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Guest asking to pay half of his parking fine... what happens next

So first of all, not a native speaker, so sorry for the mistakes!

Today I got a message from a guest that got a parking ticket, when I saw her on the house I asked what it was about and said she parked inside the village we live in, this village has 2 big signs on the entrance that’s not permited to enter with any vehicle.
When she asked me to pay half of it I said that I’m not responsable of her breaking the law, she responded that we should tell people that.
We both got a but nervous and we started to argue, at this point she said I dont want to argue anymore, before closing the door at my face I put my foot on the door and said that I would contact airbandb and that she would have to leave today. She shut the door.
After a few minutes she came back and argued again with us about what we should do etc…
We said that airbandb would contact, that we didnt want to talk to her about this anymore.
She’s now locked in her room and dosnt want to leave, I slipped a papper saying ( Please leave the room you are no longer a guest of us, next step is calling the Police) now I’m considering calling the police to get her out.

I will update when anything else happens.

After 20 minutes she is talking to airbandb. Hopefully she’ll leave and everything will be past.
Airbandb called, they’re trying to look a place for her. After 6 hours she’s still in my house and doesnt look like it’s gonna be soon she’s leaving.
Can I just ask her to leave and that she takes care of it somewhere else?
It took 7 hour to solve everything.
Airbandb is slow on solving things, my house is made for hosting, but if I was on my real home, 7 hours of having a person who’s closed inside the room and doesnt answer is a very unconfortabel situation, airbandb should take care of this things in 5 minutes.
If you call airbandb call every 10 minutes, they told me 3 times they would call me in 5 minutes, after 1 hour waiting I called and told me the same, after another hour called again and got same response, called after 20 minutes and got someone on my case. They will not care of your urgent situation.
If something like this (or worse) happens to you, don’t react as I did (for me it was a mistake) Ask always your guest to make any request thought airbandb platform, that way you will allways win in case of a dispute. Do not take things personally, do it always thought airbandb platform.
Thank you for your replys, it’s been very helpfull, hope this post helps someone else. Ask any questino you want, I’ll try to answer them asap!

PD: It took 1:30 hours to contact airbandb as they woudnt call me back as they said 2 times.
Airbandb sais she’s still my guest, I’ve had a guest on my house for 6 hours that I don’t want to be here.

You’re only job is to host her within the walls of your AirBnB, not be a complete tour guide. While it may have come up in conversation at some point it’s not your responsibility to point out everything regarding the town. She’s an adult! This is on her.
Whatever you do don’t say you will split the fee just to get her out of your house. AirBnB will side with her in that case.

Obviously I said I woudnt pay her anything, that’s when she got nervous and now I’m in this situation.
Since airbandb I get lots of awkward questions that are not my problem. How can people be confortable asking others this kind of things?

Does this guest have any reviews?

Her car, her parking fine. You are not responsible for where she parks her car. We have on street public parking outside my house and their is never an issue as its residential. If there is an issue with parking in your location, it might be wise to mention this when booking just as a word of caution. Like I always say its rains a lot in Ireland, bring warm clothes or jacket even in the summer months. Have a cup of sweet tea to calm the nerves, am sure its been a stressful few hours.

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As the fines for parking during street cleaning hours on our street are $73.00, we ask our guests to park in our driveway. I still had to tell one to move her car or she would get a ticket. Also, we’ve had guests who park with their cars overhanging the sidewalk and who park on the street facing the wrong direction. I’ve learned that you will not get a ticket for these things in many countries. The point I’m making is that no matter how much you caution the guests, there is still a chance that they will get a ticket. It’s not up to us to micromanage their parking. I believe that what we should do is tell them where they should park. If they choose to park elsewhere and I notice of course I’ll say something if they are risking a ticket, but no way would I pay for any part of their parking ticket.

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I have few questions:
Did you tell her where to park? If yes, and she did not listen, then its her fault.But if she was never told then honestly i have a problem with this whole situation. DId she speak your language, and was able to read signs?
The other thing is that quite bothers me is that you put your foot when she was trying to close the door. I know she was trying to close the door in your face but i am not a big fan of escalating violence. And i also hope that in this case you are not male.

If Airbnb told you she is still your guest then legaly she can stay at your property. But you can of course call police. Police will probably tell you that unless she is violating your property, drunk and making a scene they wont remove her. She is not trespasing. Its an unfortunate situation for both of you.

