Guest access to garage with tools

Hi all!
I am getting ready for our first hosting experience this weekend. We are renting out our personal home and going to stay with my mom for the weekend. Our dilemma is if we want to keep out interior garage door unlocked (door that connects to the kitchen). We have a lot of tools and bikes in the garage. The only reason we are even questioning keeping it unlocked, is because the circuit breaker is in the garage. While we will be in town, it would be a major pain to have to go to the house to flip the switch if they popped one. We are wondering what people think of guests being able to access this area.

Anyone have experience or advice on this?

It can be locked from the inside? I would have it locked. Have a key hidden or in a lock-box should they need access in emergency.


If you are flipping switches often on a circuit breaker you need an electrician.
We lock off our garage, and if there happened to be a circuit breaker issue then we would come in and handle it,
I cant think of the last time we had a switch flip though, and we are a 3600 sf house with 5 bedrooms, including an apt with a separate entire kitchen, and lots of tech.
I suggest you stop renting until all your electrical is determined to be up to date, safe, and sound, and can handle all your current needs.


Don’t leave the garage open like that. Some guests feel entitled to the five finger discount.


We are planning to just reverse the knob to be able to lock it from the garage side. Thanks for the suggestion!

No we do not have to do it often - Once in a great while (but it is usually only two of us there and there will be 6 this weekend). I can ask a friend of ours his suggestions about it. Thanks for the advice! I appreciate it!

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Yes! Or hurt themselves or others trying to “use the tools” that is really my biggest worry! Thanks! We are for sure leaning to the side of locking it up!

My guests go into the garage to dispose of their trash in the rollaway bins and I have tons of stuff in the garage. I let it be known there is a security camera both outside and inside the garage. Never a problem in 6 years.


Great thanks! Investing in security cameras maybe down the road for us, but probably not for a few months.

Why - they don’t cost that much.

If you are hosting remotely, I would suggest they are pretty much an essential, for your security and to make sure paid guests aren’t sneaking in others.


I have to agree with Helsi about cameras if you aren’t living on site. You are going to get people bringing extra guests they didn’t pay for or having parties. It sounds like you are just leaving your house with all your stuff in it and that’s a big risk. Airbnb host guarantee isn’t dependable and I’d guess you haven’t gotten other additional insurance.

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If you reverse the knob to lock it from the outside (i.e, the garage), that means anyone that can get into your garage can walk right into your house. How secure is your garage?

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Which ones do you suggest?

Yes, that is the thought and is feeling more and more risky per reply. What else should we be thinking about?

Cameras are the number one thing I’d suggest. I suggest checking in guests in person and making clear that you’re just a short drive away if they need anything. If you get cameras you have to disclose them and they will act as a deterrent for anyone looking to book your place for a party. I’d also suggest reading as much as you can here on the forum. Without knowing anything about your listing it’s hard to give specific advice.

It would very much depend on your requirements. I don’t host remotely, but I am sure other hosts in your country can advise.

If you give a bit more information about what you want and your country.

Thanks for this! Yes, plan on checking in all guests. And will look into a camera. We have a 3 bedroom house and allow up to 6 people to stay there. It is really hard that Airbnb doesn’t give you the info of all the guests staying at your listing. Have ruled out a few that seemed like they were looking to party. Thanks for the help and will continue to read!

Yes, a few people have complained about that. You can tell any prospective renter that you willneed the name of every guest who will be checking in and when you meet them you can mentally match them up or actually ask for ID if you want. I don’t think I’d go that far. I can see not providing it when booking but if they balk at ever providing it maybe they aren’t right for your place.

Personally it’s not a concern for me but I only rent a room attached to my house, not an entire house for 6.

BTW, you can get a 1st gen Ring doorbell camera for just $100 on Amazon and that’s a start. For a home with several entrances you might need more than that.

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@kcorson There are cameras at different price points and you can even buy them used. I use Nest cameras and I love them, but I have a super old Izon camera in my garage and it is perfectly fine for what I need it for. It is easy to set up and you can probably buy one used for way under $100 bucks. You just want to make sure you get something that is WiFi enabled and you can view its stream on a mobile device.

If you have the money, though, I would get Nest. You must disclose the security camera on your Airbnb listing, though. I list mine in my Rules, so guests must acknowledge to even book. Remember, it is less about catching bad people as deterring bad people.

I would be:

  1. Changing garage to a keyed lock, easier for you and more secure as I imagine it’ll be a real pain not being able to lock the door, or get through it, when you are in the kitchen.
  2. Hide garage key in a lock box inside in case guests need access.
  3. Install a cheap security camera inside garage and outside and note it clearly in your listing.

It’s expensive to set up your Airbnb at first. Do expect to have little things stolen too and things used that are clearly personal (toiletries, food, perfume, jackets) if you are renting your normal home full of all your stuff. As Kona said, some people just love the 5 finger discount so just make sure all the work to secure all valuables (jewelry, perfumes, electronics) is worth it just for a weekend of $. Might not want your best or fav linens used either, perhaps get some just for guests.

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