Good little vacuum for guest use?

I would like to add a basic vacuum to our listing. We would continue to use our Dyson for turnovers, but our guests are all here for a week or more, and I think it’s something that would be appreciated. It’s mostly for hard floors and a few mats and couches.

I searched for past discussions, and unfortunately the Deik that was suggested isn’t available just now on

Any thoughts?

I would imagine it depends which country you are in @mica555

Have a look at hoover reviews in your country for the chargeable lightweight hoover models.

I recently bought a TOCMOC stick vacuum. I liked the reviews and appreciated that it came with easily changed attachments. I love this vacuum. Unfortunately I have had trouble finding it for friends who liked it. It even disappeared from Amazon where I bought it. I can’t say much about the longevity since it is new. I only paid $106 for it.

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Just looking at it, I would bet the reason you can’t find it anymore is because they were sued by Dyson for patent infringement.

Oh, thanks! It’s not a brand I’m familiar with. I’ll keep an eye out for it

Shark navigator is effective on hardwood floors but also does well on carpets and tight areas. Its under $200 and i’m pretty sure its available Amazon Canada.


Great, thanks! Yes I see it for a good price on Amazon

I have an earlier Dirt Devil stick vacuum like this that’s right next to the ironing board in the linen closet. It works fine, especially since regular vacuuming at room turns is by robovac. I got it at a garage sale for about the price of this new one.

My space is small so I have a dustbuster type thing on the wall. Guests, to my surprise, have obviously used it.

There’s also an ancient Miele cannister vac in the closet that I use. Sometimes you have to give it good bop to get it to start up. I think the only guest who ever used that was this lovely if a bit compulsive lady who also washed the outdoor furniture and reorganized the linens.

I love shark floor care products. I have shark navigators (different models) in my furnished rentals, gave one to dad and have one in my home.

I’m looking for a refurbished shark stick for light clean ups. I saw one on WOOT for $80 but they sold out before I ordered. I’m still looking!

Edit HEY found it! Should be available in CA too

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Glad I got one before it got pulled!

I have a later version of the same Dirt Devil stick vacuum at our (non-AirBnB, but heavily trafficked) business and love it! Surprisingly powerful.

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Seconded. I have this and it’s changed my life. I have two dogs that shed like crazy, so I vacuum almost every day and this was pulling up so much my other vacuum had been missing.

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Have you ever found the replacement filters?