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I can’t help you much but I am definitely on your side, where she parks her car is her responsibility.

I traveled to countries with very complicated parking regulations (Italy is the worst for this I think) and I have always managed to understand where I should park or not and what I should pay.


Everything should go trough the AirBnB message system, no more papers under door, etc etc.
If you want her to leave, ask her trough the message system. Also cancel the booking trough the message system.

What reason did you use to cancel the booking with AirBnB? And did you also contact them trough the website, so you have a written version?

Sorry if I’m asking a very dumb question, but you want to kick the guest out because she asked you to pay half of her parking ticket? That seems to be a very aggressive move to make. Was there no other compromise? I understand that the argument became heated, but you are the HOST and while that doesn’t mean you have to do everything for people and be a doormat, it should mean that you extend some basic courtesies such as making sure that the parking situation is clearly indicated for guests that drive. We shouldn’t have to take such care with guests and hold their hands, but that’s what makes it a great experience for the guest - that they have someone looking out for them and helping them especially if they are unfamiliar with how things work.

I would have had a longer discussion about the parking ticket and would have said that the signs were clearly posted, it’s her responsibility but as a gesture of good faith, I will pay X towards the ticket so that it’s less of a burden. The guest probably just wanted some sympathy, maybe help in paying the ticket and possibly a bit of a rant against the parking authority.

Now the guest is locked in her room imaging that the foot that held the door open is going to be the foot that boots her out, and that’s not a fun situation for either of you to be in.

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YOU always managed, but not everyone as efficient as you. If parking could be an issue, it should be communicated and suggestions where to park should be offered. But lets see what the OP says.

No, he wants to kick her out because she became (verbally) aggressive towards him.

For me that would also be a reason to ask a guest to leave, I would never tolerate that.
And yes, if they do not leave, I would call the police for support to have them removed.

I would call AirBnB and tell them I would like to cancel because of the guest is hostile towards you, and you feel unsafe. And that you will have them removed by the police.

She’s superhost with 50 glowing reviews.

The signs are very clear, 4 big signs on the entrance, I’ve had more than 200 guests and no one has ever though about going in.
I speak her language, english,
I think I never would have put my foot on the door, that was a mistake, but I needed to tell her to leave my house at that moment. In my opinion the one who started the “violence” is her shuting the door and not letting me talk after i listened what she had to say. I don’t know what male-female has to do in this situation.
I will edit the post, but she closed herself inside the room and didnt answer the calls or refused to open the door.


It’s not a dumb question, I love hosting, and I think what makes this great is the personal treatment we both get. I declines her offer of paying the bill, I think she was really nervous because the bill is expensive, she started saying things like it’s a cultural difference, I would pay the bill to my guests etc… We both got nervous and she just decided to shut the door at my face, I got nervous (we never yelled, both talking all the time) and asked her that after that situation I would not be confortable to meet her on my kitchen and that I would call airbandb to get her out. It’s not about she asking me to pay, it’s the whole situation wich made me very unconfortable, and the way she aproached and said that we should tell people that it’s not allowed to park, and she replied with- I dont look at the signs, there’s too many of them.
It’s not about she beaing an horrible guest, its about me not feeling confortable with a person, and from that point I shouldnt need to keep her at my home.
After I put my foot on the door, we talked for 30 minutes, everything was nonesence of she showing me she was superhost and cultural differences.

Yes, agree 100%
We host lots of people, we’ve been doing airbandb since march and it’s been more than 200 guests now, I don’t know who comes with a car, and if they don’t ask me where to park, I asume they respect the traffic signs and park where it’s permited.until now, no one has ever thought of entering the town with a car, I mean the cars hardly fit in the road and with the 4 big signs I would never think someone would come in.

Not onli that, on my listing it sais there’s free parking, and if they want to know where to park, please ask.

I said to airbandb that I would call the police if she didnt open the door (At this point my girlfriend was talking to her as I thought I would just make her more nervous, and it’s not something I wanted as I understand how hard the situation must have been for her) airbandb said that she was my guest still and we coudnt do that. Calling the Police would have been the last thing to do.

Interesting, any reviews as a guest?

Yeah superhosts should be on the “type of guest to avoid list”.

Cheers Chris…:frowning: it’s not something you choose. BnB give you the stupid badge if you meet their criteria.

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