Guest brought in overnight stay on last day: should I charge?

Hi guys,

A guest had asked me on his first day if he could bring a friend over, to which I said “yes” thinking it was not overnight.

Well, on his last day he brought a friend for an overnight stay.

Now it’s the morning and he has to check out within 1.5h.

I only charge 14 Euros for one more person and I’m slightly worried that for so little I might get a negative review if I ask for it.

To be it’s more a matter of principle than money indeed. Lesson learned: next time someone asks for bringing someone over I will have to be precise about the difference between “coffe” and “overnight stay”.


Yes, I would also say lesson learned. Your guest wasn’t very precise in his way of asking, some guests are unaware others do it on purpose. And you didn’t ask him to specify further, this is something you learn mostly after a first experience like this. I would just suck this one up, and next time ask guests what they mean with “bringing someone over”.


Definitely lesson learned. In my house rules it says that guests can invite people over if agreed with me in advance but must leave by 10 p.m.

If it was me, I would say to the guest, that you had assumed when he asked for the friend to visit they would have gone home later that day, as overnight guests attract a charge of $14 and he hadn’t asked whether that was possible for his guest to stay overnight or offered to pay the extra guest charge.

Personally I would still ask him for the overnight guest charge.

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But wait until he writes his review and then another 48 hours so he can’t edit it.

Ahaha slim chances he’ll accept the charges after he’s already left and left a review.

But I like this idea and I’ll try.

For now I had to remind him to leave by 12 as well so I sucked this one up as GutHend suggested or it might have seemed like an overload of “punitive” requests (it’s not, but you never know the entitled mentality of some guests).

I will keep you updated for future lessons learned


He may not accept but for such a small price I’m sure Airbnb will pay, IF the ask was on the platform or if the guest admits to the extra guest the last night but just refuses to pay for it.

I agree I think it’s best to have these sorts of conversations in person while the guest is still there. I think your guest is much more likely to pay than if you have a friendly chat with him, while he is still there.

But there is a very slim chance Airbnb will pay you. Just make sure you don’t get a retaliatory review

In my experience Airbnb will pay you. What I don’t understand is why some of us always get our extra person fee and Poppy doesn’t.


If something is “wrong”, NEVER WORRY about the Review!! And don’t worry about the timing of publishing your review. In your Review be unemotional and factual. For example>

“X was a nice enough, but he did seem to have problem with the House Rules. He had to be specifically told to leave at check-out time; and had an unregistered (non-paying) guest stay overnight with him.”


Definitely higher chances he’ll pay.

But paying isn’t the oly concern, it’s that some people might feel “slighted” for having been asked for what was their duty to pay.

It’s possibly a minorty, but worht taking into account if you have a long term rental and long term income trumps the 14 short term bucks (and your own ego for having been fooled / shortchanged ).

I would raise the nightly rate a few bucks and not worry about extra guests, just a maximum number no more than 2 or whatever.


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It’s because Airbnb is so fickle and doesn’t follow their own rules a lot of times.

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I wonder if the difference is seperate suite in your home compared to multiple listings of entire homes…?

One thing might be amount and frequency of requests. We have seen that when granting requests of payments of other sorts they actually say “since this is a small amount and you have no other claims recently.” In my case I’m asking between 5 and $15 for pet or person fees. I almost never call or bother them or need anything so they just see the amount and grant it. OTOH, Poppy’s places are much more expensive than mine and booked all the time so since she’s bringing them a lot more money than I am it seems they would give her payments too.

BTW: an observation on “power negotiation”.

If you send a payment request after the guest left you the feedback and before you leave his feedback, then the leverage is on your side.

I’m not saying that’s what you should do, but it’s something worth considering.

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It’s what I always aim to do. I have two tickets with Airbnb open at the moment. Both times I phoned immediately the damage was found by the housekeeper. Then you have 14 days to lodge the claim. I normally wait until they write their review, and then another 48 hours so they can’t edit it and then ask for the money. I also inform Airbnb that is what I am doing it and the reason is because I have been burnt in the past by people changing their review after I asked for compensation.

The issue I have with the first one is that he has 4 reviews but only left one the very first time he stayed so the chance of him writing me one was low. Therefore, I bit the bullet and opened a resolution case. He’s denying that he smashed the glass top coffee table. In my experience I expect Airbnb will pay the $148 it has cost to replace it.

The second guest also has 4 reviews and has left 2 of her own. I am yet to start the resolution process and I haven’t asked her for compensation.
Just how do you manage to damage a timber bedside table like this? There’s not even anything heavy in the room!

LOL yeah, some people you really gotta wonder if they’re doing it on purpose.

Luckily it’s a minority and most people are good and respectful :slight_smile:

How indeed! Steel toed boots? Looks like there was a battle in there!

And we had a glass topped coffee table the week before: