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With the new Los Angeles law that we now need permits to operate a short-term rental on Airbnb. I registered but found out my house has a pending citation with building inspectors for a roof, they want it to be flat instead of like the victorian arch for earthquakes which is ridiculous, because it was like that when I bought the house and it will cost $30, 000 and can’t even get a loan due to this citation. Now I can’t except bookings and was wondering if anyone knows of any loopholes to continue booking on airbnb that could wave these citations? Thanks

Don’t look for us to help you violate your local laws.

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The loophole is not a violation of the law, for example, if I bought the property of a house built in 1948 and bought it in 1980 like carports not covered is an outdated pending violation that should be considered to be ignored, other exemptions apply too. And Sir, with all respect the law is not always faring so we are allowed to try to fight stupidity of greedy lawmakers to find ways to steal your money.

@ValleyRanch is looking for loopholes. I.e. not violating the law, but an ambiguity in the law that would allow continuing short term rentals.


Unfortunately, you need a lawyer. Even if somebody here knows a loophole, you’d need to confirm it with a lawyer before proceeding.


So was the house built this way in 1948? I am confused as to why their is a violation? Did you do an addition without a permit?


It appears that you should have been made aware of this when you purchased the property. Perhaps look into your disclosures when you purchased. If the previous owners purposely did not disclose that would not seem right…

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New California Earthquake law that after the fact that they said the roof has to be flat, right now it more like a pyramid shape that was like that from the beginning, they said it easy to collapse and the other is failure to provide or maintain the required off street covered parking
Failure to provide or maintain the required off street covered parking. So at the time it was bought, it was not an issue or a law.



My guess (and it’s only a guess), is that you would normally have been exempt from the new roof law since your house was built and purchased before the law came into effect.

Because you applied for a permit to run a short term rental, they are going to deny the permit because you’re changing what you’re using the property for (residential to commercial “short term rental” use. As a result, the new standards will apply in order to qualify for the permit.

This happens all the time with fire permits, depending on the jurisdiction. A property may be given a waiver if the new law or safety code is being grandfathered in (meaning only new builds need comply). However, if for example, you were turning your older home into a restaurant, you would need to bring it up to the current standard in order to be approved for the new zoning and the new commercial use.


it was in 1995 Thanks

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