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Guest brought their adorable furry puppy!

Yes, that’s correct - you got me good with that response. I feel so silly for asking the question.:bone::brain:

I am confused, so you sent them away and they went and called Air? What happened did the actually end up staying @gypsy?


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I do allow dogs but tonight’s guest arrived with two of them that weren’t mentioned in the booking message. So I sent the pet fee request and see if he accepts it. It’s just like old times, lol.


Yes, 1st time ever, guest got sent away from meet place. I verbally offered to refund them something. I couldn’t let them follow me up the hill, and we drove off in different directions. I felt real bad and confused, see op. Later that night they called Air, who called me. They might get 185 out 417 back (my choice) . But Air just sent the total to me. I know they will take the partial refund out of anther / next payout, if that happens. I have been invited to review them, and I guess they are getting the opportunity to review me even though Air said no, they would not accept any review if they never stayed. I told Air that it was highly unlikely it was a service dog and that it “was most upsetting” <they seem to respond to that.


Probably some confusion, much more likely to have been an Assistance Animal than a Service Dog.

No, it was a PUPPY, those entitled asshats think the rules do not apply to them.

That CS person does not know the rules, you have been invited to review them so they can review you. I would either skip the review or wait until the last minute and slam them. If they review you first and it’s less than a 5, you will know because your % of 5 star reviews last 30 days will drop THEN I would call air and try and get it removed. Good luck with that. If that fails then slam them with 1 star and call them out as the entitled jerks they are.

I hope they do not review



It is infuriating that we cannot just charge them.



My daughter actually has a legitimate service dog from a national organization that breeds/raises/trains them. This kind of fraud is so common it’s enraging for people who have legit service dogs, and some states have actually enacted laws that it’s illegal to falsely claim that a pet is a service animal.

Under the ADA, if someone attempts to enter a public place where dogs normally aren’t allowed, there are only two questions that can be asked:

  • Is the dog a service animal required because of a disability?
  • What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?

If they can’t rattle off answers to those questions quickly and believably, it’s likely not legit (and certainly a puppy can’t be trained to do anything other than chew on your slippers). They don’t necessarily need to be wearing a vest (although most do), plus you can order fake ones off the Internet.

My favorite fake service dog story was when we went into a restaurant and this older couple had TWO tiny “service dogs” with them. They, of course, immediately start barking at our legit service dog, who then stares at them with this “What’s your damage?” look and then proceeds to our table and quietly tucks herself underneath (as no legit service dog would EVER bark unless commanded to).

Even with a legit service dog, we almost always only stay at places that allow dogs because I don’t want the hassle. The only times we’ve brought her to an Airbnb we explicitly ask the hosts in advance, even though it’s within our rights not to. Just like we would never bring her to someone’s private home for a visit without asking first. It’s just rude!

We allow pets at our place, but I do insist they’re crated if they leave them home alone and offer to provide one if they don’t already travel with one.


Yeah. As it turns out the TV wasn’t working properly and I’m not going in the room with a guest unless an absolute emergency. That’s totally my fault as I didn’t set it up after disconnecting the DirectTV early in the pandemic. So I just told him to ignore the pet fee, I’ll cancel it.

On another note I woke up last night due to his dog whining/barking. He tried to let them out to the front off leash and he was in his whitey tighties. They ran next door and wouldn’t come when called. So he had to run back in and put on his clothes. Luckily the dogs didn’t go far because he had them back within minutes. I woke up to them this morning on my gated front porch and I can see at least one pile of runny poop out there. So I’m getting thrown in the deep end with my return to hosting.

TBH, the guest a few nights ago was the first and he and his dog were great. In late, out on time and effusive review the first day. I guess he didn’t even try the TV.

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What is an assistance animal?

At Airbnb, an assistance animal encompasses any of the following terms:

Service Animal: Dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or mental disability. These animals are sometimes referred to as “seeing eye” dogs, helper animals, service animals, or support animals. Examples of tasks a service animal may perform include, but are not limited to:

  • Assisting individuals who are blind or have low vision with navigation and other tasks
  • Alerting individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing to the presence of people or sounds
  • Providing non-violent protection or rescue work
  • Pulling a wheelchair
  • Assisting an individual during a seizure
  • Alerting individuals to the presence of allergens
  • Retrieving items such as medicine or the telephone
  • Providing physical support and assistance with balance and stability to individuals with mobility disabilities
  • Helping persons with psychiatric and neurological disabilities by preventing or interrupting impulsive or destructive behaviors

Emotional Support Animal: Airbnb defines assistance animals to include Emotional Support Animals. These are animals that are used as part of medical treatment and/or therapy to assist with an individual’s daily functional tasks, but are not limited to a specific type of animal and are not required to be trained to assist an individual in a particular task. These animals are sometimes referred to as comfort animals or therapy animals.

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A PUPPY is not trained for anything, probably not even house trained.

I do not care how Air defines them. My house my rules



@Como Puppies are neither service animals nor emotional support animals. They are puppies- as yet untrained and most likely not housebroken. And lets face it- pretty much everyone’s dog could be called a comfort animal. But an emotional support animal is supposed to be for people who have emotional problems- PTSD, depression, etc. They aren’t just animals who you like to cuddle up with because it feels good or because getting a puppy during pandemic lockdown seemed like a fun idea.


Is it okay to request documentation for an assistance animal?

Airbnb does not require documentation when traveling with an assistance animal.

It is the guest who determines if an assistance animal is an assistance animal.

Are you trying to defend the right of anyone to claim their dog is an assistance animal? If so, why?


Emotional support animals have no legal standing, here in Spain. We have a no pets rule, therefore irrespective of Airbnb’s policies, they wouldn’t get past the front doors.

The curious thing, now that I think about it, is that I’m struggling to remember seeing any guide (seeing eye) dogs here. It’s a common occurrence in the UK, but not here it appears. Odd…


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"Community Expert4:24 PM

This is not your fault and if they do not end up staying, they will not be allowed to have their review posted."

This is in the thread about these non- guests! trying to get Aibnb help to comment again!
Thanks everybody!

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IDK about that, I think that when the cancellation is within 24 hours of check in they get to review. Makes no sense that they sent out review prompts if they are not going to post it.


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I’ve certainly had reviews from people who haven’t stayed but I can’t remember the cancellation period. But it can definitely happen.

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My house rules state: “Animals are not allowed. The yard is not fenced and borders NC game lands.”

I recently had someone ask for an exception to which I advised: “I received your call about whether or not we would allow a dog at the property. Unfortunately, due to the set up of the house, this is not possible. The yard isn’t fenced and we are surrounded by NC game lands. We are dog lovers and would be heartbroken if something were to happen to someone’s fur-kids”

Surprise - no dog showed up. Maybe the thought of being shot or eaten alive was a deterrent ?

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1 - SD’s are trained for the first 2 years of their life.
2 - both while training and while in service SD’s wear a special coat that shows that they are SD’s
3 - only SD’s have legal rights and can not be refused admittance. Emotional Support Pets must be accompanied with a letter and can be refused admittance in both Canada and the US in private places (not public for the US)
4 - the fact that they didn’t come right out and state the animal is a SD or emotional support animal means they are lying, broke your rules of no pets and are trying to get away with a full refund.

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