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Girlfriend wants 50/50 to "manage" an airbnb on my property!?!?


I would let her have 100%, and ask her a monthly rent.
Make it a business agreement, so when the relationship ends, the business can continue or end in a controlled manner.

I would not do any splits, to much risk and responsibility for you as an owner.

And for her it is also better, because she gets 100% for the effort she puts in, so much more motivation.


We Marxists think value is created by labor, not capital. :sunglasses:


50/50 seems excessive. Best to just ask someone else and avoid the possible strain in the relationship. You’re posting so obviously you think it’s wrong from the outset.
I’ve asked my mother to help me with the cleaning side but am just going to hire someone to do it instead because it’s just caused more arguments.


I disagree! We’re so scared of asking family and friends to help we end up going to strangers first, which seems a shame when there may be someone in your network that would love the opportunity to earn some cash and learn a bit about hosting.


What’s there to disagree about? @Gary_Woohoo did ask family (his mother) to help with the cleaning but since it’s causing arguments, he’s going to hire outside help. He’s not saying one should always choose outside help.


If she’s getting free room and board then she should be taking care of the Airbnb for free !


I 100% agree.
I just imagine myself living a life bills and food expenses free. I had this life before the age of 17.
If I had a partner like you who would pay all my expenses I would try to at least do something for that person to show my gratitude . 50/50?? She is out of her mind. If this was a situation where she paid her bills and was totally independent from you otherwise, that a different story. Then you pay her for cleaning whatever ongoing rate is in the area and management but no more than 20% if you totally can’t do it yourself. Honestly it’s not that huge of a job and many many people do it alone without any help.

Why she is not paying anything at all? And where did she find you , lucky girl. I want one of that too!


Seriously? Allowing him to have 50% profit on his own property? Wow, that’s something I never heard before

Modern life doesn’t permit anymore “man pays for everything” situation. Unless a man is very rich . Life is expensive and requires 2 to dance. If a woman is not raising a child and is able physically and mentally to work then she should make some money and contribute to household, otherwise resentment at one point will arise .


Obviously, what I am responding to here is his apparent resentment that she is with him at all. HIs post was aggressive and mean. Also, running an Airbnb is work.


It’s is work but not so difficult as you need to have some special “experience”. Anyone can do it. Without experience he will just make less money and will encounter a beginner problem but it’s not something that requires going to school or get a degree for.
If I had a partner who I paid for every step of the way came to me with this idea I would resent him too, a lot…


I agree wirh Yana. She’s taking advantage of him and his generosity of allowing her to live free. So…of course he’s resenting her for feeling entitled to even more.


@yana @Michaela_Graham where does it say he’s allowing her live there for free?


It’s in OPs answer to someone that she pays nothing including grocery


We know only what OP has told us. Reading his post gave me an image of someone who is spiteful and mean. He would rather she store her furniture at a cost to her than use it to furnish the rental. That peek into his character was enough to make me feel sorry for the “girlfriend”.If it was me 100% wouldn’t be enough.


Why don’t you just marry her and make it legal?


The fact that she’s storing it and not bunging it on Craigslist speaks volumes to me - maybe she doesn’t expect the relationship to last?


Well, to be fair, why isn’t any of furniture allowed to move with her into their home? To be honest, the conjecture on this thread is fairly astonishing… Like listening to my mother who can make up entire life histories after overhearing a single sentence. :wink:


May be she likes her furniture . No one knows for sure. But I saw many situations when one of the partners is just living of another without giving it a second thought without any reason other than she/ he is allowed to do that.

And here comes resentment. I don’t think OP shows any mean personality . I can see him
Being upset that on top of him covering all the expenses his partner comes up to him with such a suggestion.

One thing would be if OP himseld offered this to her. He would say something like: hey I have this guest’s house just sitting there . Why don’t you use it as your income since you lost your income by moving in with me. But it’s obviously not the case. The major factor is that OP completely took over her living expenses including food.
She did loose her Airbnb invome but she gained much more of not worrying about how to pay her rent or food.

Op even considering 30% . What he is upset about that she wants half of what that place will bring and judging by the fact that it’s a lake house it could be quite a sum .
I am sure there was an argument when she told him something : but I am furnishing the house . Which OP does not even considering any significant contribution at all. And he is right. I furnished 4 bedroom home from
OfferUp.com for less than 2000$.
The main point here is that it’s his house not hers and he can do with it whatever he wants . I agree with him that what she wants is too much. And she only demands it because of her relation to OP.


The OP said they have been living together for a year and he didn’t want her furniture in his house so the GF came up with “storing” it in the lake house-proposed Air rental.

Speaking of conjectures, here’s mine: Since we haven’t heard from the OP in quite a while, I’m thinking there’s trouble in River City…some fur flying on the ranch…perhaps World War III…


The OPs first line on this thread is …my girlfriend is moving in… as in they’re negotiating terms including what to do with her stuff. He also said she’s an experienced host and has had the idea of hosting in his lake house… and that she’ll furnish his place with it. None of it has happened yet.