Glitch in refunds?

I know that there are threads about the appropriateness of refunds under certain circumstances. However, I’ve seen a new recent issue. I allow a 50% refund for cancellations up to 7 days prior to the stay. Two recent guest have canceled and stated that they understand the 50% policy. However, when they cancel they are credited ridiculous amount. A month long reservation cancellation gave a guest a one night refund. Another two day stay got $3. Naturally the guests get upset. I have just given then the AIrbnb customer support number. The first one resulted in a call from AIrbnb confirming my 50% policy and whether they should allow more. I said no and they backed me up. I assume that the second will get resolved similarly. Is anyone else seeing weird things happen with refund amounts? An added problem with them having to call is that they get a chance to inflate the reason for their cancellation trying to claim special circumstances. I have recognized special circumstances before but failure to plan is not one of them.

We strongly recommend that you do not accept reservations for more than 29 days, as in many states in the US that can get you in trouble with “renter’s rights” issues.

Airbnb’s job is to handle the money – taking it in and disbursing it. AS long as they are giving canceling guest 150% it’s really not your place to comment or complain, IMHO.

That is an important point. I am a landlord in my state as well as an Airbnb host so I do keep an eye on landlord issues. I didn’t think I was complaining. I was just asking if anyone else has had problems with Airbnb refunding less that the host’s policy required. It was odd that it happened twice so I thought perhaps there was a glitch of which other hosts might be aware. Surely a guest should get more than $3 for canceling a $120 total reservation.I’m not sure where your reference to 150% came from. Frankly I come here to exchange ideas not to get chastised. I believe it’s time for me to leave the forum.

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I’m not sure Ken understood. You’re just trying to keep your guests happy because you know they’re entitled to a 50% refund but they’re getting back only between 2% and 4% from Airbnb.

My assumption is that it’s supposed to be the case that they guest gets back 50% of your rate but not Airbnb’s fees unless they call an get the fees waived as part of their 3 “free” cancellations per year. But that doesn’t explain what you are seeing. I’m curious how you know how much the guest is refunded. Is it just them telling you? Do you trust them?

Anyway, it seems like you’re doing the right thing and letting Airbnb handle it. Some guests try to get hosts to refund their money before the host even receives it in an attempt to get a refund from the host and from Airbnb.


Thanks Brian. Both guests messaged me immediately when they saw their refund amounts. I appreciate your grasp of the situation. However, I sought out this forum to converse with people like yourself, but I am going ahead and unsubscribing.

Oh, don’t let Ken scare you off!


Why? Is there nothing of value for you here? Take the best and leave the rest.