it being a service dog. Look up pom-chi 10 weeks, 3 or 4 lbs>I think that’s what it was. I was just trying to prevent their cute little fur-baby from becoming a delish-dine-out-feast for Mr. Coyote or Mr. Red Tail. I can’t really imagine lovers trying to enjoy Tiny Tiki while making sure a puppy is ok and not getting into bad behavior or danger.

We are looking for a place to go (so-cal Mountain) with our 2 large dogs and its not easy to find! One of the drawbacks of dog love.

Oh, no problem- they’ll just leave pupsicle inside, where he’ll be safe and do his peeing and pooping and chewing up of your stuff, while they go off on a romantic walk.


I can’t see any reference on Airbnb that dogs must have all their shots and bordetella. I know I can’t leave my dog with a sitter or kennel without showing copies of this information signed by my vet. Does anyone know if Airbnb would support host insisting on having this documentation prior to guest bringing their dog? In my situation we rent a self enclosed apartment in our house and share the grounds with our guests. I wouldn’t want my dog exposed to a dog who isn’t up to date with their shots.


Well, if your dog is up-to-date with the shots, then you wouldn’t have anything to worry about, right?

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