Got my listing online, still looking for comments

So, its finally live, and I hope I get some bookings tonight since I talk to the bank this week.

I will be adding new kitchen, laundry, and bath pix as soon as all the tools, paint cans, etc are all cleared out and I can take pix in daylight. :wink:

Comments are still welcome. You’ll notice that the pix are not perfect, but much better, and I have some exterior shots to do, but the dandelion plantation must be mowed first.

Thanks to those who helped so far. Special discounts for any of you coming to Alaska between October and May!


I think the setup is a lot clearer now.

Don’t know how picky you want… I would take out “some with apartments added later” because it seems like extraneous info. Also I believe “neighborhoods’ “ should be apostrophe s (unless you’re talking about several neighborhoods… but even if you are, I’d change it).

for me the pics are too dark - strange as the bedrooms have lots of windows. also no foto of the building (would put me off). also not enough of the bathroom and kitchen. otherwise looks nice and tidy )…put more countryside views - i liked those too. see what u think of mine - be brutal:

STYLISH APARTMENT OVERLOOKING THE CANALS! - Flats for Rent in Sankt-Peterburg, Russia (

@Stpetersburg He said the new kitchen, laundry and bath pics weren’t posted yet.

@NordlingHouse Bedroom pics much better. I agree that some are a bit dark, but you can play with that in photoshop or whatever online tool you have for tweaking photos.

ah oops.ok. that will make a big difference. still needs a bit more for me- outside of the house, neighbourhood, etc.

Everything looks much, much better.
You refer to the kitchen upstairs as “shared”. Since it’s an apartment for one group, I really wouldn’t use that word. Shared hints that someone other than the group is using it.


I don’t know what kind of device you’re using, but the pix looked great when I tweaked them in Photoshop and they look just as good on the listing on my phone and my computer, not dark at all. It was a cloudy bright day at the solstice, with sunny breaks.