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Girlfriend wants 50/50 to "manage" an airbnb on my property!?!?


My girlfriend is an experienced host, but is moving in with me and giving up her lease. I have a 700sqft lake house on my property. She wants to use the lake house to do airbnb and demands 50/50… things to consider:

  1. She has not financially contributed to any of the updating/remodeling, mortgage, electricity, etc.
  2. She has minimally contributed with the labor.
  3. She doesn’t want to put her furniture in storage and is furnishing the house with her bed, sofa, etc. I can furnish the house myself. It’s a favor to her not to pay storage fees. Not a favor to me to furnish and charge me for it.

She wants 50% to co-host and clean. I’m thinking 1/3 at best. It’s free storage and free money for her while I’m financially responsible for everything else here. I’m I being unreasonable?


I wouldn’t worry, she probably will move out soon if that is your attitude.


Since she’s moving in with you, is she going to pay half the mortgage or is she going to live free or pay a certain amount of rent?

I think 50% is too much. If it’s a business decision, then you need to be business like.

But keep in mind that mixing business and private can easily destroy your relationship, so I would think twice about doing it at all. I will never again do business with friends!!!


Yes, I think you’re being unreasonable. I am just enjoying a lovely glass of wine after spending six hours getting our small one bedroom apartment ready for a same day turnover. The previous guests had not left the rental in the best of shape. Then there was the house tour when the guests arrived - another half hour. After that, I had to soak a stained bedcover and tomorrow will be doing a shedload of laundry.

If the guest has any issues during their stay, I will have to deal with them. This could be anything from a clogged toilet to a restaurant recommendation. If a plumber is needed. or an electrician, that will take even more of my time.

However, the bottom line seems to be that your relationship is doomed.


Jughead, if you need to come to the Airhosts Forum to work out something like this with your girlfriend, that is not a good sign. Agree before you live together, rather than resenting after.
My husband and I bought a house together before we were married, We had a signed contract defining all the financial matters prior to move in


She isn’t paying for anything. No bills, no groceries, nothing. I just think 50% is unreal on top of everything.


Sounds to me as if she’s taking advantage of you.


A property manager charges around 30% to take care of everything.


I wouldn’t do it. Because you are on the hook for everything if she leaves. If it’s more important to her to make money via AIRBNB than have a good relationship with you I think that tells you everything you need to know. Being a property owneor is a big responsibility and you have to protect your finances before any girlfriend.
P.S. I am a woman and this would be my advice if it was a female property owner.


Sounds like she’s offering more than just management services, tho, given that she will also clean. If I were you, I would acquiesce to her 50/50 offer, but also ask her to pick up some of your household expenses. Not contributing to the household is an issue here.


If you don’t like the rates she is offering, get some comparable quotes.

Airbnb offer opportunities to hosts with superhost status to co-host through Airbnb. I signed up but can’t remember the rates. You get something like up to 25% to manage the listing, arrange cleaning, be on hand if things go wrong, manage the laundry etc. Cleaning and laundry would be on top.

Alternatively sit down with her and work out a compromise which suits you both.

But honestly you sound resentful of her and her furniture.


Jug, sorry if I missed it, but is this a romantic situation or a roommate situation? Either way, it doesn’t matter… It’s sounds to me like you are already off to a rough start.

I might be in complete disagreement with everyone here but… why do you need to give her anything? Is she paying half the mortgage and expenses? Which she would do anyway as a roommate yes??

Just because she is quote experienced at Airbnb, she thinks you have to fork over half your profits on a home you own? Just no.

I think you should do the Air, she should pay half the expenses and you keep,the two things completely separate.

Take charge here.

Otherwise I see big trouble ahead.


I think you have conflated three issues, but each of them is separate. [This is the problem with doing business with family, lovers, or close friends.]

Issue 1: Your girlfriend is moving in with you and owns furniture that she doesn’t want to sell, and evidently you don’t want in your home.

Issue 2: There is furniture that needs to be stored while your girlfriend lives with you.

Issue 3: There is a property that you own which could create some income using AirBNB.

Issue 1 is completely and totally separate. She is moving in. You are not willing to add her things to the home to make it a home for both of you. The two of you will come up with an agreement about shared costs, etc. This has nothing to do with Issue 3.

Issue 2 is a little more murky. As a way of saving money, she would like to furnish the AirBNB property with her furniture. It is hard to tell if this property will just sit empty if you don’t put it on AirBNB in which case, storing the furniture there makes perfect sense. If you would normally rent it to LTR folks, then it might not make sense. This is both personal and business.

Issue 3 stands alone. Ignoring the furniture for a moment, this is all about business. If you had a property manager, they would expect 25-30%. For that amount of money, they would do all the communicating, deal with problems [maybe], arrange the check-in, arrange the cleaning folks, and order supplies, etc. They will not clean the place. They might not even check that the cleaning was done to your satisfaction. Depending on the size of the space and the cost of living in your area, the cleaning can run between $15-$35/hr, usually bid as a flat fee. It is really possible that you are at 50% now. Property managers and cleaning folks do not pay the mortgage, utilities, purchase new sheets, replace damaged fry pans, or contribute in any way to the cost of owning and operating the business.

I suppose you could charge the aforementioned girlfriend $100 to “store” her furniture in your house, but then you would be responsible for the wear and tear done by people renting your home, or you could reduce the fee so that any wear and tear was part of the rent.

We can help with Issue 3. How much would it cost if you had a really good property manager who really cares about your property, and a reliable and terrific cleaner? What percentage of the income is that? Without you knowing this, there is no way for you to know if your girlfriend is asking for an amount that makes sense.


So it’s true that romance is dead? Aww, I had such hopes.


Don’t forget, the homeowner can deduct all costs including management fees. In effect she’s offering to create income for you. I wonder if she is employed?




The first red flag I see is your choice of words in describing the situation. When you say your girlfriend wants to use the lake house to do Air, rather than “we”, it appears that you are not in total concert with the idea. Did you have another plan for the house or are you okay with her plan and are only trying to work out the details?

Then you stated she “demands” a split of 50/50. Whether she was as forceful as it sounds or just steadfast as to her take, the fact that you took it as a “demand” is not a good sign. I think you can guess where I’m heading.

Yes, she benefits from having her furniture in the lake house for Airbnb use but she also can create havoc by holding the cards. If you two should have a falling out or break up, it can lead to havoc in your rental situation if she decides to remove everything from right under you, with or without guests presently housed.

Do you really want to test the waters at this juncture of your relationship? It’s one thing to move in together and adjusting and deciding whether it’s a good thing but combining that with starting a business together can bring some serious stress to the relationship…early in the game.


LOL!!! …


Not according to my CPA. I had to File an E and couldn’t deduct a damn thing except depreciation.


That is absurd! I also filed via a Schedule E and was easily able to deduct direct costs.


I think you need a new CPA.