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Girlfriend wants 50/50 to "manage" an airbnb on my property!?!?


I agree with Yana on this one – I rent out our 2 br basement apt and it’s really not that much work because I’m on-site. I have a cleaning person who is paid the $45 cleaning fee and guests rave about the cleanliness of the space. I don’t think we need to overstate the labor involved in doing this – you have to answer lots of emails and make sure you buy toilet paper and hand soap when it runs low. I have 98% 5 star reviews so it’s not like I’m a slacker host.
I’m not sure what kinds of jobs people on here are used to, but AIRbnb is prob the easiest money I’ve ever made because I’m on-site.

Since she watches your kids while you’re away, I would agree to the 50/50 split. That’s the only reason this percentage makes sense. Otherwise, it would be 20% (the guests pay for the cleaner) like what all other property management services charge.


However, she provides 24/7 childcare and housekeeping. This give you freedom to travel for work . Your daughters are at a critical age, consider the risks that they are vulnerable to, drugs, teen pregnancy are the first that come to mind.
You might want to take into account what you would have to pay for these services. You make it sound like she’s lucky to be living without contributing to household expenses. If she left, you’d need to find someone to do the jobs she’s doing.
As well, you would lose the opportunity to earn from your lake house. By offering you 50%, she is giving you income you wouldn’t have had, you will be able to deduct your costs including fees you pay to your girlfriend. You are damn lucky she is so generous, skilled, and experienced Airnb host. It would be foolish to lose this opportunity to not only earn income on something that is not earning income, but the partnership she is offering you.


This is a MAJOR liability and even though it is a nice perk, just make sure to have them sign a waiver that is drawn up by an attorney. In fact I would suggest agreeing on the terms of the rental arrangement and having both of you sign.

I think you underestimate both the Air work and the parenting work.


He said his parents cared for his daughters when he was away and since the GF has arrived, she has taken on these responsibilities.

I’m not trying to undercut the contribution she’s making but he had a childcare arrangement in place before she entered the picture.


This is the status quo.
And both seem fine with that.

The STR is something completely new, and should be seen separate from their current living situation.


When further info was requested we were told she paid no bills for house period! No mention of her substantial non-monetary contributions. Instead we were told she was getting a free ride and wanted more. Full time housekeeper, and childcare aren’t cheap, but important if you have two children and travel for work. Just because it’s not paid work, doesn’t mean it is without value. I agree the str should be separate, to protect the girlfriend . Anyone who thinks cleaning is just pushing a vacuum about and changing the sheets obviously doesn’t do housework, and will probably undervalue that aspect of the work in running an Airnb.


Honestly, we have no idea where your relationship is at this point–only the two of you do. We are getting bits and pieces in dribs and drabs, and I feel it’s kind of like trying to hit a bullseye on a dartboard with a blindfold on. :wink:

Although we all have the best of intentions, as you can see, opinions differ. I feel there really is no right or wrong answer–only what works best for you, your partner, and your situation. Things like this can strength a relationship as you build something together, or cause great resentment because someone feels they aren’t getting a fair deal.

As you spell things out further, it sounds like you have a very special place in a magical setting. It also sounds like you have more to take care of than the average Airbnb. Follow @konacoconutz 's sage advice about equipment, waivers, liability, insurance, etc…

The more I hear, the more I think you’d benefit from an attorney and some sort of impartial mediator who can help you hammer out an agreement that is a win-win for you both.


An attorney ??! Surely it would be better to just leave it than to get lawyers involved…


As for the attorney, @Zandra, I was referring to @konacoconutz comments regarding a waiver for equipment, the lake, woods on the property, etc… I don’t know if it’s necessary as I don’t have equipment–maybe they can adapt one from a host with a similar setup. Sorry I was not clear. I do have business/liability insurance, and that’s another ball of wax they’ll need to consider.

I don’t think a mediator/coach/advisor/therapist/trusted friend/"inset impartial person here"would be a bad idea for this couple, but only they know if they are at an impasse, in an active and fruitful negotiation, or somewhere in-between.


You English don’t have to worry about liability like us yanks. It doesn’t cost much to draw up a waiver. Some insurance companies aren’t going to go near covering BOATS and such. Don’t leave that to chance!

As for the living together arrangement, you should get it in writing, so both parties are agreeable to the terms.

If you don’t think marriage and domestic partnership arrangements aren’t BUSINESS, then you haven’t been through a divorce recently.

I noticed that when I got married, we filled out one paper. When we got divorced it was a stack of at least 1,000 papers.

Lawyers aren’t all bad you know. They can help you protect yourself against huge losses for very little investment.


I decided not to offer boats due to multiple concerns; liability, maintenance, theft, and capital cost.Also, there are several places nearby that rent a variety of watercraft.


yup, leave the rentals to the pros. It’s a nice thought but just crazy liability.


That’s true. 95% of the lawyers give the rest a bad name


DH and I have been doing this for 6/7 years together… he has a full time ‘real’ job and I manage our ABBs. If you ask him what I do all day he will very quickly respond with eat bon bons, drink champagne, and go to pilates. Yes, he is kidding, but there is some truth that people who are not in The trenches of ABB dont get the work involved. @Jughead I get where you are coming from with your house, your investments, etc. If you dont think 50/50 is fair why not run it yourself? Squirl away the $$ for your planned improvements. That way no one is upset, status quo is maintained in your household. My guess is that after 90 days you will be begging your GF to takr 50% and deal with it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi Jughead, you also benefit from increased property value if you use the income to maintain, update and upgrade your property, which it sounds like you may not be able to do otherwise.

I am guessing that you have been through a property valuation before – perhaps with the girls’ mother? I have been through one of those too :(. It makes one very nit picky with other relationships and it’s hard to see big picture.Calculating her savings on furniture storage is nitpicking.

I applaud your efforts to be fair. I also applaud your girlfriend’s effort to secure a reasonable return for her work. Operating a listing like the one you’re describing is NOT a small undertaking and quality childcare is priceless.

Her contribution is allowing you to have a stable home and earn an income to support your family (of which she is a part). Her added efforts raise your household income – good for everyone! In the big picture, this could is a good thing for everyone, as long as you carry no resentments and enter into it in good faith.

That said, it might be wise to keep accurate accounting and records and re-evaluate if things don’t happen as planned.


I don’t know what the big deal is and I don’t think you’re being unreasonable at all.

Considering she’s investing nothing but her time plus getting a roof over her head, I would offer her 40% max. which is very generous. Yes, the furniture is an issue, but its value is not that significant when you consider what used furniture is worth. Look on Craigs or Nextdoor.


I’m really glad to hear this!!


Also, on the list would be who pays the insurance on the rental?


*when you are home- by your own description this is not a lot. You might be a great guy but that’s not how you’re coming across at all


Add some tennis and that’s my dream life