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Growing Marijuana

So……Marijuana became legal in my state earlier this month. My partner surprised me by telling me that he wants to start growing a couple plants. Airbnb guests have access to all areas of my property, so there is no out-of-the way place that we could hide the plants. My feeling is that if one is running a business, it might be wise to keep anything controversial (religion, politics, vices, etc.) to themselves. Thoughts?


That’s not my philosophy but I understand why it is the philosophy of many.

On this topic I think it would be great for you to contribute to the destigmatization of weed. Would you feel it was controversial to grow tobacco and have a rental on the farm? What if you grew cattle for meat consumption? Should a vineyard have an Airbnb?

Just disclose that you are a weed friendly Airbnb. You might be surprised at how widespread acceptance has become.


The issue with mariguana plants being within reach of guests is that minors might indulge making you liable if they get injured.

I think it’s something you might have to disclose on your listing which will attract stoners. I wouldn’t want a bunch of folks smoking pot and stinking up the place. If it’s within their reach they will indulge.

You can’t smoke freshly picked bud. Maybe they would eat it like goats. LOL.

Idiots might ruin their plants though.

Not everyone who uses weed is a “stoner.” I’m assuming you’re attaching negative stereotypes from the 20th century to weed users. Does that mean if I put wine glasses in my rental I’m attracting alcoholics?


I just remember growing up in the 60s and all the stoners in the neighborhood. So you’re right, I’m stereotyping. My apologizes.


Where I come from, marijuana isn’t controversial so I don’t really get why people think it is. But someone I know grows it in her closet with those special growing lights. Could that be a possibility for you?


We used to grow, not for us but for some income, before it was legal. I locked my greenhouse and the gate to my garden so that nobody had access to to any of the green plants. You may want to consider the same. Don’t advertise as 420 friendly, would be my advice.


Squirrel moment. I read weird medical articles. One was about medical & related trends in areas with legal pot.

Marijuana can affect depth perception at a certain dose.

Denver after legalizing marijuana, had a significant increase in minor traffic accidents (fender benders) BUT also had a significant DECREASE in reported road rage accidents.

I guess drivers were more mellow about those little dings.


Growing your own is perfectly legal here (Spain), but I would never consider having a crop in pain sight of guests!

Most folks grow indoors anyway, far more controllable environment :wink:


I wouldn’t mention growing in your listing, even if you say you are 420 friendly. We know that thieves check Air listing for vacancies in hopes of finding empty houses. Advertising that you grow pot would attract folks looking to steal your hubby’s high. My advice would be to put it behind a shrubbery screen, and away from any foot paths or in a locked greenhouse like @murphysranch . Some folks are stupid enough to ruin a nice grow by trying to smoke damp buds.


Then why would you mention it? Is your husband planning to put the plants on the front steps? It’s legal- would you mention you grow lettuce or cauliflower or flowers? That you make your own wine or beer?

It isn’t any of a guest’s business.
It isn’t considered controversial anywhere I’ve ever lived and it’s time for it not to be considered controversial everywhere.


grow them in and among tomato plants they will never spot them…


I’d be more worried about the “herb” tourists clipping the buds for themselves!


Not everyone who uses weed is a “stoner.” I’m assuming you’re attaching negative stereotypes from the 20th century to weed users. Does that mean if I put wine glasses in my rental I’m attracting alcoholics?
BRAVO best post ever!!!


Cannabis fan, here, who didn’t start using until I was 59. I’m 62 now. Not a single person I know who ingests cannabis is a stoner stereotype. I was given my first edible by my friend’s mother, a retired school principal. As for my guests, I would prefer them high to drunk. :woman_shrugging::wink:


What a great question and as with all things Airbnb documentation and disclosure will save you…“medicinal 420 plants grown in our garden may not be suitable for small children who would attempt to eat them our guests are always welcome to taste and enjoy the plants in our organic garden” … You can turn anything negative into a positive it is the spirit of your hosting that matters and communication… Your bookings will increases there are many people who would see that as a positive!

It just became legal in my state too but that doesn’t mean it is acceptable to most people. I would leave as a guest. It is a drug and for most people it is not acceptable.

Wrong. Polls this year show support for legalization is strong, 70% and higher. I’m not going to waste my time on doing research and posting links to try to change your mind.


Height of my smoking was in the late 60’s-mid 70’s when I could have found myself in jail.

Caffeine is also a drug. In fact, it is a highly physically addictive drug, which marijuana is not.

And the amount of pharmaceutical drugs average Americans take is astounding to me.

For “most people” I know, including the ones who do not use it, it is totally acceptable. As it is for the majority of the population- the people you know are not “most people”.

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